The Creators Of TrumpCare On TrumpCare: ‘Don’t Call It TrumpCare’

The Creators Of TrumpCare On TrumpCare: ‘Don’t Call It TrumpCare’

Unlike House Speaker Paul Ryan, Stephen Colbert doesn’t need PowerPoint to break down the finer points of the GOP’s health plan.

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20 Responses

  1. Paul Corrigan says:

    First rule of TrumpCare: Don’t call it TrumpCare

    Second rule of TrumpCare: “… Wait, why don’t we tax the sun?!”

  2. gravit8ed says:


  3. Marco Joseph Cheung says:

    They do call it “the world’s greatest healthcare plan of 2017” though.

    When that’s written in a congressional bill you know it’s idiocracy in full swing

  4. Number Fortyseven says:

    I thought it was “Republicare”

  5. Andrew Williams says:

    I worry about the number of Americans who think the sun goes to sleep at night.

  6. TheGetout04 says:

    “Why don’t we tax the sun?” Then they wonder why they are called the stupid party

  7. Shaylee West says:

    tax the sun?! what the actual fuck who are these idiots running our country…

  8. jeremy robinsonartist says:

    Trump-care is an oxymoron.

  9. Ricky Spanish says:

    If there’s one thing Trump is making great again, it’s satire. Can’t wait to see where SNL goes with this.

  10. jeremy robinsonartist says:

    I know how we can tax the Sun! Solar panels. You think the republicans will like that idea?

  11. Sebastian Stormborn says:

    Greatest country in the world votes for congressman who questions why we cant tax the sun………………………………………………………………………….
    oh wait also elected trump.

  12. Rick Sanchez says:

    Praise the sun [ T ]/

  13. David Reyes says:

    *_The only thing Trump ? Cares about is his own pocket._*

  14. Robin van den Berg says:

    Taxing sunlight. Great. Air is next (especially since 100% of the people that breath air eventually die).

  15. Lesley Harrys says:

    Stephen, here’s a tip: if you’re giving a monologue, have your people turn Baptiste’s microphone off. It’s distracting and annoying as hell to have him add meaningless hype words and laughing like he’s choking. Makes it really tough to watch.

  16. EboKnows says:

    One would think Paul Ryan would know how insurance works. Alas, it takes a late night comedian to point out the obvious.

  17. A 1 says:

    “Why don’t we tax the sun?”

    Who would you only hear that from?
    A Republican lmao

  18. I, Sheldon Cooper, want 30.000 Subscribers says:

    Such a rebellious title. You were told not to call it “Trumpcare” but decided to mention “Trumpcare” in the title 3 times.

    I hereby declare you a savage.

  19. John Craske says:

    All this trouble about an issue which has a very simple solution – just bring in universal health care like virtually all civilised countries in the world have already done.

    Speaking as a Brit, I simply do not understand why a system which provides peace-of-mind for all no matter their financial situation is seen as such a terrible thing.

    OK, many in the US call it socialism (dread word!) but if being safe from being bankrupted from medical bills is socialism, then I’m all for it. Let’s face it, if Walter White had lived in Europe, it would have saved him a whole heap of trouble.

    Sure we have to pay for this out of our taxes. Just as we have to pay for education , defense etc out of our taxes. But health is one tax I am more than happy to pay.

    Of course, it will never happen in the US, as the medical insurance companies, financial institutions and the doctors will be dead against it. But I still don’t grasp why the people don’t want it either.

  20. MrHappyBollox says:

    They don’t want us calling it Trumpcare because calling the Affordable Care Act Obamacare was a weapon against Obama. Therefore we MUST FUCKING CALL IT Trumpcare.

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