The Daily Show – Charleston Church Shooting

The Daily Show – Charleston Church Shooting

Jon addresses a shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., that took the lives of nine parishioners.

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20 Responses

  1. Lou Lou Saboter says:

    Most interracial crimes are black on white.

  2. Christopher Williams says:

    +Adriana Williams​

  3. Yannis Gatsiounis says:

    Like to see him drop the sarcasm and talk from the heart. I’m not sure,
    though, what he’s talking about when he says LACK of response – one day
    after the fact? What I’ve seen so far is a strong effort to bring this man
    to justice and help the community of Charleston (and the nation) heal.

  4. brad hazen says:

    stewart says it so well, nothing is going to happen. In fact, Smith and
    Wesson reports a jump in gun sales since that little prick this absolutely
    horrific dead. Why are we trying that little bastard with the bad haircut,
    after he confessed to doing it?

  5. FFK7Shade says:

    *Stares blankly*

    Jon! JON! I thought we were friends. I thought we understood what is the
    difference between insane racist people and racist people.

    Sane people don’t go into CHURCHES TO KILL PEOPLE!

    And why are acting like this issue would solve itself By “fixing” racism?
    Are you kidding me. Yeah because irrational shootings care about that
    irrational reasoning they use to fucking do it.

    How about instead of talking these stupid issues. How about we talk about
    the mental health of your people America!? Especially the youth!

    Also what the hell does the street names having to do with racism. They are
    part of history.

  6. putra pratama says:

    Sad things about Shooting on Charleston no one calls it as a TERRORIST
    ATTACK by Mainstream asshole Media !!!!!!!

  7. Richard Franklin says:

    Mental Illness its as simple as that. Dick Cheney has it and many more. Our
    culture is shaped by the likes of over sixty years of the abusive
    application of the state secrets privilege and related doctrine, act,
    executive orders, regulation and related policy abuses. We have placed
    ourselves into tonic immobility by saying abuse is OK in the name of
    whatever nonsense we are backing. For sure you are right on when you say we
    will do nothing.

  8. Amazonocean says:

    Please Jon, run for president!!

  9. ruqayyah tahir says:

    I can’t take him seriously because he ignored the North Carolina chapel
    hill shooting and I can’t trust bias people because their agenda is

  10. Bezz80 says:

    Its only propaganda until its proven to be real. It can only be terrorism
    if the action is to try and coerce others to do something they normally
    wouldn’t do, which no matter how you spin this wasn’t the case, its only a
    crime, at best a hate crime. I mean there are real meanings to words and
    concepts. This clearly was not an attempt, if real, which hasn’t even been
    proven, to make people stop going to church, live in Charleston or stopping
    some other behavior of black people. If this event is fake, which is likely
    the case, that would be terrorism, because it would be an act to coerce
    people into doing things they normally wouldn’t do otherwise, maybe like
    calling for the banning of gun ownership or to needlessly create a tension
    between black and white people and keep them from being united in some
    other political matter, like political or economic reform of the system run
    by a handful of people for themselves at the detriment of everyone else. So
    without proof that this event even happen, anyone who would say that it did
    and then want to use it for a political purpose, that is by definition a
    terrorist, from the President of the United States, to this man Jon
    Stewart. Blind faith in “reports” from the government, police or any other
    personality without proof, is exactly how witch burning was allowed to
    happen in the 17th century, this in no different. These hoax events are
    modern day witch hunts, population mind control and need to stop.

  11. YOUNG TERRA says:


  12. rampitup32 says:

    Thank you for calling this what it was; a terrorist attack. I’m so fucking
    sick of the term terrorist being reserved for violent events with Islamic

  13. Aileen Reineck says:

    He nails it, I’m sorry but Jon Stewart did. As tragic as this has been, the
    whole ‘concept’ is a LIE! There continues to be disgusting, blatant racist
    BULLSHITT out there.I am personally sick of people saying ”I’m not
    racist…(I just prefer white people)… I even have a black friend…. Jon
    Stewart was right on the money, when he said (paraphrasing here) He said
    everybody will stare into the heinousness abyss with their mouths agape,
    complaining about racial issues over the centuries and say, ‘We are going
    together get to do something!!!!!!’ THEN DON’T!!! Don’t say since we know
    about this race war… it’s at start. I call Shenanigans!!!!!

  14. Clembo says:

    No mention of racial murders that go the other way…

    You wonder why the hard right is rising and doesn’t seem to get weaker?
    Ignore the soft right, stamp on them, hate freedom, get people fired for
    saying a joke, send people to prison for disagreeing with gay marriage,
    give minorities jobs for being born Black and not because of merit, and you
    WILL see a rise in White supremacist movements.

    It is the universe balancing itself out through violence, trying to fix
    itself in a chaos of hypocrisy, more madmen will die for fame and the media
    will print their names like a fish lured by bait. Democrats, you created
    this mess. You were behind slavery in the good ol’ days, and Jim Crow, and
    now the new slavery and Jim Crow of wage slavery and political correctness.
    I only hope that America sees the rot and burns it out, elects a decent
    Republican who isn’t bought by lobbying interests, before the limb has to
    be chopped off.

  15. Ben Floyd says:

    Why is that comedians are continuously doing and saying the things that
    need to be said because the news companies won’t? There is nothing funny
    about this clip, only sadness and exasperation.

  16. 9992ube says:

    Jon is a pathetic naive NJ boy with racial identity issues, who pretends
    that Blacks/Muslims aren’t racist and ignores the effect Open Immigration
    is having on America thinking and culture. I’m Southern and White (S/W) and
    proud to be White. Being S/W doesn’t mean racist, except to you
    brain-washed twats in NYC. A city which is disgusting to most of America.

  17. andrewkiwi100 says:

    America, you NEED to repeal your second constitutional amendment.

  18. mr8ucket says:

    Why should I care about the shooting? What does it have to do with me or
    the firearms I own?

  19. Greg Lund-Chaix says:

    Once again Jon Stewart proves to be a better journalist than the so-called
    “real” journalists when he ditches his monologue to speak seriously about
    the tragedy in Charleston.

  20. Top10Eagle says:

    South Carolina? first state to secede from the US and start a civil war
    just to keep slavery to benefit their greedy plantations owners and
    politicians, slave trade, segregation and racial profiling, home of the
    murderer of President Abraham Lincoln who fought ended slavery, ..etc. What
    do you expect, racism is rooted in its people and passed from generation to
    generation. I don’t even know why African-American still live in this
    racist state.