THE COMPLEX – Backrooms Found Footage

THE COMPLEX – Backrooms Found Footage

The Complex Backrooms found footage is an amazingly atmospheric game
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30 Responses

  1. Liz King says:

    Seriously though, this is truly one of the better back room games. The aesthetics are nailed with the camera alone, but the whole environment, just incredible, truly. No monsters, no gimmicks, just a person so terrified they make things up in their head and run around in futile terror. Amazing. ALSO CANT WAIT FOR IRIS AAAA

  2. V3LLD0 says:

    I like to believe that the “creatures” you see in the backrooms are just other people trying to find their way out. But, you are to afraid to confront them because of the atmosphere the backrooms brings. The fear of something else keeps you alone.

    • Gladuos says:

      I’m more inclined to think they’re not people or living things at all, just unknowable entities that just ARE… Like the backrooms themselves. More lovecraftian in that sense.

    • KronkTheMystic says:

      @PepicWalrus similar, but that the monsters are also uncanny imitations of people rather.

    • Aidyn Johnson says:

      Those are pretty much just Wretches. On the first level, along with some others, they’re hallucinations.

    • Got OverIt says:

      I think you’re right! Seeing someone else in the backrooms would give me a “that’s not a human and I’m definitely gonna get my ass eaten if I go near that very kind looking lady” kinda vibe you know what I mean?

    • Aushwada says:

      I like to think the backrooms is in the quantum realm and that every other monster is also another player but that they are diffrent to you due to the warping of the quantum realm.

  3. ExcitableAnon says:

    Jack seeing the pool room:

    Jack actually getting in the water:
    “UH OH”

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      Thanks for watching:
      Expect more uploads soon✔️
      You’ve been selected as a winner🎁
      Quickly send a direct me above to acknowledge your prize 🎉.

  4. Bernardo Zapicodos says:

    The fun part of these backrooms games is that you never know what kind of approach the creator is going to take. Either being completely alone, being chased all the time, or a mix of the two. So it’s fun to think it’s the first one until you are proven wrong

  5. Kasper says:

    This is 100% the best backrooms game out there, it trully showed what the backrooms where ment to be, not getting chased by monsters but traversing thought empty lonely hallways

    • Null says:

      @Morgan Ann Dying from you Sanity Draining because you’re running out of Supplies– and Monsters that break your understanding of the world or can harm you in torturous way far worse than death could be anywhere waiting to take you out, all while worrying you’ll end up turning into one of those Monsters yourself.

      Ofc it sounds worse when you purposefully make the Monster option sound more boring– If I just say “Walking around endless yellow hallways bored and slowly dying” It’s not presented as scary or interesting, at most a large-ish cave in reality would be more scary. But there’s a deepness to both sides of that horror coin that don’t need to be brushed off, both are interesting takes.

      Just wish people respected Other aspects instead of pretentiously deciding “If it’s Empty and Quiet and Nothing Happens, it’s smart and affective horror” and that’s the only horror that really counts.

    • Abe Hopwood says:

      I’m not gonna lie, but my favourite feeling in a horror game is when you know you’re always being watched/chased but the pursuer never actually catches you

    • mreif1992 says:

      I get confused when people say this. The og description of the backrooms literally says “God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you” Am I missing something? Cuz that sounds like the opposite of empty.

    • Ventanty says:

      As much as people want to justify not being scared of a room where everything almost looks unsettlingly like our real world with the idea that things *feel* out of place.
      The thing Kane ALSO points out with his videos, are the intricate differences in each *room* that all still are connected to the same level.
      While you can add monsters, it’s still the floors themselves that make the differnce. You’d be walking for what seems like an eternity. -And even though you can keep walking and find new things, the things are slightly out of place.
      And even *IF* you manage to find a way deeper, the food won’t be there for you to survive.

      It’s not only a horrible experience, you’ll be up against three things: your hunger, your sanity, and the ever changing rooms themselves

    • Josie Brennan says:

      level 0 has no entities, duh, but some levels do. Some don’t, but are still hazardous because they are mentally hazardous, for example, level 0 has mono-yellow fluorescent lights that buzz, and the buzz drives people insane. They may have entities, or they may not. It varies. It’s not strictly one way. Different levels have different properties.

  6. Alpharius Omegon says:

    This game feels like a nightmare in which you walk, but don´t make any progress and nobody is there. The pool backrooms made me so uncomfortable.

  7. Octoglazed says:

    Since the backrooms can induce insanity and hallucination, i think the grey area between an entity being real or just a figment of your imagination is way scarier than any loud monster

  8. Corey Seet says:

    This is a perfect slow burn horror game. A shame that Vinny Vinesauce somehow missed everything like the shadows peaking around the corners

    • GlitchIsMissing says:

      But that’s where the unsettling horror of the backrooms come from. Being completely alone somewhere so familiar but so foreign is terrifying. It gets you on your toes, makes you insane, it makes you see and hear things that aren’t there.

  9. Fetus says:

    Jack in the backrooms: “You have great interior decorating! Who’s your designer?”

  10. Rogurt says:

    IsarL is the creator, and theres a sequel coming out at some point in the future, I know I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

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