The Champions: Season 6, Episode 3

The Champions: Season 6, Episode 3

To help him escape a world with no football, Ronaldo must seek help from Messi… 🤝

The Champions will return in November for the World Cup 🌍

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30 Responses

  1. Kinggrave says:

    The scene where they are rebuilding football, man this show is golden. I just love the gags so much and the creativity is unrivalled. The fact that they’ve kept a pretty simple concept going for 6 seasons and it’s still unique is simply incredible.

  2. Joeztrainz says:

    These just keep getting better and better. I can’t stop laughing at the “they’re a bunch on random guys”. Also I love how the players were used as tools to build the field 🤣

  3. Sean C says:

    BR Football has really taken this series to the next level. Would love to see a Netflix series soon!

    • Fajar S says:

      I meant Ted Lasso was A thing, go watch it asap

    • cømrⱥde 卄Ꭵcc says:

      Leave football alone 🤬

    • George1098 says:

      Not everything needs to be a Netflix series or have a tv show. What makes this special is the creativity these people bring into the show and the freedom to do whatever they want. Most likely a tv show or netflix series would be ruined by having someone who knows nothing about football make the creative decisions and ruin it.

    • Joaco Barbero says:

      Oh god pleaso no! Netflix is going to find a way to ruin this gem. Leave it as it is…

    • Macarios Kindamba says:

      If they do, I beg they find someone who do English accents because I can tell they got yanks doing these voices man

  4. ** khaled says:

    it may be comical but the character of Cristiano Ronaldo on this series is well written, character development is well done and portrayed in the events of the story

  5. Clinton Brills says:

    Also, most underrated scene is when Ronaldo wants to stay longer than desired after helping develop football and he’s kicked out by Mbappe and Haaland. Genius!

  6. TBAG [Epic Gaming] says:

    between the last episode and this one, ive watched every single episode in one go. this show is hilarious lmao. in pretty much every single frame there is a joke or an easter egg 😂 good stuff guys keep it going!

  7. Lesole N says:

    Messi and Ronaldo. The partnership we never knew we needed

  8. Il Romario Del Salento says:

    Even chiellini was part of it, that shows a lot of respect for his long career. Great content guys!

  9. Duck On Quac says:

    Pep’s menu at the start is a gold mine. “Bottled in Madrid,” “Haalandaise sauce” 💀💀

  10. Oyokunyi Ikpe says:

    This season keeps getting better And better. I love the hidden details And the ideas. I just love it so much.
    Much love to this show from Nigeria🇳🇬♥️

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