The Cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Has Mixed Feelings on Porgs

The Cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Has Mixed Feelings on Porgs

Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Gwendoline Christie, Kelly Marie Tran and Laura Dern reveal their feelings about Porgs.

Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter War with Roy Moore

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The Cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Has Mixed Feelings on Porgs

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81 Responses

  1. vmm247 says:


  2. NetherStar Entertainment says:

    The body language of people around Rian seems to suggest that Lando is actually in the film

    • Organic Jerk says:

      I wish, but I doubt.

    • Marcus McDonald says:

      I wish, but I think they were just nervous about how he’d answer it. It felt tense and a little tiny bit awkward. Because, like, why wasn’t Lando cast!? It all looks bad on so many levels (if you know what I mean) In the first trilogy Lando was only added because the black audience was mad about zero representation of them in a movie that made light/good and dark/bad. So the fact that they’re jilting the character they almost never added again looks made subconscious racist.

  3. danieltbh says:

    Mark: “These movies were made for children”

    Jimmy: “No they’re made for middle aged nerds now”

    • Aaron Montgomery says:

      Charisma nothing wrong with being a nerd

    • Septic Peg says:

      Well he got that one right

    • That Random Guy Standing Over There says:


      I was sat behind a bunch of kids that wouldn’t shut up and stop swinging there toy lightsabers in my cinema. Nearly ruined the movie experience for me.

    • OnePunchRise says:

      Charisma I think that was just a joking jab at the “elitist” view some of the older fans have on Star Wars. Everyone can enjoy Star Wars… just that some are a little sensitive and alienating when it comes the franchise

  4. Alec Ramsbottom says:

    *Wholesome Porgnography* LMAO!!!

  5. Mishael Mat says:

    I wish carrie fisher was there:(

  6. BR0TH0RITY says:

    Mark Hamill looking fresh as hell.

  7. Marcus Blixenkrone-Møller says:

    I wish Lando was in it

  8. Pikapool says:

    i’m just sitting here and saying:Give Adam a question!

  9. kyle s says:

    Jimmy has got a point. Why not bring in Lando to fly with Chewie instead of the Porg thing…?

    • HummingbirdSound says:

      James Dixon Putting a middle aged woman with pink hair in the movie has a political symbolic to it. And the asian woman was actually added because Disney was concerned about the diversity in the movie; they wanted to appeal to all demographics. It’s a known fact. So the first motive to put them into the move was political. They have to accomodate them to the plot, the way they did with the utterly useless Phasma. Which is bollocks. Whenever the plot will crucially need an asian woman to be included in the middle of the second act, I will accept it. But this way, for those reasons, no. Never. It’s forcing stupid politics down my throat. The movie sucks, I know it, and you’ll see by yourself after it comes out.

    • Zinogg says:

      disney marketing , Mr. Lucas is the real deal & he is gone

    • zgoncougar says:

      Because Landon is 900

    • Force Awakens Fan says:

      Remember though Lucas said there is no episode 7 so its this or nothing

  10. maeka ssi says:

    “I like the porg i’m pro-porg” ???

  11. Ágnes Kéner says:

    bring lando back rian u coward

    • Jacob Molyneux says:

      Joel Somich uhhhh what else was he supposed to say? of course if lando is in the movie hes not going to spoil it.

    • julen padilla says:

      Jacob Molyneux why would that be a spoiler? It doesnt matter if he says hes in it or not

    • Jacob Molyneux says:

      julen padilla it depends on his role in the film if lando is in it

    • Vincecouk says:

      Ágnes Kéner why would he shoe horn something into a story just to appease the like of you? The cowardly thing would be to compromise his vision and tack stuff in that fans think they want.

    • geo koukkappakeepo says:

      Ágnes Kéner he would be a coward if he PUT him in the film..he did the right choice by leaving him out..lando was a useless charcter in the OT anyway

  12. busty-ka tumblr com says:

    John Boyega could be Mike Tysons’s son

  13. Taylor Craig Newbold says:

    Oscar is looking FINE.

  14. Ben BamBoo says:

    Unacceptable racist bullsh*t that Lando isn’t in the movie and wasn’t even given a thought. We just lost Carrie Fisher. Billy Dee Williams isn’t getting any younger. Let him reprise his iconic role before it’s not possible anymore.

    • Ben BamBoo says:

      Tristan McAllistre It’s always great to see him show up in the EU but still does not makeup for the lack of his presence in the films. Hopefully it will happen before it’s too late.

    • Zer0 says:

      Ben BamBoo why is it racist lol

    • TheBlueDragon15 says:

      Not having Lando in the films isnt racist, not having Lando in the films BECAUSE he is black is racist, context matters.

    • Mike Daniels says:

      Even the trailer was trying to misdirect people. Making you think it is going to go the way of Rey joining the datk side. Truth is, Lando is likely in the movie. And Luke will wind up a villain or dead (or both). But, i think that is how you SHOULD do it. Tired of trailers giving away most of the movie.

  15. priestpega says:

    Did Kimmel had to put a fake ET cover to continue bashing the Trump family? Jimmy: not all Star Wars fans are anti-Trump liberals. Shame on you for ruining an otherwise nice interview with these actors.

  16. DEL2066 says:

    Mark’s reaction to the Lando question where he keeps staring down, avoiding looking at cameras tells me that maybe Lando is in the film.

    • kyle james says:

      DEL2066 word, it looked like he was really focused on what rian was saying, listening closely as if he was hoping he (rian) would choose his words wisely and not spoil anything

    • Vincecouk says:

      big stretch there..

    • Daniel Massey says:

      I think he’s probably just sorry they couldn’t find a place for Lando. The worst thing would be if they forced the character in the movie for no good reason. There’s so much going on in TLJ it would be a disservice to all to suddenly focus on Lando. Maybe for a future movie though!

    • DEL2066 says:

      Daniel Massey I agree, it would be cool to see Lando appear again and if they do it I’m sure they’d keep it a surprise, but TLJ just seems like so much is going on that there isn’t much place for his return yet. Can’t wait to see the film though and maybe they’ll surprise us and we will see him (and hopefully if they do it isn’t forced/pointless).

  17. That Random Guy Standing Over There says:

    Worldclassbullshitters has way to much hate for the porgs. He even went as far as to making a video of him with a few porg toys just so he could cook them as means of showing his hate. He is a an extremist Star Wars hater.

  18. thewhatness says:

    It’s official: Oscar Isaac is pro-porg.

  19. Thanos says:

    Did anyone realize that issac was staring into our soul half the time

    • Nicholas C Ballato says:

      Thanos He was probably looking at a monitor off screen. He’s sitting the furthest away so most likely doesn’t have a good view of Jimmy’s desk

  20. Scorpian X says:

    Lando is NOT in the film, of course you can’t have more the one black character in each move, typical Hollywood racism.

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