The coolest hard drive tech in 20 years

The coolest hard drive tech in 20 years

Thanks dbrand for making our CES 2019 content possible. Check out the Grip and Prism at

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63 Responses

  1. DrNo One says:


  2. Ali Alami says:

    Let’s say “Casual Linus Tech Tips ” for your sake lmao

  3. Marshal Arnold says:

    20 TB! Mind blown!

  4. pSyk says:

    You could say….

    IT‘S *HAMR TIME* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Anirban Goswami says:

    Folks are so afraid Linus will drop things that he’s being recorded by TWO CCTV cams. 0:42

  6. Gabriel Ghanem says:

    Oh by the way

    Have you heard about *_DBrand?_*

    • Malachi Aguirre says:

      Gabriel Ghanem
      Terrible company. Never will buy
      Check their Twitter or social media. Immensely worse than Wendy’s. Not that Wendy’s was apart of this

    • Gabriel Ghanem says:

      +Malachi Aguirre I’m just making fun of the sponsorship, I don’t own any dbrand product or intend to buy from them

  7. elv says:

    Finally the dbrand thing is over?

  8. MR ONO says:

    I WANT MORE HDD’s With a glass top to show off the awesome technology inside my case

    RGB HDD’s!

  9. Vablo says:

    OHHH i wanna buy that transparent drive…. TELL SEAGATE

  10. Dim TS7 says:

    “They have been working on it for the last 20 years and they finally—”

    * Linus drops the prototype *

  11. Dim TS7 says:

    “That’s the head heating the platter at approximately 450°C…”

    Oh, that’s hot, that’s hot.

  12. Luciano says:

    What a impressive coverage of CES! You guys rock! TY??

  13. Invictta says:

    Not even rgb, wtf seagate

  14. jablue says:

    You know, I’d be totally down to get a transparent drive like that. Being able to see the moving head as well as the platter is kinda cool.

  15. Seán McG H says:

    Who let Linus next to fragile technology. We all know his track record

  16. ShinYiu says:

    oh there’s TWO arms… i thought it was moving so fast I was seeing double…

  17. ECSTASY says:

    20 TB in 2020 after 20 years of research. Coincidence?

  18. RyNz _ says:

    If you could see inside the drives it could help with diagnosing when a drive starts craping out besides it just looking cool, if they put rgb inside the drive for say, for color coded performance monitoring. kinda like a xboxe’s red light of death. the drive could speak to you through color.

  19. trapical says:

    Man, I wonder how much Dbrand actually paid for these endorsement spots. Every CES video has their 30second long ad, and each of their videos have like a million views. That’s an insane amount of airtime to pay for.

    • Jeff V says:

      Ironically, I finally said “You know what? My wife seems to have phone mishaps, I’ll check out that screen protector for her…” and it turns out that they don’t make it for Galaxy phones. All those endorsement spots for nothing!

    • L7vanmatre says:

      +Jeff V Wait what? But Galaxy phones are pretty darn popular. That’s a lot of missed opportunity. My phone’s a Galaxy S7, and I was considering getting one myself.

    • Ryan Murphy says:

      When DBrand charge $65 USD for an iPhone X case and screen protector they must have some crazy overheads to pay for ?? Spigen are 30% of the cost of DBrand and just as good (minus the semi-customisable skin)

    • Carazy123 says:

      Jeff V probably due to the curved edges. Otherwise I don’t know why they wouldn’t. Dbrand normally checks all of the boxes when it comes to these things.

    • Brandon Elliott says:

      +Jeff V yeah, they do..

  20. Ant. Exe says:

    Wait a second. Who exactly sponsored the CES coverage?

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