The Corn Rake Mystery – A Farmer Attacks Or Wrongly Accused? | Mystery & Makeup – Bailey Sarian

The Corn Rake Mystery – A Farmer Attacks Or Wrongly Accused? | Mystery & Makeup – Bailey Sarian

Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far, today I wanted to talk about a case thats been heavy on my noggin! I watched the whole court trial and was just left with more questions than answers. Would love to hear your thoughts/opinions down below!! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day ahead and I hope to be seeing you very soon. Love and appreciate you so much!!
x o
Bailey Sarian

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47 Responses

  1. jasonhorton says:

    Sorry Netflix, I have something else to watch during lunch today…

  2. Bailey Sarian says:

    hi friends, I dont know what I think about this one. He may be guilty but like…… was that enough proof for his sentence?? I just dont know….

    • Sabrina Gage says:

      & why does just the cell record basically clear the boyfriend?! Hasn’t anyone ever left their phone at home?!

    • Magalie St-Amour-Beland says:

      To find someome guilty there needs to have no reasonable doubt. Otherwise you can’t find him guilty. Maybe he did it, he’s definitly suspicious but the prosecussion just didnt provide enough proof to prove that he’s guilty without any reasonable doubt!

    • Cara Somebody says:

      @Chelsea Lemire thank you! I’ll have to take a look. I really want veered away from my current line of thinking.

    • Chelle Copley says:

      nobody questioned the son at all? I mean, we don’t know if he did it or maybe had reason to or whatever. I agree, not enough for me to convict and for his lawyers to not even use the accident thing leans odd to me

    • Jennifer Beattie says:

      I feel like that sentence is so steep! Also, he could have jumped in the car to drive her before calling 911 because he knew he lived in bumble and he wanted to get her on the way to to the hospital because maybe he was worried it would take too long for EMTs to get there and then have to drive all the way back to the hospital. When you’re panicking, your brain can do illogical things. I don’t know, maybe I’m just naive, but I feel like I wasn’t surprised he started driving before calling and the life without the opportunity for parole definitely shocked me.

  3. Kristy's Edits says:

    Bailey, your eyebrows are badass. They fit your personality so well.

  4. TinyJae-Eunnie says:

    Girl when Bailey said Todd removed the rake, my brain is like “oh no….. she dead”. You can’t remove any foreign objects impaled through the body without any medical assistance. And why CPR? It’s better to block the wound right? Idk. It’s what I kinda learned before I dropped outta med school.

    • WaCzup says:

      @Nikki Wilson Exactly, not to mention the time it takes to actually find a saw, which is sharp enough so you dont jiggle with the object inside.

    • TinyJae-Eunnie says:

      People need to chill dafuq out ok? We just watchin here 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • FL - Pink says:

      He probably didnt know that and was in panic and just trying to quickly get her to the hospital

    • lyric smith says:

      @TinyJae-Eunnie That’s what i’m saying

    • Pretzel Maker says:

      You are referring to situations where someone is bleeding profisely. And in those cases, slowing down the bleeding makes more sense. Amy was well past bleeding profusely when they found her so it’s likely 911 told them to do CPR because they said she wasn’t really bleeding.

  5. Tahra Wyntjes says:

    What if she turned off the cameras because jerry was coming around to the farm weeks before hand?

    • Chaotically Nikki says:


    • Miadani says:

      also what IF jerry purposely left his phone at a different location, went to kim and todd’s farm, killed her to shut her up about the affair?

    • Ky Kyy says:

      I didn’t think of that 🤔

    • mira Modern says:

      That’s interesting I like this idea

    • RaceAnn Ballew says:

      I would think the husband would have some evidence on him if he did it. But like Benet, the scene was compromised, any blood on him could be explained by life saving procedures. Did they check him for injuries, he would have to be ninja to have killed her within that space. What did the crime scene pictures look like of the barn. Hard to imagine there wouldn’t be some signs of a struggle when getting corn forked. Was there even a hook or device to hold up the corn fork in the barn? Like where in there did they store it? Was it the only thing like that in there? Was there blood or signs of where she could have gotten blunt force trauma to her face or did he do that with the fork? Was the fork processed for evidence? Too many questions 😂

  6. Jaymie Shaw says:

    Here’s a theory, the son checked her pulse before calling for the dad…. wouldnt you call first? And he was the only one that changed his story. He would have also had access to the Ipad… also maybe he found out about the affair and didnt want to be taken away from his dad, and thats why the searches where “what happened in the past to adulterers” etc. Yeah he looked traumatised but maybe he was scared of getting caught.

    • Shasta Johannessen says:

      Or even traumatized that he had actually truly just killed his mom. That could send a teen into shock, even if it was premeditated.

    • Alicethewise says:

      Yeah the searches were weird… and it does make sense of what the son could have searched

  7. Xander Mykah says:

    It honestly sounds like he’s saying either, “please lord” or “Jesus lord” to me

  8. Debi Gates says:

    The whole got a drink of water is suspish. And the dad didn’t have time to run up and back. Dude deserves a new trial.

    • hellradiolives says:

      Absolutely. The small amount of blood was a tell-tale sign that something was up. Puncture wounds would most likely spray blood if done while the heart is still pumping and even the in/out motion of using the corn rake would have left blood spatter everywhere, if (like Bailey mentioned) there was room to use it at all.

    • Wasting Time in The Comments says:

      Todd’s parents were involved. If you ask those of us who live in the area, Todd’s dad did it and they used the son as an alibi.

    • Marilis HR says:

      @Wasting Time in The Comments Todd’s dad? Like her father in law? That’s a twist cause he isn’t even mentioned

  9. Emma Washington says:

    I think the fact that his story never changed leans towards innocence. Guilty people stumble over their stories and change as things go on.

    • Michelle Britvec says:

      Like the son.

    • Rebecca Rayford says:

      I agree with you. Not to mention, some of the things he said were so elaborate (like why the cameras were offline), yet he didn’t say much in his own defense (like how he could make it to the red barn and back without his son noticing). Guilty people will grasp at straws and say any and every thing to make themselves seem innocent.

    • Pretzel Maker says:

      Some guilty people, usually only those that actually feel guilty. It’s easier to lie when you aren’t feeling anxious about the situation, though. Many killers have never changed their story and are only in prison due to evidence found.

    • Alicethewise says:

      FACTS: Even the best liars have trouble keeping their story straight.

  10. texasjennie73 says:

    me: “sorry honey dinner will be a little late: Bailey just posted a new video”
    husband: sings Theme Song 🎵

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