The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses

The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses

Did you know that a single company controls 80% of all glasses and sunglasses brands?

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20 Responses

  1. john chan says:

    Luxottica are straight up fucking cunts.

  2. Louie Lapat says:

    Or you buy online from Zenniopticals. I don’t spend more than 35$ for a
    pair of glasses.

  3. I'm Tom, and it's time to die! says:

    i got very upset about this and im not even wearing glasses

  4. Jes.e B. says:

    Another way of looking at this.. (heh) is to go to any drug store, find a
    nice pair of reading glasses, compare them with your high end new glasses.
    Same fantastic construction and detail. But they cost $15 to $20 dollars
    instead of $200 to $300. And that includes the lenses!

  5. SarahBethG812 says:

    That’s why I buy Zenni!

  6. braith117 says:

    Here’s a question then: why hasn’t this company been broken up under the
    Sherman Act?

  7. Robert Ellis says:

    Good thing I have been using the same frames for 5 years.

  8. Ankush Girotra says:

    Just buy your glasses from Costco lol

  9. Sakara says:

    How to ruin something for everyone. Use the fact it’s a necessity for
    people to exploit it and acquire monopolization.

  10. Ciara.Chaya says:

    I’ve never paid $400 for frames. Even expensive ones are *maybe* $250, but
    I get mine for half that

  11. Billiard Ball says:

    “I’m the Adam now.”

  12. Brent Barrand says:

    “What Luxottica is really selling you, is the illusion of choice.”
    That sounds familiar. Democrats, Republicans… Anyone???

  13. Elisha Jamie says:

    So what is stopping other companies from selling glasses?? like an online
    seller or something similar?

  14. DemonFluid says:

    My glasses cost me $39AUD…

  15. Ave Vee says:

    Welp. I need glasses to see and I can’t where contacts! It sucks that
    everything is rigged but I have no choice. :(((

  16. 1Xian the Minimalistㄣ says:

    This was basically that episode of 60 Minutes we watched in Econ last year,
    except shorter. Good work?

  17. labobo says:

    Monopooly is a bitch until you add anti-competitive laws.

  18. Loxus OTSD says:

    when i used to wear glasses my frames usually costed around 60-80 dollars

  19. SMARTART says:

    I was waiting for luxottica to pop in on this show!

  20. Woodchuck12 says:

    DAMN YOU EMILY!!!!! i have no idea if this applies to most Malaysian stores