The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. Here’s what’s happening.

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Mark Gurman:
Steve Kovach:
Joanna Stern:

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65 Responses

  1. Joker says:

    The problem is just unfolding.

  2. helloWorld says:

    Never buy Gen 1 products. ?‍♂️

  3. LAZY DOG says:

    Invent pants with bigger pockets then it doesn’t need to fold.

  4. Lord Turnip says:

    The warning, to me, sounds a lot like it could be talking about a regular stock screen protector.

  5. Rieval Nathanael says:

    What is plastic?
    Zack : It’s Scra..
    MKBHD : It’s scratch at levev 3 with deeper groove at level 4
    Zack : Thas my line!

  6. Martin Caputto says:

    Samsung is selling a prototype for USD 2,000

  7. Shminder Singh Chatha says:

    06:43 Scratches at Level 3 , Deeper Groves at Level 4. – Yes we know What are you saying. – “Jerry Rig”.

  8. Crazy Candy Crush says:

    I don’t like glossy screen. Can they release a matte screen display?

  9. Tianjie Lu says:

    Apple: Bendgate, antennagate, beauty gate, chargegate.

    Samsung: Hold my battery

  10. JerryRigEverything says:

    I know what you’re sayin.

  11. Mark Mendoza says:

    I still like the Fold, but my wallet’s fold is more important.

  12. Google Account says:

    U broke it, just be glad u didn’t pay for it ??

  13. 1988ThomasD says:

    MKBHD has the best music intros ???

  14. Fridolin Mustafa says:

    What do you mean by “I didn’t get to keep the footage”? ?

    Samsung controlling, what is shown and told in those “independent” review videos?

    • Pablo Herasme says:

      Fridolin Mustafa imagine if this happened to a 2000$ apple product.. all the android spec Bois would be flooding the comments

    • Kazuma says:

      All the amateur sleuths in this thread… He didn’t get to keep it was paraphrasing for he lost the footage, or deleted it because he thought he was the only one and didn’t want to look dumb… Then later regretted that

    • Masha Mitchell says:

      God shut the fuck up with the conspiracy theories.

    • Jeremaya Jaeger kruger says:

      Sadly this shows the new “marketing era”, the new ads are the influencers, and he didn’t want to be left over. So he makes a video AFTER all the people made a videos about the issue , in order to be “””objective” , which Clearly in this case he is not, but now I will doubt every video he makes . I remember he calling out Dave lee , and “defending” Apple , sad.

    • JIONGSEN LAI says:

      Actually, Samsung can keep silent but what happening in China is crazy. They share the photo of mkbhd and comments “Samsung Galaxy fold broke”. Such a photo can be used by some people for a wrong purpose. And it’s happening.

  15. Allan Dsouza says:

    Me yesterday: yaay flip phones are back

    Me now: nevermind

  16. Mr. HandsomeCoffeeCup says:

    Samsung: “Hey guys please! don’t peel off the protective layer on the galaxy fold”
    Me: “Oh, will it break the phone?”
    Samsung: “it may cause damage lol idk”

  17. Hamza Haytham says:

    Since the existence of phones – 2018:
    Never keep plunging and unplugging your phone to the charger all day.
    2019: Never keep folding and unfolding your phone all day.

  18. selw0nk says:

    That’s what all you reviewers get for hating on screen protectors and taking them off.

  19. Rath Sophea says:

    -Day 1
    Samsung: *Invite Marques for the Galaxy Fold first impression*
    -Day 2
    Samsung: *Send Marques an early Galaxy Fold*
    -Day 3
    Marques: *This*
    Samsung: *Am i a joke to you?*

  20. Pat C says:

    Dude just had a spare Galaxy S10 to show us the screen protector LOL thats the life right there

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