The Bud Light Party: Super Bowl Commercial 2016

The Bud Light Party: Super Bowl Commercial 2016

America. They say we’re a nation divided. They say we disagree on everything. But they’re wrong. We agree on a lot. Like liberty. Justice. Three-day weekends. Funny t-shirts. Jeans. Free parking. Burritos. Sliding on hardwood floors in socks. Cat videos. And beer. Nothing brings America together like Bud Light. That’s why we formed the Bud Light Party. A party for everyone: man or woman, liberal or conservative, Broncos or Panthers fan. We don’t care about labels. Beer should have labels, not people. We’re not stuck in the past. We’re unstuck in the present. We are the fake political party America needs right now. Because no matter where we all stand on the issues, we all sit on bar stools. America has seen the light. And there’s a Bud in front of it.

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20 Responses

  1. Arvind SJ says:


  2. Cannabis Weekly says:

    joke thief………

  3. Joshua Lee T. says:

    But Seth Rogen is Canadian.

  4. Richard Schaffling says:

    It is stupid

  5. Ryan White says:

    better choice then voting for Democrat or republican

  6. Niloo Veggiloo says:

    why are there still animals exploited in commercials???? 🙁 its 2016. let
    the cruelty die with slut shaming, fat shaming and general douchebag
    comments insulting fellow humans.

  7. Thomas Borboa says:

    The gag about the cock! WTF? Anheuser Busch has always been a company that
    appeared to be upright and with integrity. Comedy is funny, but that was
    just plan garbage!

  8. Truth Hurts says:

    fuck beer kills 40,000 people a year .

  9. Brighton Whytock says:

    She stole that drink.

  10. All the Good Names are taken says:

    Seth look out Amy might steal your drink like she did with all her jokes

  11. Thomas De Brule says:

    Hey Amy, go fuck yourself

  12. Christian Night Fury says:


  13. JAMS DjPhotoBooth says:

    I agree with Nomad … But Love the Independence Day reference. Funny non
    the less

  14. Chance Donaldson says:

    Lol Seth is Canadian which makes this ad even better 😂😂

  15. TheSenseii915 says:

    wait…. isn’t Seth Canadian??


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  17. LEGIT_ELITE says:

    Isn’t he Canadian?

  18. MrDonjelly says:

    Amy Schumer who works with her Zionist uncle Chuck to take our guns away.
    Seth Rogan a straight up Zionist who they try to convince us is funny. Fuck
    both these people

  19. marcus luttery says:


  20. Armonee Jensen says: