The Daily Show – Hillary Clinton Lives the Black Experience

The Daily Show – Hillary Clinton Lives the Black Experience

With Donald Trump polling shockingly low among African Americans ahead of the 2016 election, Trevor explains why Hillary Clinton has a distinct advantage with black voters.

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20 Responses

  1. TheCrystlePeridot says:

    Trevor hi I think your really funny and cool

  2. James Night says:

    If only the DNC wasn’t against Bernie. This election would be over by now.
    It wouldn’t even be close.

  3. Kookie Monster says:

    At this point, Donald Trump can jerk off right on the Pope’s face, and his
    supporters would just say he was helping the Pope moisturize!

  4. Ashmita Nandy says:

    2:43 I seriously thought he’ll look into the other camera and go “Africa

  5. OpticPotatOS says:

    Maybe Trump will be great for black people, if he wins, the police will
    beat and kill everyone equally.

  6. Nubian says:

    NUBIAN…lmfao this whole episode was just hilarious

  7. Pablo Escobar says:

    I’m going to act like any trump supporter would at this video.WOW WHATS

  8. Eden kanangila says:

    You guys happy now? He’s talking about Hilary, no more bitching about how
    they always talk about trump.

  9. Chidiebere Ndukwu says:

    Trevor, this edition ranks among your top 10 in my books. Preach, Preacher!

  10. MovieGuy808 says:

    Trump can barely speak English … How is he so stupid?

  11. Mike Craig says:

    I don’t know why people still hate Trevor, he’s been on a roll recently!

  12. Umeriw Aeoket says:

    America proving that most of the world is better

  13. ChadHHC86 says:

    I am amazed The Onion hasn’t endorsed Trump.

  14. d Yang says:

    Fuck Trump. piece of shit.

  15. RentableDwarf says:

    If Trump made the hot sauce comment we’d be seeing a 15 minute video on why
    he’s racist.

  16. NathanSynth says:

    Trevor Noah, love you man. And I know this is comedy so it shouldn’t be
    taken too seriously. But as an African American I know that just because
    Hillary is the lesser of 2 potential disasters does not mean automatically
    that she’s truly “black” via experience. There have been a TON of democrat
    politicians who made empty promises to black people and either did nothing
    to directly help them or actually reversed their progress. I can’t imagine
    myself ever voting Republican at this point. But there are too many fellow
    black folks that have an unreasonable loyalty to the democrat party, to the
    point where many democrat politicians just take our money and leave because
    they know there will be no real accountability for their actions. That’s
    why I’m independent

  17. Deleted Mail says:

    Hillary will win, with or without the racists.

  18. NYC1E1 says:

    Republicans: Bengazi investigation shows up nothing. Email Investigation
    shows up nothing. HC is still a criminal and a crook. On the other hand DT
    on tape says he sexualy assaults women and likes to see underage girls
    naked. Also that he could kill anyone in the middle of the street and get
    away with it. Republicans: DT is a great man and should lead our country.

  19. Anele Malinga says:

    I feel like Trevor was talking about his experience with the daily show
    viewers at 8:14
    Qualified but no one trusted him
    His old tweets came back to haunt him
    People still think it was a diversity hire anyway

  20. Vivian E says:

    I’m with her