The Controversy Of The Crooked Referees: Lakers Vs Kings

The Controversy Of The Crooked Referees: Lakers Vs Kings

Season Finale. Was Game 6 of the 2002 Lakers Kings Series Fixed?

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Laker Kobe Bryant is all smiles before he heads to the foul line with teammates Derek Fisher, Rick F
Gina Ferazzi / Contributor/Getty Images
Staples Center, home to the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles, California
Joe Sohm/Visions of America / Contributor/Getty Images
Two businessmen shaking hands
Martin Hospach/Getty Images
Basketball vector technology background game. Basket dots ball element activity
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Man Raising Arms in Excitement at Sporting Event
adamkaz/Getty Images
The screaming man in denim shirt
master1305/Getty Images
Angry football fan showing middle finger
Catalin205/Getty Images
Retro television
Eric Anthony Johnson/Getty Images
Icon Sports Wire / Contributor/Getty Images
Lakers Shaquille O’Neal attempts a free throw despite the distraction from the Trailblazer fans in g
Wally Skalij / Contributor/Getty Images
Male watching sports match on television, hands raised in air, rear view
PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/Getty Images
Peja Stojakovic (R) and Scot Pollard (L) of the Sa
MATT SIMON / Staff/Getty Images
A modern silver stopwatch on white background
artpartner-images/Getty Images
Press room
ferrantraite/Getty Images
ESPN The Magazine – Party With Alicia Keys
Evan Agostini / Staff/Getty Images
Messaging in cafe
shironosov/Getty Images
Banners for sports and concerts
Amitofo/Getty Images
Ralph Nader on ”Meet the Press”
Alex Wong / Staff/Getty Images
Blank page on wooden table
Tetra Images/Getty Images
Film Projector with Blank Frame
nopow/Getty Images
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
Referee with Crossed Arms
Pascal Preti/Getty Images
Close-up portrait of male referee
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
Crowd, Isolated on White
Leontura/Getty Images
Kraft Texture
Capsule/Getty Images
J-Elgaard/Getty Images
Man gathering poker chips in casino
Duncan Nicholls and Simon Webb/Getty Images
Basketball Dunk
Noam Galai / Images
Us dollar bills, illustration
Basketball on basketball court, elevated view
Thomas Northcut/Getty Images
Meeting Point
J.Castro/Getty Images
Wreath collection
Nael005/Getty Images
Referee with Basketball
Matt_Brown/Getty Images
Businessmen leaving modern cultural center
Martin Barraud/Getty Images
detective man criminal investigations silhouette
OSTILL/Getty Images
Plastic transparent zipper bag isolated
AlexandrBognat/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Basketball Hoop
Agy Ricco / EyeEm/Getty Images
pawel.gaul/Getty Images
Golden basketball cup on a dark background. Concept. 3D rendering
spfdigital/Getty Images
Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy walking to Federal Court in B
New York Daily News Archive / Contributor/Getty Images
Portrait of confident businessman at the window
Westend61/Getty Images
NYCFC Pop-Up Experience Store VIP Launch Party
Noam Galai / Contributor/Getty Images
Ball and Basketball Court
Matt_Brown/Getty Images
Referee With A Red Card
isitsharp/Getty Images
basketball player portrait on the court
franckreporter/Getty Images
Basketball and Whistle
Tom Marvin/Getty Images
Injured basketball player holding his leg in pain on the court.
skynesher/Getty Images
Basketball Referee
Matt_Brown/Getty Images
USA – NBA Gambling Scandal – Defense Attorney John Lauro
Ramin Talaie / Contributor/Getty Images
Basketball player making free throw, rear view, close-up of hands
David Madison/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Basketball On Hardwood Floor
Fabian Krause / EyeEm/Getty Images
30 Contact Line Icons
D24/Getty Images
Mixed race basketball player holding ball
Vico Collective/Alin Dragulin/Getty Images
Businessman shaking hands & big nose
Ja_inter/Getty Images
Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, Rick Fox, Lindsey Hunter an
New York Daily News Archive / Contributor/Getty Images
Lakers Rick Fox reacts as the Lakers win in OT Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in Sacramento
Gina Ferazzi / Contributor/Getty Images
Courtroom trial in session
Ron Chapple/Getty Images
NBA Achive
Icon Sportswire / Contributor/Getty Images
Soccer referee character set
sapannpix/Getty Images

Basketball falls through hoop, slow motion
lewkmiller/Getty Images

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79 Responses

  1. Emilio Fernandez says:

    I need more crime and murders!

  2. Haile Daniel says:

    I’m a lakers fan but this series was rigged

    • Ülv says:

      cozm99 no, Google the rules of basketball yourself if u dont know…

    • kobedabest says:

      I can’t complain as a Lakers fan. Haha

    • JAYROCK136 says:

      It was rigged because of the offensive foul on Kobe should’ve gotten called when Kobe elbowed mike bibby clearly, and they was calling every foul on the Kings Bigs fouling them out, pretty much no way the kings had a chance to win

    • Beatriz Zacharias says:

      @cozm99 they wanted the team with more fans winning cause that would translate on better tv rantings so they ignored obvious fouls and gave fouls on situations that normally referees wouldn’t so the Lakers had more chances.

