The Check In: Airline Deregulation

The Check In: Airline Deregulation

Seth checks in on how nearly 40 years of government deregulation led to the horrific incidents and poor service of airlines today.
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The Check In: Airline Deregulation- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Anders Raben Hansen says:

    Seth sounds sick.

  2. Amy G. Fuentes says:

    Is it just me or did Seth’s voice sound really strained and cracky? Love him

  3. Andrew Lewis says:

    poor seth he sounded like he was struggling, or going through puberty again

  4. Cammy O says:

    What does DELTA stand for?

    Don’t Even Leave The Airport!

  5. April C. says:

    Snakes…put some snakes on the plane and watch people flee out. Or spiders.

  6. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    I would fly United Airlines if they dragged Trump out of power.

  7. Paulo Webba says:

    Being bumped off flights with compensation either in money or a better seat is an obvious solution. Or even more practically, don’t let people buy tickets for flights without any seats left

  8. Monarch says:

    Seth does the job even when he’s sick. Love you.

  9. Faux Title says:

    I love how Eric Trump is to Seth as Arby’s was to Jon Stewart

  10. Robert Hayes says:

    They really should offer compensation if you were to be thrown off.

  11. Jesse Springer says:

    Did the show get some new writers in the past week or so? The wittiness has very noticeably picked up.

  12. Luciano Latouche says:

    Does Seth have a sore throat or something?

  13. rugby3230 says:

    Seth, your voice sounds – I don’t know, OFF today. Like it’s deeper or something. There’s something going on, it’s not just me right? ??

  14. Mauricio Porte says:

    gold-plating is tacky

  15. JCTiggs says:

    Trump thinks his pilot is Quagmire from Family Guy. Makes sense since they have so much in common.

  16. Chris A says:

    Having elected Trump as president just shows, that the USA is destroying itself from inside out.

  17. james jamerson says:

    Deregulation is a good thing? Really? Anybody remember 2008 when Republicans oversaw the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression. The Fed Chariman Greedberg told Congress “I can’t believe people are greedy”. What a crock!

  18. Rami Hamdan says:

    So has Trump done anything right while he’s in office.

  19. Andrew Palfreyman says:

    Trump is ignorant and stupid and basically cruel. A rather hateful individual. It would be so nice if he fell out of a plane.

  20. sullyFL says:

    call me crazy, but i like my flying buses to be regulated

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