The Childhood Game Collection – Scott The Woz

The Childhood Game Collection – Scott The Woz

Scott was just gonna talk about I Spy Challenger but decided to throw in some other games as well.

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35 Responses

  1. Dreadd-Naut says:

    Scott really kept THQ alive all by himself

  2. Leonhart says:

    Crazy that Scott’s first console was Sega Genesis when he was 5 and I remember getting a brand new one in 1992 when I was 5! I’m old.

  3. Luan Neves says:

    Scott being such a Spongebob fanatic honestly explains some of this channel’s sense of humor

  4. Dylswerb says:

    I love the fact that his copy of sonic 2 is still the rarest version, the “Sonic 2 with a line on it”

  5. Turtle Lover Ty says:

    Crazy that Scott can just go quiet for 2 months and the release a video that has 3 months of content in it

  6. S B says:

    The fact that he remembers the stories behind him getting all of these games more than make up for him getting like 10 trivia games in a row

  7. Il Exile lI says:

    Scott’s first Zelda game was Link’s Crossbow training. Truly a one-of-a-kind individual.

  8. Neemías Muondo says:

    Can’t wait for the scott adulthood game collection.

  9. Pls uninstall says:

    Probably the most striking part of “growing up with videogames” is realizing that licensed games tend to be trash or mid, making you realize that as a kid anything could entertain you.

    • PangoBara says:

      I weirdly miss the better licensed games compared to the garbage now. Had a bunch of fun with games like Ratatouille for example

    • Kryzeth says:

      @PangoBara They were always trash though lmao. Think you just got lucky

    • manga profile picture says:

      @PangoBara licensed games peaked with spider-man 2

    • CubedMelons says:

      ​@manga profile pictureYeah, Spider Man 2 was a legitimately good game. They put a ton of effort into the movement, the city, and even added some cool stuff that wasn’t in the movie like the Mysterio arc. I probably sank more time into that game than a lot of Nintendo classics.

    • FigureFarter says:

      @PangoBaraRatatouille was actually a fun game by Heavy Iron. You could cook but I preferred the stealth parts of it.

  10. Bryce Cross says:

    After watching this whole thing, I realized Scott and I had like 60% the same childhood games and experiences with said games. It made 2:17:11 hit hard and “I owned Cars: The Video Game” hit even HARDER 😂

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