The Competition Begins – Instant Influencer

The Competition Begins – Instant Influencer

Hi Sisters! Welcome to the first episode of Instant Influencer, my NEW beauty competition show! 🔥 In this episode, our 6 artists begin the competition and are challenged to sell a product, and also sell themselves in front of James Charles, Norvina, and Paris Hilton. Who has what it takes to become a beauty superstar?

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55 Responses

  1. Can Berdan says:

    James is SUCH a sweetheart, like how can a person hate on him? He’s literally doing SO much not to offend anyone and lose their confidence. Respect Miss Jamie

  2. Andre Q. says:

    Not gonna lie, at the beginning of the episode i got THE CHILLS, just to see how far James has come and how talented and professional he is… HE REALLY INSPIRES ME… A LOT!! Happy to see him this far after other youtubers tried to ruin his career… lots of love sisters! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🤯😄😁🤩🤩🤩

  3. Taylor Kopenits says:

    Brittany: if I go home today I will feel like a *failure*
    Gabriel: I just like don’t wanna go home

  4. Sky Field says:

    when he made her sign off while she was crying 😭😭😭

  5. Lauren_ Mocha says:

    Anyone else think Kailin is like the “mom” of the friend group 😅😅😅

  6. Sevannah says:

    Why does Paris always seem like she’s high af 😂🤣

  7. demonass says:

    _i love how Paris Hilton is there just to cheer up the contestants after Norvinas judgement_

    • Faith Swaby says:

      demonass Yasss! I thought the same exact thing. She always said the sweetest things though.

    • Stella Howard says:

      I hated it. She literally doesnt critic them at all. Whats the purpose of her if all she is gonna say is “i love your jacket”

    • Panadora Williams says:

      i know right lmao she just compliments them which is soo nice of her

  8. Carol Baskin says:

    I’m going to cry every time someone gets eliminated

  9. Sierra Ortiz says:

    i’m just concerned for Paris’s dog like is it okay or-

  10. Caroline Mackenzie says:

    How James sat down and motivated her is everything to me. Literally crying 😭

  11. Celadon Jade says:

    NORVINA looks like she doesnt really wanna be on this show, just saying.

  12. SashaRicky says:

    James: Paris, thank you so much for being here today.

    James Hugging Paris: I love you the absolute most, you’re so hot!

    James after hugging Paris: Norvina, I’ll see you next week.

    *Norvina:* 37:47


  13. alex says:

    “you’re not very confident” when i tell you i screamed

  14. Harbinger of Payne says:

    I’m surprised that she got eliminated. Really thought it would be Gabriel.

  15. Skylar Owen says:

    I love how James at the end of the episode was comforting Brittney because she lost,just letting her know how good she was. James has such a big heart and I love him for that. I have no clue how people cannot love James. He has a bubbly personality and huge heart for others. James, if you see this I love you! And stay fabulous sister!!!✌🏼💖

  16. Mercedes Pine says:

    If anyone is saying James was being rude he wasn’t he was telling them the truth nicely so they can improve their makeup skills

  17. Aislinn Mcmurtry says:

    My intro if I was on the show : ” Hey all you cool cats and kittens.”

  18. Reanna Supena says:

    The Contestants: Runs Really Fast to the Ultimate Beauty Closet

    James: That is some Sister Sprinting!

    😭I deleted my old comment so I have to re-comment this!!

  19. Alana Reina says:

    Paris is a vibe in this video. She’s so sweet. Every response is like “hey I’m not a makeup artist but you look hot.”

    • Stella Howard says:

      Alana Reina Yeah and thats whats annoying. She doesnt critic them at all like a judge should do. Not helping at all

  20. Nicole Jackson says:

    warning: if you’re scrolling while watching, there’s spoilers

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