The Daily Show – Brexit Breakdown

The Daily Show – Brexit Breakdown

The U.K. votes to exit the European Union, but the geopolitical and economic repercussions may have been lost on some of the pro-leave supporters.

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20 Responses

  1. MagicSkeleton says:

    Pretty inane commentary. A lot of people did know what they voted for and
    are very happy about it.

  2. Ransavic Philyus Ray says:

    These people want you to believe that the UK is crashing. Sweden and
    Finland are not in the EU. I guess they are in their apocalyptic zone now.
    Nothing changed in their economy. Britain will take her power back and very
    soon Italy and Germany will stand against France and America the war and
    power mongers.

    Long Live Britain!!! Long Live Freedom!!!

  3. Mike B says:

    Wow, first time I’ve ever seen the new daily show, and it’s not good. I was
    interested in the Brexit discussion, but this host is crap.
    When you make a metaphor saying “it’s like X” you don’t have to necessarily
    explain how it’s not “except instead of Y, Z.”

  4. Boxin Daw5 says:

    You know, some of Trevor’s jokes makes me chuckle and laugh, but it ends
    when his routine slander of Trump begins. So I can neither like or dislike
    the video honestly. Not to mention subscribing.

  5. Chaz Max says:

    Actually dipshit, it’s the other way around. Now 350 million pounds a week
    doesn’t leave the nation bound for corrupt EU coffers. Count yourself among
    the morons who think they understand British politics, and try explaining
    to the same audience how it is that the EU operates? You obviously think
    the GDP is more important than the democratic process, I’m afraid all
    corporate shills suffer from the same lack of vision. The people DO NOT
    VOTE for their EU members, and CAN NOT CHANGE A LAW once its passed. In
    starting to catch on? The EU is Fascism.

  6. Jamal Baluch (Heizy) says:

    wtf is up with the febreeze ads, i will never use febreeze damn!!

  7. Saor Rombe says:

    Thanks Trevor Noah & The Daily Show for the explanation

  8. javman817 says:

    the markets have rebounded as has the pound so all seems as it was as it
    was last wednesday

  9. Rosalie says:

    Did this cunt just wish Britain fall apart so America can learn from
    example? What a fucking moron!

  10. Glen C Baker Jr says:

    The United States and the rest of Europe can play nice and make this
    transition a good thing or they can make it as difficult as possible to try
    and prove that they were right. If I’m in the UK, I’m pulling for Trump to
    win the election because Hillary is going to try and stick it to the UK to
    promote the globalist agenda. Everything depends on what actions are taken
    by numerous countries. Why do we HAVE to have a EU? We don’t have to. There
    are many ways to walk a dog.

  11. Ruby Jeyes says:

    Scotland, Canada, got room for an English girl?

  12. Stanislav Katkov says:

    it’s funny how many TV-shows bash “brexit” and tell how bad it is. Mainly
    because no one understand what it actually means, what the consequences
    will be, how deeply certain policies are tied to EU, and whatever. I mean,
    some business analysts and economist are probably having the time of their
    life figuring this out… but why? Why when you can ask some arrogant fucks
    who read funny lines provided by a team of 50 writers 🙂 They always no
    what best. Lol.

  13. wiiztec says:

    Lol the butthurt newsmedia is telling remainers to say they voted leave and
    now regret it to try to make leavers look foolish

  14. The Slivering Snake says:


  15. Khalid AlAli says:

    Trevor Noah is so leftist…his head only leans left.

  16. Deforest Warren says:

    Oh, right, I remember why I stoppped watching The Daily Show, because
    Trevor is terrible.

  17. Jason Hodges says:

    I like his show but recently he always has to include trump in his show…
    I get it you don’t like trump that’s fine but not every freaking show does
    he have to be mentioned

  18. joe thiziznotreal says:

    Economic turbulence was going to happen regardless and was well-prepared
    for. And people against unregulated immigration are not “nationalists” you
    complete lunatic.

  19. whateverpbk says:

    Those people that are regretting themselves the day after are so stupid I
    feel like punching them.

  20. 902701 0156 says:

    what a liberal scumbag. this leftist comedy isn’t funny anymore. this moron
    doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about