The Check In: HUD, Ben Carson and Hurricanes

The Check In: HUD, Ben Carson and Hurricanes

Seth checks in on how prepared HUD and its secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, are to deal with the devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
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The Check In: HUD, Ben Carson and Hurricanes- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Rebecca Swanson says:

    Trump eliminated the programs we needed the most. Not wise.

  2. Broken Eyes says:

    Well… The brain surgeon Ben Carson just proved how truly insane he is…

  3. Justin says:

    Hold up… The Abbot is Wu leader… GFK is a king, no doubt, but… Rza tho

  4. Bilal Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    Will Texans refuse to take government handouts?? And be proud republicans??

  5. Robert Gaudet says:

    Does he only operate on foreign children, or is he just taking a break from helping? I guess we shouldn’t get on Carson too much for his worst answer to a marathon Q&A, but jeez this guy.

  6. Casey Adams says:

    Lmao this man is a walking punch line!

  7. Frank Meier says:

    Ben Carson is a idiot. But what else is to expect from a American?

  8. communistjesus says:

    07:32 “Make the USA Great again ” <<<== TAKE A $6.2 Billion cut from HUD 2018 Budget just so that the WEALTHY pay even LESS in TAXES.. Still support DUMP Mr.& Misses Trailer park dwellers who SUPPORTED THIS CLOWN.. NOT THAT HIL HIL Was ANY BETTER.. I VOTED FOR BERNIE SANDERS.. Bernie+Lizzie&Birdie 2020

  9. Michael Ang says:

    And so far he has succeeded

  10. Alfred Hitchcock says:

    I worked at a top NYC hospital and the neurosurgeons were loons.

  11. sailtheplains says:

    2:34 Watching that guy in the background as his eyes bounce back and forth rapidfire between Warren and Carson.

    5:55 Seriously, he probably fell asleep

  12. Richard Welsh says:

    I loved the CPR joke. A lot.

  13. Hammern28 says:

    * points and laughs at Ben Carson *

  14. iolac123 says:

    Ben Carson is clearly writing his own prescriptions

  15. jenni williams says:

    God damn bumbling fool. They must have experimented on his brain

  16. Zoe Jane says:

    how high is that guy

  17. Dakota Bear says:

    wake up Ben you are talking on stage!

  18. Cee Bee says:

    You all recall when a man threw his shoe at former pres.Bush? Well, it’s time to get your shoes ready again people!!!

  19. ScytheNoire says:

    It is Trump’s goal to dismantle the US government and leave it in so much chaos that Russia is able to become the largest super power again.

  20. David Lloyd-Jones says:

    Paul Ryan has not yet come to terms with the fact that Ayn Rand is power pornography for teenage boys at a certain stage of aching virginity — and normal kids get over it.

    A lot of people throughout RepublicanLand have variations on the same problem. They really believe a scientifically incorrect notion, that human beings are independent of one another. It may feel like that for the lonely teenager, but it’s never, ever, true.

    From that falsehood, they then build up moralities, generally ugly, histories, false, and a subset of both: self-serving aims or “purpose.”

    This high-minded purpose gives us a HUD Secretary who is opposed to the Department of HUD, a Secretary of Health (named “Price”!) who believes that all medicine should be commercial. You’ve got a guy over at Environmental Protection who is on the side of the folks continuing to dig the hole deeper. All with the highest moralities he’s been able to find anywhere!

    The good Doctor Carson is really, really, one of the gang.


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