The Curious Death of Vincent Van Gogh

The Curious Death of Vincent Van Gogh

Do we really know the life and death of this famous artist?

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Blank canvas on a artist’ easel. Blank art board and wooden easel isolated on transparent background. Vector illustration.
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Casual man posing
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Man in various poses
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Protective Drop Cloth Draped Over Artwork on WALL
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Old wooden crate
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Welcome of the newborn baby by the family _ 1895
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Trees On Field Against Sky
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Garden and ancient Monastere Saint-Paul-De-Mausole, St.-Remy-De-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France
Panoramic Images/Getty Images
Entrance to ancient Monastere Saint-Paul-De-Mausole, St.-Remy-De-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France
Panoramic Images/Getty Images
Cloister of ancient Monastere Saint-Paul-De-Mausole, St.-Remy-De-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France
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Man behind a rain-soaked window
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Almond branches in bloom, 1890, by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
DEA PICTURE LIBRARY / Contributor/Getty Images
City view of Auvers-sur-Oise village
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Incredibly Detailed People Silhouettes
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Restaurant scene
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Man Sleeping On Wooden Table
Mitrajit Saha / EyeEm/Getty Images
Side View Of Man Smoking Cigarette While Lying On Bed At Home
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Van Gogh Au Fil De L’Oise : Exhibition At Auvers-Sur-Oise
Thierry Chesnot / Stringer/Getty Images
Male body lying in foggy field magical and beautiful nature
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Desk in a old military office
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Happy businessman against white wall
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Portrait of serious mid adult man
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Blurry shadow silhouette of two boys confronting each other
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Books and coffee in home interior
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hili pepper isolated
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Set of various sized dirty brushes
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Surroundings of Village of Piegros la Clastre at sunset, Drome, Provence, France. August 2018. Summer in the countryside.
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Young People Silhouettes
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Old man in an asylum
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Depression – man feeling depressive in an empty room
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Set the Clock Time
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Railroad Farewell View
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Red-covered book
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Businessman lying down on bed
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Vector silhouette of family.
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Portrait of businessman
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Modern Interor with Sofa Motochrome
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stories behind doors
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Men Sitting In Park
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glock handgun
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revolver isolated on white
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High Angle View Of Napkins In Plate On Table
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Concertgebouw and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Education Images / Contributor/Getty Images
Painting titled ‘Farms near Auvers’ by Vincent van Gogh
Universal History Archive / Contributor/Getty Images
A Woman Views Paintings in New Wing of Van Gogh Museum
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Woman walking through public park carrying a suitcase
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Man smiling at camera
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Pathology department in a hospital
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Cowboys having gun duel in old west town
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High style in men’s fashions, extreme styles for men of college age, showing link buttons.
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Ryan Moulton

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60 Responses

  1. Sam b says:

    Post mortem: I acutually lived in saint remy de Provence the now famous little village where vincent stayed in the assylum. Theyre was a bar there that is still open to this day where vincent would trade painings for food etc. Anyway i remember going there and the then boss of the bar telling my family that since van gogh died, the family that owned the bar thought he was murdered and that he would never kill himself. Anyway great video #shaniac #butloveuryan

  2. Sophia Boer says:

    Fun fact, recently on Dutch news they announced that they had found the alleged gun Vincent was shot with! So maybe a professional investigation about his death will start soon 😀 #postmortem

    • Matt Perez says:

      Sophia Boer I wish I could read the article but I’m not Dutch

    • Sameeh Shafi says:

      Matt Perez just use google translate

    • Valerie D. says:

      Please clarify. Because other articles say the gun was found in the 1960s. But was not made available for public viewing. Even the article linked says it was only made available for viewing in 2012 and was found “halfway of the century”. They didn’t find it “recently” as opposed to what’s mentioned. They’re putting it out for auction on June.

    • olesya says:

      What type of gun was it? Cause Rene had a .380 caliber so if it was a .380 caliber then we have an answer

  3. eefke jansen says:

    Ryan thank you for saying the Netherlands and not holland! It really annoys me when someone says it and just a note he didn’t cut of his whole ear, only the ear lobe!!

    • Bente Eeltink says:

      eefke jansen to be fair, a lot of people do only visit Holland, because that’s where amsterdam is haha

    • Daele says:

      actually it was proven that he did probably cut pretty much his whole ear off, not just the earlobe. There’s a diagram his doctor drew after the incident and it clearly shows Vincent cut off more than just the earlobe.

  4. Ben Conry says:

    Some places I’d love to see The Boys visit in the next season of Supernatural:
    – The Myrtles Plantation (St Francisville, LA)
    – The Moss Beach Distillery (San Mateo County, CA)
    – The La Posada Hotel (Santa Fe, NM)
    – General Wayne Inn, (Merion, PA)
    – A return to the Queen Mary
    And lastly,
    – A return to the SALLIE HOUSE!

