The Business Behind Kurzgesagt

The Business Behind Kurzgesagt

Check out some of our favorite shop products here: Our shop is not only our most important source of income, but our passion project where we create sciencey products with of lot of love and detail.

A more detailed article on how we research our videos:

In 2023, Kurzgesagt has existed for 10 years (which is insanely long in internet years).
We are among the largest sciencey channels on Youtube and still a bit of a black box to people.
So let us talk about ourselves in three parts: Our backstory, how we finance our work, and the values of Kurzgesagt!


This is how we make our living and it would be a pleasure if you support us!

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The Kurzgesagt voice is from
Steve Taylor:

700+ minutes of Kurzgesagt Soundtracks by Epic Mountain:


The Soundtrack of this video:
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Many Thanks to our wonderful Patreons (from who support us every month and made this video possible:
Nithin Krishna, Sanome, Kurt Gödel’s story is incomplete!, Fux, Viiruz, Armandas Pranaitis, Ryan Ebbeler, Jack Liu, David Patrick Meents, SomeoneNJ1, Wagner Patriota, Chase Schottler, Der Waldapotheker, Razzadaz, ToastyDragon, Luiz Gustavo França, Tan, Mélanie Despeisse, Pascal Dieter Beuer, Shant Hovhannesian, Lucy Ash, Phi

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27 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Check out some of our favorite shop products here: Our shop is not only our most important source of income, but our passion project where we create sciencey products with of lot of love and detail.

    • Iago Alonso Alonso says:

      I’m very sad to be honest. I wanted to complete the collection of the *LIMITED EDITION* enamel pins and I was waiting for the announcement of the rest of them after getting the first one, as time went by and nothing was heard of them again. To my surprise when I visited the shop today I just saw that number 2 went on sale in December, I watch all the videos on your channel without skipping a beat and I don’t remember the announcement that number 2 was on sale. I’m a bit disappointed to be honest.

    • daniel 052004 says:

      ​@TheSocialist2137 the word “Kurzgesagt” is german for something like “long story short”

    • A dog turtle says:

      @계말년 what do you mean give us lyrics? whats the lyrics for

    • A dog turtle says:

      do u have a decade estimate of when the vr game is coming out

  2. Electro Ninja says:

    Thank you all for acknowledging the criticisms without making it a massive drama that drags in your unknowing fans.

    • Clarence Tse says:

      @Tongpeople who call everyone npcs are the biggest npcs of all. Like sneako

    • JuThijGames says:

      @Person Do you really have any idea what Our World In Data is? It has the most reliable sources of information that you can find

  3. Sonia’s Way says:

    I really hope that the teacher knows what an impact she had in creating this channel and what difference a single passionate person can make

  4. robbobb says:

    I’ve been subscribed for over seven years now, when I was just a wee lad. Now I’m in my senior year of high school and I must thank Kurzgesagt for sparking all the curiosities I had about how anything in the universe works. I’m so glad I live in a generation where science content is so easy to reach and I thank you guys for being a big part of it. So proud to hear about how far you guys have come in these years, to over 20 million subs!

    • Ali Abdul-Ameer says:

      N1ce I agree I’ve been here since 100k subs and to see the difference in there videos over an 8 year period is insane. Everything is now better. They went from politics, decent animation and no merchandise to an empire

  5. yash garg says:

    Hey Kurzgesagt, I am a college student that is majoring in biomedical engineering. I want you to know that your channel is one of the main reasons of why I love science. Everything you do must take so much work, I can’t even fathom it, but you really are changing mindsets. Thank you so so much

  6. Banana Lp says:

    Thank you all very much for every video you’ve ever produced and for all the exciting videos to come in the future!<3

  7. BrenSingh says:

    I can’t believe it’s been ten years already! Thank you for producing phenomenal, beautiful, vibrant and interesting animations for us

  8. Soham Das says:

    The fact that a single teacher basically started kurzgesagt is crazy. One person can really change the world.

    • ZapThunder says:

      @Greg Penismith you could argue that but then again they always cite studies that are available for you to review. So bill gates or not these are still studies conducted, and what purpose is there to indoctrinate viewers anyway ? I can’t see your point as valid, even though i don’t like bill gates as a whole yet I don’t see any of these studies being illogical in anyway

    • Garrick Cahall says:

      Any person funded by hundreds of thousands from the pharmaceutical industry

  9. 🌴 セキロヘンキ 🌊 says:

    Man,this channel had an impact in my childhood . I’m so glad it existed that long . Thank you so much,Kurzsgesagt for teaching us on so many things ❤

  10. Uncle Dan says:

    Some 6 years ago or so, I actually applied to be a writer for you guys. It was a small chance that I’d manage to do it but sometimes the idea is still titillating to consider! Regardless, congratulations on your ten year anniversary!

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