The Cruz Campaign’s Dirty Tricks: A Closer Look

The Cruz Campaign’s Dirty Tricks: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Ted Cruz’s political campaign tactics.
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The Cruz Campaign’s Dirty Tricks: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Huckaby says:


  2. Israel Hadar says:

    Seth is much better now than he ever was on SNL.

  3. BigBoi 6 says:

    looking forward to seeing Hillary and Bernies dirty tricks as well…

  4. J Jones says:


  5. Rock Lee says:

    Ted Cruz must use the power of youth!

  6. ibandon says:

    Ted Cruz looks like a fat version of Danny from full house

  7. Peter Geoffrey Lombardo says:

    seth seemed off in this video. It was extra apparent he was just reading

  8. Super Smash Saiyan (DBZD) says:

    A closer look with the left wing media, bias and we don’t care, with seth
    myers, a stewart wannabe. Let’s see a video about clintons email scandal,
    or how socialist sanders policies are

  9. Massisar says:

    They didn’t meet in a closet,

  10. dontbeshady411 says:

    lots of Christians go to church Wednesday nights as well as sundays

  11. Charlie Chuckleberry says:

    Cruz care more about Trump???

  12. KAWAII KANEKI says:

    or as opposed to Seventh day Adventist

  13. Destiny hunter says:

    ok, now let’s look at Trumps crap, he calls anyone who votes Carson is an
    idiot, blamed bush for 9/11, and cried liar liar when he lost. Now let’s
    look at Rubio, ahh yes the Tea Party runner, except he turned and went full
    on establishment, now he has also done the same thing about Carson ending
    his campaign in Iowa, and says one thing in English and another in Spanish.

  14. WeirdNSelfAware says:

    We use to have mass on Wednesday nights though…

  15. leoeoeoeoe says:

    If Ted Cruz actually said that the bible has no answers… I WOULD VOTE FOR

  16. iTzRichards says:

    Ok this was funny and all, but Seth Meyers doesn’t have the personality for
    this late show stuff. He’s got no delivery.

  17. doodoo lau says:

    Wow this guys is just not funny

  18. Phantom Bloodlust says:

    Is Ben Carson even alive anymore

  19. schoolmeal8 says:

    im a Texan and definitely will NOT vote for Cruz. Trump all the way. i hope
    most Texans will vote for Trump.

  20. IBUILTTHAT says:

    The stupidity of Seth is astounding.