    • Avery Vogt says:

      Ben Conry when does supernatural start

    • 0UT D0WN S0UTH says:

      I’d love for them to visit Chislehurst caves in London, England. No one has ever been able to spend a full night down there with the exception of one man, would be very interesting

    • Rucha Dhongde says:

      0UT D0WN S0UTH what happened there?

    • Laura Elena says:

      They should definitely visit General Wayne Inn I live pretty close to it and the stories I’ve heard about it are scary af

  5. niko kaiser says:

    Also people for the 5422nd time it’s not pronounced “go”

  6. maria elizondo says:

    i’ve never received an ear by a man and i think it shows how wrong im living my life.

  7. Meredith Lorra says:

    I love how much work they put into the animation. I mean even the backgrounds were Van Gogh style

  8. lleenniiaa says:

    I feel like he probably asked someone to do the deed for him, because he couldn’t do it himself. That would explain why he said that no one should be accused.

  9. Octo kitty Kat says:

    no one paints like gaston
    hears tall tales like gaston
    no one makes friends with dudes with no ear like gaston

  10. Daniëlle says:

    I like how Ryan put so much effort into learning the Icelandic names and then doesn’t pronounce van Gogh correctly in Dutch. Good episode tho!

  11. Maria McDermott says:

    I think it’s important to note that Van Gogh made most of his well-renowned works while he was recovering. Yes, there is an amount of truth in the “suffering artist” stereotype, but rather than art coming from suffering, I like to think it comes from acknowledging that sometimes the world is cruel, and choosing to focus on the positive.

    • Karolin S says:

      Maria McDermott I think it can come from pain and misery, without trying to see any good in it, as a tool to work through it or just a way to accept it and try to live with it.

  12. Hanri says:

    This was a really heartwarming episode, if you can call an unsolved death heartwarming.
    The fact that Vincent didn’t know what his purpose was either makes me feel like less of a failure.

  13. Haidi Cheng says:

    Nikola Tesla… please. He was ahead of his time but his death is a mystery. Thx ??

  14. Semeti Saquia says:

    #postmortem death by drowning has been romanticised for centuries as it was seen as being able to sit in a limbo and other poetic stuff, as well as having some religious connotations, which is why probably Gogh thought drowning was more OK.

    Also i expected one of the theories to be that his own brother shot him, but this is interesting either way.

    • Cheyenne Wildt says:

      theo was not in town at the time, and theo cared too much about his brother to do that.

    • Semeti Saquia says:

      +Cheyenne Wildt i got that, which is why because i was expecting the unexpected, so the brother coming back to kill him seemed like the perfect “plot twist” of sorts.

  15. Karlla Kathariny Rios says:

    The woman he gave the ear wasn’t a sex worker. She worked in a brothel as a cleaning lady. Her name was Gabrille Berlatier, and was his friend.

    • Jean Jacket Interviews says:

      Karlla Kathariny Rios Oooo this better get into the Q + A follow up video

    • Maria Caputo says:

      Yes, he also cut his ear off after a fight with Paul Gauguin. They were living together at the time and Gauguin had been kind of annoyed with Van Gogh because he was really clingy and obsessive, this was because Van Gogh idolized him and wanted to be his friend. They got into an argument and it’s believed that Van Gogh had an episode of sorts. This resulted in him going back to their apartment where he grabbed a razor, running back into the street and cutting his ear off in an attempt to get Gauguin to come back. When he didn’t, Van Gogh went to a brothel he would frequent for social purposes, not sexual, and gave the cleaning woman who was his friend his ear. They called for help and he was taken to hospital.

    • Kat DLC says:

      Put #postmortem

  16. Paint_it _Blue says:

    #postmortem hey guys, this isn’t really a question but I recommend y’all watch ‘loving, Vincent’, which was entirely hand painted with oils(!!) – it doesn’t go into as much detail as this video, but really gives a view into Vincent’s life and how it affected the people around him. Thanks for the time and effort you put into every video :))

  17. Samurai Beetle says:

    Ryan: *pronounces Icelandic James correctly*

    Also Ryan: Vincent van Go


    • Araña Discoteca says:

      I think the far more impressive mispronunciation here is “quarreled” as “kware-uld.”

  18. sip my soup says:

    I’ll never forget the Doctor Who episode, Vincent went to the future and saw his paintings displayed in Louvre. I sobbed dammit

  19. Michelle Kitten says:

    Please cover the death of Edgar Allan Poe! There’s several plausible theories, but we still don’t know exactly what happened to him.

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