The Daily Show – Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech & Fear of Donald Trump at the DNC

The Daily Show – Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech & Fear of Donald Trump at the DNC

At the DNC, Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination for president, and Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg take their turns laying into Donald Trump.

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19 Responses

  1. Hot Sho says:

    this black dude a hoe a white man made ur script fuck clinton

  2. BrianQuest64 says:

    Trevor is so not funny i thought i was watching the actual news.

  3. Bishop Gilchrist Church says:

    Oh god, Trump’s going to win, isn’t he? And if not- oh shit, Hillary’s
    going to win, isn’t she?

  4. Bobby Butler says:

    God can we have Jon Stewart back?

  5. Evan Cordova says:

    I am just so glad all of these shills are losing ratings.

  6. Long Lee says:

    fucking nonsense..

  7. Sugarie S says:

    I don’t trust either sides. They’re all politicians at the end of the day.
    If you’re too good, you’d either get assassinated or kicked out before you
    know it. History proves it…

  8. Mo says:

    Watching someone on comedy central talk politics is A new form of self

  9. Neghie Thervil says:

    Why are so many of you coming on a Liberal channel and complaining about
    the liberal views? That’s like walking into a mattress store and
    complaining about the sales people pushing mattresses on you. You want fair
    and balanced? Go watch Fox News and get the one-sided conservative
    perspective you so crave.

  10. Lou Opura says:

    go back to south africa trevor noah.. stop pretending to understand
    american politics you globalist filth! do puppets have souls?

  11. Brown Ink says:

    is this guy really hillarious???is him really funny??? o well…?

  12. Big Daddy Romeo says:

    Bernie let us down Politics as Usual

  13. Pedro Portalatin says:

    the only person I will bow down the almighty Jesus Christ he’s my king my
    Lord and my President.

  14. Brandon Brown says:

    Gary Johnson

  15. kenleygene says:

    Bloomberg isn’t threatened by Trump because of losing his money… it’s
    because he’ll lose power. Who will lose his corrupt connections because
    Trump would clean house.

  16. Clay Page says:

    I’m predicting before I watch this, that even though it is the DNC most
    jokes will be about repubs . . .let’s see . . .

  17. Sir Adrian says:

    I feel bad for Amemricans. They have to choose between queen Evil McMalice
    and the 4th Stooge

  18. jonathan preston says:

    its cringe worthy how biased tv hosts are.

  19. TheO2tenify says:

    Knock knock

    Whose there?

    you would answer your own door you broke ass bitch!

    I can’t stop laughing!!!!