The Ceiling is Falling! | Don’t Get SMASHED!!

The Ceiling is Falling! | Don’t Get SMASHED!!

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Hey guys! Who do you think fit through the shapes the best? What other shapes should we try to fit through? Let us know down below!!

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66 Responses

  1. Awesome Bradyn says:

    If your reading this comment have a great day

  2. krypt king569 says:

    Who ever is reading this I hope your having a good day and the rest of the day is awesome!!

  3. fock que says:

    Bryan wins, no arguments about it.πŸ˜‚

  4. Willy's Toys says:

    who wants cake?
    ( β€’ – β€’)
    / βŠƒπŸŽ‚

    cost = 1 like

  5. thetntmine hosey says:

    when the ceiling was falling on Brian Starr he should have had seven on his first turn he should have beaten Kyle I think it was

  6. DatJohnsterRayBoi says:

    I guess Joey has


  7. Hi Guys says:

    Where’s J-fred? Why is Bryan the only one left?

  8. Sgt Z says:

    At least kyle didn’t end up like connor if you know what i’m saying.

  9. Flora Lover says:

    6:03 My cat poncho whenever I try and play with her (she be scratching the crap out of me XD)

  10. deadlaser3 says:

    I still reckon Kyle won. The giraffe was alot harder to jump through than the family and you both nicked it soo

  11. ImYourBiggestFan YEP says:

    The walls are dropping like my self esteem

  12. Candance Miller says:

    I saw this video idea comment from an older video. It was for a giant monopoly where you guys play the characters and it will have jail and all the fun stuff. I just thought it was a good idea so I brought it up.

  13. Harshath Amal says:

    Bobby finally broke something with his head without breaking himself

  14. The Galactic Phoenix says:

    When J-Fred isn’t in the video

  15. Dark Sans says:

    When the ceiling is falling except it’s just the sky walls

  16. Ruhina Ramjaun says:

    Bryan definitely won because Kyle broke a piece of it and we clearly saw that Bryan won the challenge

  17. Elite jay 24 says:

    Bobby say the wall are fall but in the tile it say Ceiling

  18. Vihaan Jhingan says:

    people hate they dont congratulate it hurts me!

  19. Sophie Horrell says:

    Where’s Matthias he’s not in them anymore of what I see ????

  20. DDD Challenges says:

    Do giant monopoly with a jail and all that fun stuff pls

    Ps got this from another comment just trying to make sure they see it

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