Hi babess! Welcome back to my channel, decided to have a last minute baby shower! Hope you guys enjoy this video 🙂


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Beats by E!

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Lashes im always wearing.

See you guys in my next bideooo!

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69 Responses

  1. Beauty Queen says:

    This is the moment she’s been waiting for and now here we are with a beautiful family❤️🥰✨💖♾😊👏🏽congrats🥳🤗

  2. Alissia Reed says:

    I can’t believe that baby E will be here before we know it! I can’t wait to be apart of this journey.

    • The Life of B says:

      I know it went by so fast😩💗 I’m a new YouTuber & would appreciate any support🥰❤️

    • Alinea Mcmeans says:

      @The Life of B im sorry but why u commenting, literally on everyone’s comment trying to promote your own channel!?! This NOT the way to do that! This aint about u!

  3. Jasmin Zuniga says:

    I love how they even think about the kids attending that they got someone to make balloons for them!

  4. San Juanita Hernandez says:

    When Elijah started off with “hey beautiful” my heart went 🥺 Elsy and Ehlani have a good man in their lives and Ehlani is so blessed with her amazing parents who will love her endlessly when she is here!🙌🏼💞 hope you and E are ready cause she’ll be here so fast these next few days will fly, and when she’s here enjoy every moment cause she will grow so fast😭

  5. Just.Jkaying says:

    I’m noooo hater whatsoever, but if I had alos body I’d be rocking so many other outfits instead of the two piece she always wears.

  6. Jess A says:

    In the beginning Benny didn’t even know if it was a baby shower or not he’s literally a whole mood $JessA0505

  7. Vivian Castellanos says:

    Lol I feel like Benny was about to say “Elsy’s Quince” instead of baby shower hahahhahaha

  8. crystal sanchez says:

    Elsy was like “screw this quarantine I’m still having my babyshower” lmao🤣girl u crazy I would of been soo scared being preggo n being around soo much peepz with out a mask on. I’m not judging at all cuz evryone does what they want but congrats anyways evrything looked soo beautiful💕👑
    Cant wait to meet lil princess EHLANI

  9. Venus Angel says:

    I was a little underwhelmed with what they wore for this occasion. Wish Alo, Maria & Benny would have dressed a little bit more cute & dressy for such a special occasion. But I’m nitpicking so it’s just an observation 💜

  10. Michelle mmm says:

    why is everyone dressed so casual? Elsy looks so pretty in her dress, all dolled up an no one else.

    • Jasmin says:

      Because it’s HER baby shower the attention should be on her and of course she’s going to be dressed nice

    • clinique says:

      I know so sad

    • Michelle mmm says:

      Jasmin yes but these pictures are going to be shown forever, and it would be cute to look back and not see everyone dressed like they are going to the flea market or to the laundromat

  11. TwinsPlus1 says:

    Can we get that bartenders info tho?? She’s hella dope lol need her for my next event 🤣

  12. Angie Ortega says:

    This baby shower is composed of only drinking lmaoo🤣

  13. J.G.C says:

    Everything so beautiful but literally who ever was recording just kept recording Maria and beau a little annoying

  14. Joselin Jaramillo says:

    Who remember when her and Alo was trying to find her a baby daddy 😩

  15. Bre ca says:

    not hating but alondra could’ve wore something cute other than the 2 piece she always wears

  16. Vianey Chavez says:

    Dude Alondra doesn’t even try to dress nice for the baby shower 😂 pinche same outfit always lol

  17. Brenda González_29 says:

    Why do they always film the same thing (people drinking) is was elsy moment should of vlog more of her, her familia, daddy E opening the presents etc

  18. Selene Valdez says:

    Why is Elsy never at her own events lol I wish she would’ve been in more of this but can’t wait for baby Ehlani’

  19. Melonella says:

    I know Alondra didn’t dress like that go a baby shower 😐 shes really wearing all black, plus she could’ve dressed cuter

  20. V R says:

    Why Benny always look like someone aunty who don’t got time to do her hair cuz she too busy taking care of 5+ kids 🥴😭 hahaha

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