The Colbeard

The Colbeard

Stephen tries out some new face options.

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20 Responses

  1. grockcomedy says:

    The hot dog made me think of a penis surrounded by pubic hair.

  2. Husnain Anwaar says:

    cant wait

  3. D Giff says:

    You know that beard really makes you look like a lawyer.

  4. TheMockAgenda says:

    Lemme get a bit o that Freedom Dog Colbeard!

  5. jpablo700 says:

    Is he wearing an iWatch? 

  6. TFrail says:

    What the hell happened at the end there? Kinda creepy….

  7. Vic Vinegar says:

    What the mother fuck kind of promotional poster is that at 5:28?

  8. Karol Szymczuk says:

    Password: Pumpkin Patch

  9. Christoph Hewett says:

    Oh, I have missed this guy so much. #ftl

  10. Joyful Alize says:

    +TitanAura More like a national disgrace! Yuck!

  11. DreamcastGuy says:

    If I could grow a beard as perfect as yours I would gladly be on the cover
    of Homeless Sea Captain magazine YEAR ROUND!

  12. Devin Roland says:

    It’s called the splitler…not the unhitler you fuck

  13. LadyAneh says:

    Who knew that Stephen Colbert had turned into my old English professor
    while he was away?…

  14. marshall come says:

    It’s midnight and the very end just creeper Tf out

  15. Kerriella says:

    You have been sorely missed Mr. Colbert. I can’t wait for Sept. 8th!

  16. Justin Brar says:

    Well this is a bad start

  17. Bryan D (Jouka) says:


  18. The AdvKoala says:

    the beard was too short lived 

  19. Abang Sayang says:

    i have high hope on colbert, instant subscribe

  20. Jade Praerie says:

    I’d like the full Wolvey.