The Cookie Clicker Experience

The Cookie Clicker Experience

Mental Health Hotline: none are prepared for cookie addicts
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34 Responses

  1. Jqden says:

    I love when Dragoon spends an overly large amount of time on these kind of games

  2. Emo Chicken says:

    Dragoon isn’t descending into madness. He’s always been like this.

  3. TeamixlYT says:

    If the people responsible for fixing the problems in our society had half the patience and determination that dragoon has we’d be living like that one meme

    • Thingamajjig says:

      I hate that I immediately knew which one you meant. I need to stop being online so much

    • Hulio Hard says:

      life could be dream…

    • Teddy Einstein says:

      My personal fan theory is that Dragoon is “Dragoon’s” favorite youtuber, and he was permanently traumatized after becoming a spy without knowing he had Schizophrenia, so in deceive inc he’s squire. He then got put in an asylum and oh. Morgan is his pet lizard, who is so much better than him at COC and Bloons, that he can’t even play, and he’s still better. If Dragoon beats Morgan, then the entire Cthulu Mythos will destroy the entire uni… Well, that would never happen.

  4. Drakoo the Rat says:

    At this point hes not even hideing his insanity

  5. Alan Morley says:

    I just watched him overtake my year and a half save in what seems like less than a month. His power knows no bounds.

  6. RyanCantPvP says:

    I swear your humour is an art form. The way you weave in and out creating variants of jokes, landing them in the most unexpected moments…

  7. Sam says:

    Truly a moment of all time when Dragoon posts another cookie clicker video

  8. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    one of the few good cookie clicker videos thats entertaining and actually knows basic strats lol

  9. Rhecof -07 says:

    22:45 “What took me days now takes me seconds” The most Epic Cookie Gameplay

  10. RisingLabyrinth says:

    This video was actually a massive plan to get more people to play cookie clicker and buy heralds, therefore increasing Dragoon’s cps

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