The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open (feat. Beck)

The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open (feat. Beck)

The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open feat. Beck

Director: Dom & Nic
Producer: John Madsen
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor
Dancer: Sonoya Mizuno

Taken from the new album ‘Born In The Echoes’ out now. Get it on iTunes | Official Store | Google Play | Share/stream on Spotify

Wide Open Remixes – Spotify: | iTunes: | Apple Music:

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19 Responses

  1. David Martin says:

    Hay Boys. Stop Cheating…………Here we gooo

  2. 死, 死 GOD says:

    i still can see her nips thro the shirt

  3. Hans Tun says:

    Beck is still a scientologist so for every buck you give him by listening
    to his music they get their cut.

  4. Mariano G. Aponte says:

    Hi tech mocap, but a creepy result…

  5. Israel Hernández says:


  6. SnookRS says:

    amazing colab!!! <3333
    Such a 90's Chem Bros throw back for me... when Calving Harris was a
    baby... how can anyone compare the two beyond me lolz
    Chem Bros are legends, not for everyone for sure :)))) [and it's great
    that's true]

  7. Eyyüp Aykut says:

    very good

  8. blitzzzlike says:

    Great fucking song

  9. Shrimp Man says:

    came here to “slap the one eyed champ” but couldn’t really finish it off
    with bits of her missing every minute.. will have to watch Nefertiti on
    youporn instead (no homo)

  10. Paul Park says:

    Tropophobia anyone?

  11. CarsdaniGaming says:

    Who clicked on this video because of the major camel toe.

  12. Mike Hernan says:


  13. Harry Chu says:

    I was so gross out

  14. Gynely Fuentes says:

    Trypophobia triggered

  15. Tim Tse (Timito) says:

    i thought it said the chemical romance lol

  16. Richard Schrader says:

    green suit… what was that movie? THE SIGNAL

  17. Jordan Furlong says:

    This is just, pure art.

  18. TROYCETV says:

    Who”ll watch This In JANUARY 2016?

  19. Linh Luu says:

    Isn’t she from exmachina