The Clippers won the Tobias Harris trade with the 76ers – Stephen A. | First Take

The Clippers won the Tobias Harris trade with the 76ers – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith breaks down why the LA Clippers got the better end of the deal in the six-player blockbuster trade that sent Tobias Harris to the Philadelphia 76ers.

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108 Responses

  1. OGMillyMillz says:

    Stevie A needs to see a new barber with some good Clippers

  2. A1 Gamer says:

    The Clippers Kings and Lakers are competing for who’s gonna get destroyed by the Warriors in the first round

  3. the1kamíkaze says:

    Remember when the Cavs thought they won the trade. LoL

  4. Iceman GG says:

    Jerry West got the Midas touch

  5. Manny Manhattan Music says:

    Clippers got a better deal for Harris than Knicks got for Porzingis ??‍♂️

  6. the1kamíkaze says:

    What Stephen A needs is to trade that BLASPHEMOUS hairline for a weave.

  7. Lil Dagga says:

    Man Jerry West really about to do this to his own franchise huh lmao ? come back Jerry plz forgive us

    • Shabaka Smkss says:

      young Assassin well lebron is toxic but not a lot toxic

    • Moe Moe says:

      dude jerry west is a rental he don’t like staying with any team for to long and like to build teams then leave

    • allen reynolds says:

      +Moe Moe He likes to build championship teams and then move to build another team. He’s great for the NBA.

    • Khristian Dominick says:

      +young Assassin mmm yeah stupid players already saying they’ll go to NY because they could get Max contracts dumbass they got enough space for two like the clippers jackass. Kyrie ad kd already said they would sign with Ny they just got to get them stupid

    • Bryan Bohlken says:

      He tried to go back to the Lakers before he came to the Clippers, but Magic said no because he knew Jerry would get the credit…………………….bad move

  8. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers says:

    Two 1st round picks for Harris… AD is def worth 4 first rounders on this crazy trading scale

    • Ethan Rhoads says:

      The sixers had those picks to trade because of the assets they accumulated. Lakers would be giving up their own first round picks so it makes it harder for them to trade like 4 of their own. Sixers traded 4 picks and only one them was their own pick and that isn’t till 2020 and it’s a protected pick lol. The only decent pick is the Miami 2021 pick which I feel comfortable getting a player like Tobias Harris for. The other picks are just 2nd rounders and the sixers have way too many 2nd rounders laying around that they never use

    • Zhyon Flowers says:

      Call Me J. R. Butler was a good trade wtf and corey wasnt a trade he was on a 10 day contract(need to sign him he’s definitely helpful) and harris is a good trade too. Anyone who watches the sixers knows we lack shooting.

    • neetrab says:

      +Call Me J. R. retarded

    • Paul Bearer says:

      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers no doubt about it he’s worth 4 draft picks and 2 good players, but 5 players and 4 first rounders is INSANE

    • Vincent Rizzi says:

      +Call Me J. R. You are a fucking idiot. btw who is “herris”? Dumb fuck. Nice selfie Dick weed.

  9. TheMr2face says:

    The logo strikes again lol

  10. Tonio5100 says:

    Clippers bout to trade for Davis in the offseason THEN sign Kawhi & LeBron bout to REALLY be pissed ???

    • 50-0!!! TBE says:

      +Los Angeles Rams Fan Since February 3rd, 2019 Is that what he’s “probably” going to do? You Laker fans are total morons and it’ll be very interesting in LA LA Land if your “young core” doesn’t get traded by tomorrow….because if you haven’t noticed…they all truly “hate” Lebron and Magic right about now! ???

    • Michaela Perez says:

      Lebron said he’s never going to the Clippers last off season. This is kind of hilarious if it happens

    • EyeLoveTheStars says:

      Pump the breaks. The Clippers havent done anything yet. Yall act like they got Anthony Davis. ?

    • 50-0!!! TBE says:

      +EyeLoveTheStars No…The Clippers organization hasn’t even mentioned AD’s name one time all season.. but the pathetic and desperate ass Lakers…now that shitshow’s an entirely different topic!

    • CJ BRICKCoLLum #SonOfRajonRondo says:

      i fucked rondo #9’s mom All-Time Great Yet He’s Only Made The Playoffs 2 Out Of 7 Seasons And Has A 46.8 Career Winning Percentage Since He Entered The League Which Is 106th Out Of A Possible 130+Players?Stop Watching Basketball My Guy.

  11. Tyrese C. says:

    Max needs to answer the damn question ?

  12. Refund HD says:

    Clippers officially have a better future than the Lakers tbh

  13. 92AKU says:

    Clippers made sixers stronger so they can defeat raptors and discourage khwai from resigning , meanwhile getting 1st round draft picks . Same time made their team worst so they don’t make the playoffs so they can keep their 1st round pick and not give it to Boston . Now They will have cap space and draft picks to go after khawi and AD this summer. That’s some next level GM it

  14. Bigtroll101 says:

    Clippers discussion is a very personal topic for Stephen A after his barber massacred his hair.

  15. Bigtroll101 says:

    There isn’t supposed to be a winner in a trade. This is beneficiary for both teams. Philly has a big 4 and LA has a future. Both teams won this trade and somehow the Knicks still lost.

  16. P H says:

    Elton brand and 76ers are going for the kill and trying to win

  17. Jermell Howard says:

    Sigh. Reading some of the comments bellow I’ve noticed so many people are casual fans and have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the NBA really. Some people can’t think or read beyond what they see on the court.

    First off: This trade for the Sixers is an insurance policy in the event that JB doesn’t sign there, duh…even Stevie Wonder can see that.

    Secondly: For the gentleman who stated no one want’s to play for the Clippers needs to check his facts. It’s not about playing for the Clippers, it’s about playing in L.A. In addition to that, the last time I checked K. Leonard said that he would play for the Clippers, JIMMY BUTLER said that the Clippers was one of his trade request destinations because he would sign a long term deal. KD also whispered that he would play for the Clippers.

    Friend…the Clippers are positioning themselves for a run at Leonard, Butler, who they can get, in addition to Durant. Wake up man and learn to see the politics of the NBA…which extends beyond the court.

    • 50-0!!! TBE says:

      +Domeo^ This is what goes on in the mind of a weirdo-loser who can’t accept reality! ???

    • Jermell Howard says:

      +Tino Kamung thank you for the correction regarding JB. That still doesn’t take away from his comments regarding the Clippers. Take a look at your comments…?… you’re contradicting yourself……strange indeed.

    • 50-0!!! TBE says:

      +Tino Kamung LOL….This is what you get when you don’t understand anything!???

    • Dayton Brewer says:

      Wow it takes a keen eye to be able foresee all of that, kudos to you buddy ?? a real NBA savant!

    • Nikola Todorovic says:

      Thank you I can finnaly see now it’s all clear

  18. bigsnake_inc-123 says:

    Anyone else think Harris looks like J Cole

  19. Carl Winslow says:

    James Harden got fouled on the commercial break.

  20. jumpkik77 says:

    Jerry West living in 2099 while the rest of the NBA is in 2019, while the Knicks are in 2005.

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