The Buick Grand National Is the Ultimate 1980s Muscle Car

The Buick Grand National Is the Ultimate 1980s Muscle Car


The Buick Grand National is the ultimate 1980s muscle car. Today I’m reviewing the Grand National to show you why the Buick Grand National is special — and I’m driving the Grand National, and I’m taking you on a tour of the Grand National’s quirks and features.

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48 Responses

  1. Deadly Dizzle says:

    Wow, rarely seen one not riding on blingy 28inch ‘Forgies’ with skinny tyres on and a colour matched custom interior. Original is more often than not best ??

  2. Chris Davis says:

    The car that made everyone forget about the Regal T-Type.

    • 88cutty says:

      Its the same thing, except in black.

    • John Gach says:

      I member

    • Scotch Budmeister says:

      I had a T-Type. Same exact drive train – more of a sleeper.

    • Victor La Muro says:

      T-Type in 87 is mechanically identical to a Grand National. If you wanted the fun stuff but not a black car you could have bought the T-type which gave you a few more color options. You could get white red or gunmetal (red is the rarest color) and strangely enough black. You could also get chrome bumpers on a T-type instead of the black. The interior lay out was the same also with the console instrument gauges and bucket seat arrangement but with different color options other than the two tone found on Grand Nationals.

    • Scotch Budmeister says:

      ​+Victor La Muro They also made a rare WE4 Turbo T. It was a stripped down black T with plain grey seats. It was the lightest car in the ’87 lineup and could outrun a GN and cost less. I almost bought one back in the day but it looked too ‘plain’ – lol.

  3. amal satrio says:

    It spelles litres because the engine was co-developed with british mclaren

    • 19psi says:

      I highly doubt that was the reason as my 1978 Chevy Monza had “5.0 Litre V8” emblems on it and it was a US model.

    • Keith Coppage says:

      Wrong, Amal. The “TURBO 3.8 LITRE” badging goes all the way back to the carbureted ’78 Regal and LeSabre Sport Coupes, and Century Turbo Coupe….LONG before GM did anything with ASC McLaren.

    • EricTheNotSoRed says:

      The spelling gave it a European feel….

    • Matthew VandenBerg says:

      amal, by your logic, my ’79 Trans Am had a British built Oldsmobile 403 V8. The Trans Am of the era always listed their engine displacement in Metric. Buick went with Metric probably because the rest of the world was too. Yes folks, America _does_ use the Metric system. It’s just that American consumers do not.

  4. Nawaf says:

    22:00 You stop at a red light.
    On your right, there is a Grand National and on the left an El Camino.
    What a sight ??

  5. orion deschamps says:

    One of the coolest cars PERIOD.

  6. farhad ali says:

    Douge is the type of a guy to write B from the bottom

  7. Oof Tuber says:

    Doug, the type of guy to measure a measuring tape

  8. S. Chris T. says:

    Wow, bravo to the owner of this 1987 Buick Grand National, it’s in pristine condition…

  9. Brendan S says:

    They thought of whiplash the headrests are adjustable

  10. dave jennings says:

    Awesome car. Dang thing used to blow away my Mustang back in the 1980″s!!

  11. Ahmed Halim says:


  12. luke moeller says:

    When Doug doesn’t show the third brake light lights up as a Buick logo. ?

  13. Fake News Serpents says:

    Quirky Dougy is rating a 1987 car to
    2019 craftsmanship ? WTF

  14. Thomas Brock says:

    Fisher body was a division of general motors it was located in Hamilton Ohio. My dad worked there in the 1950s.

    • bob wallace says:

      There was also a big Fisher Body plant in Gd Blanc Michigan. My dad worked there 30 years.

    • Wilmar Alburquerque says:

      There is a gas station around the corner from where I live. My dad is working on getting back from there. That was 20 years ago

    • Tad Dunville says:

      Fisher and Fleetwood were both internal body companies that GM bought prewar. They felt it made the car seem special to have the body maker named publicly, as if anybody had any idea what it meant to be coach built in 1985. It was a bit like Ferrari putting Pininfarina badges on their cars, except no Buick buyers knew or cared.

    • Isaak Welch says:

      +Tad Dunville My ’72 buick says body by fisher. I don’t think any GM buyer cared.

    • Andrew Farran says:

      My dad started working at Fisher Body while he was still in college and once they were split up by GM, his department (along with numerous GM parts departments at the time) eventually became Delphi Automotive which ended up splitting from GM and nowadays is basically non-existent after being the largest automotive parts manufacturer in the world for a good amount of time. It’s divisions were sold off to companies like Mahle as well as others but their biggest divisions are now doing business as Aptiv PLC

  15. Frosty Guys says:

    who else wishes to know how concert sound one compares to 2nd edition??

  16. sam alexander says:

    thank you so much for the grand national tour dougie

  17. Ran Lin says:

    Too hear the turbo boost from a car which is 30 years old is engaging.

  18. scott smith says:

    Grand national was for v6 grand nation race Winston cup was v8

  19. Wat Da Fudge Cake says:

    I got beat by one of these driving my stock ’12 sti one day geez

  20. Dan The Man says:

    Best car of the 80s, that coming from a Ford guy.

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