The Daily Show – Bill Clinton – Hillary Clinton and the Changing Political Landscape

The Daily Show – Bill Clinton – Hillary Clinton and the Changing Political Landscape

Former President Bill Clinton weighs in on the divisive rhetoric used in the Donald Trump campaign and talks about stumping for his wife, Hillary Clinton.

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20 Responses

  1. The Flash says:

    Man I am fast

  2. Danny's Hair Evolution says:

    It’s hard for me to take Bill Clinton seriously, but given that he’s
    talking trash about Trump, I’m slightly respecting him more…

  3. thunder2.0 says:

    for a guy who become first man he seemed unbiased

  4. Not Jack Douglass says:

    I could listen to Bill Clinton talk for hours…

  5. Sara Anne Miller (thefabfrog) says:

    I miss having him as our POTUS.

  6. 0hsnappl3s says:

    I fucking love Bill Clinton

  7. Mark Dootson says:

    I could listen to Bill Clinton read the telephone directory, what an accent

  8. BaileysBeads says:

    The political landscape is changing in that people no longer buy what the
    Clintons are selling.

  9. Edgar Allan Poe says:

    These comments about Clinton are disgusting. He is not a rapist. All the
    sex he had while in office was consensual. Besides, compared with the Bush
    administration’s torture, warmongering, lies and murder, Clinton looks like
    Mother Teresa.
    I would always choose a womaniser over a Warmonger. Who cares if the leader
    of the country can’t keep it in his pants, I’m concerned with real issues.

  10. sandy trimm says:

    wow he is soo warm. I’m with her

  11. Wendi R says:

    BEST President ever! So far. Bill for First Gentleman!

  12. GICking says:

    You can tell trevor is really in awe. A real live (ex) US President in his
    studio, and he genuinely tried to give Clinton a gift too- to make him
    smile- now that’s a good way to end an interview with someone you like and

  13. cytherians says:

    When Donald Trump talks trash, it’s acerbic, vicious, and vulgar. When Bill
    Clinton talks trash, it’s tasteful, insightful, and entertaining.

  14. Zaibi Khan says:

    So fucking love Bill Clinton ??? especially at the end when he hides his
    face with his hands caz he is blushing over the balloon thing at the
    convention ?????
    May god bless you! Lots of love from the rest of the world.

  15. Stev Rex says:

    Awesome individual. This citizen is proud that you served as President of
    these “United States.”

  16. Bob Jones says:

    Despite all my criticisms of Bill Clinton, he is undoubtedly one of the
    smartest and most insightful people, if not the most, we have in politics

  17. Hrvo182 says:

    This guy was a good president, could’ve done better with immigration
    policies but there’s no way any of these two is gonna do a better job than

  18. Tactical Patriot2000 says:

    Hey look its the rapist

  19. darkstonecastle says:

    Bill Clinton is in the same league as Bill Cosby. Both are low life scum.

  20. JiizzyJeffMusic says:

    Hey guys, can you give my songs a listen?