    • The L3g3ndary K says:

      Haile Daniel as a Laker fan it was a poorly officiating game but not rigged. Kings also blew game 7 so I mean ain’t the lakers or nba fault.

  3. That One Animator says:

    Hi,also Shane is on a trip he’ll be back don’t worry

  4. Aayush Chandra says:

    Reports tell that Shane is missing with all the treasure money and is nowhere to be found.
    Ryan is furious and intrigued.
    Next season’s opener. – The mysterious disappearence of Shane Madej.

    With that, let’s get into the theories..
    (chilling music plays)

    Theory1 : Accidental Death
    Theory2 : Ran away with all the treasure.
    Theory3 : Was killed by Ryan and Ryan actually has all the treasure.
    Theory4 : The bois never found the treasure and Shane was killed by Ryan to get rid of the HOT DAGA.
    Theory5 : Aliens took Shane and Did a Rectum Probe.(wheeze)

    Guys add more theories, if you feel like, to continue the fun.

  5. JMT says:

    It was fixed…. It’s obvious lol

  6. Deiiyu Lol says:

    Ryan definitely edited this episode
    the Lakers gets the image of Kobe and Shaq but the kings gets a ball being dunk on a hoop lmao

  7. Fizzy Bee says:

    I don’t like sports but you guys make this worth watching

  8. Trista Hemphill says:

    You guys are gonna True Crime and Supernatural episodes but literally, how long are y’all gonna complain about the sports version? It ain’t going nowhere and Shane doesn’t do sports so there you go. Like get over it. GET OVER IT.

  9. Mike Mothers says:

    I’m not even a Lakers or Kings fan and this conspiracy pisses me off. RIGGED

    • Hella916 says:

      Mike Mothers Being a hardcore Kings fan you have no idea how pissed off I was watching this game live

    • Destaye says:

      I stopped watching the NBA until recently after that game. I follow GS now. I predict this same ish to happen again this time to GS so lebron can get past GS and get a ring.

    • Mike Mothers says:

      Destaye do you mean so Lebron can get a ring as a Laker? Since you’ve only started watching recently I didn’t know if you knew that Lebron did get past GS for a ring. Came back from a 3-1 deficit as a Cavalier.

    • A W says:

      I don’t even watch the NBA and this pissed me off, the Kings should’ve won the Western Conference final🚫

  10. Nightmare Files says:

    Bring back the CRIME!

  11. Amokraw says:

    Guys. It’s been weeks. Lets stop asking where Shane is. He’ll be back when this season ends. And Zack is different than Shane, sure, but Zack is plenty funny too.

  12. TWallrus says:

    Glad this is the season finale. Not because I dislike the sports mysteries , just tired of all the whining in the comments.

    • Eric D says:

      no-one forces u to read the comments… do ppl actually have the time (and no life) to read the comments???.. I don’t even read mine😂😎😅

    • Maip video says:

      +Eric D no one forces you to comment. Do people actually have the time and no life to write numerous comments doing nothing but complaining about a series they don’t even like to watch… but still waste time watching it? 🤔

    • Monse Esparza says:

      +Macartney W XD biggest burn I’ve seen in the comments for a long time.

  13. Ryan Smith says:

    If Ryan wasn’t such a Lakers fan he’d 100% be on the Kings’ side here

  14. SixFoot Kiwi says:

    I like the idea of different types of conspiracy being presented on this channel. Please keep creating series like these in addition to the main ones. Revelations about corruption in sports has been huge in recent years and even though I don’t understand enough about these sports to get into it, I’d like to see more. I’d like to see other sports outside the US and perhaps interview or call in guests who can inform the episode about the sport and potential conspiracy.

  15. be gay do crimes says:

    im sad this is the final but im glad that we wont get anyone whining that shane isnt here anymore ngl

  16. MichiganBlues20 says:

    Ryan Bergera, the bias is strong in you. Also, if you don’t understand why people would take Tim Donaghy’s word pertaining to this matter, than you’re not familiar with the plot of The Silence of the Lambs.

  17. nameless says:

    i dont understand why people keep moaning about wanting shane back,, they’re obviously either taking a break or already researching/filming the next “spoopy” season so just sit back, relax and enjoy zack and ryan’s sport nerd dynamic which is becoming very enjoyable with the more episodes being released imo

  18. Molly Grimes says:

    Although I love Shane, I just love Zack in this series. He fits perfectly with Ryan and you can tell he loves sports just as much as Ryan!

  19. kombinant says:

    Ryan’s gonna argue that a missing plane is in Atlantis with an anonymous blog post as proof, but won’t admit that NBA fixed a game with clear video evidence lool

  20. CHRISTY R says:

    lol @ all the nerds in the comments complaining about sportsball

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