The Daily Show – Jon’s Big Announcement

The Daily Show – Jon’s Big Announcement

Jon shares an important decision with an unsuspecting audience.

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19 Responses

  1. oggyreidmore says:

    One more of my favorite shows gone. The Daily Show may continue, but I
    doubt it will ever be as good. I’m starting to wonder why I pay $120 a
    month for the couple of good remaining shows and 900 channels of crap. I
    think my 2016 new years resolution will be to give up TV altogether.

  2. khadidja ben says:

    “I’m going to have dinner with my family who I have heard from multiple
    sources are lovely people” says it all.. Thank you for being the source of
    ture news for 17 years. We love you Jon <3

  3. Syntaxus Dogmata says:

    How deeply sad and troubling. Not the announcement… the comments. If
    Stewart started his own religion, he’d be a billionaire overnight.

  4. Zack Feeterman says:

    No more Jon or Colbert…. It’s all happening too quickly….. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    I already miss watching Colbert after the Daily Show, and now soon we won’t
    have either one…. so sad…

  5. Colton Knight says:

    Please get Amy Poehler, that would make my life.

  6. Kabir Sharma Comedy says:

    I nearly cried when I heard. I love Jon Stewart. He is my absolute favorite
    talk show host. I don’t believe anyone can replace him.

    Thank you so much for the countless laughs. Really, really sad day.

  7. D.L. Elliott says:


  8. Yahkov says:

    Let’s spitball some replacements, shall we?

    CURRENT ROSTER: Asif Mandvi, Jason Jones, or Samantha Bee

    LESS OBVIOUS CHOICES: Marc Maron, DL Hughely, Norm McDonald, or Janeane

    THE OBVIOUS CHOICE: Just give it to Dave Chappelle 

  9. Chris'thang says:

    Jon Stewart 2016

  10. 0101001 10101101010 says:

    but WHY is he leaving?? i don’t see any news cover that- just that he’s
    leaving. this is fucking retarded.

  11. Todd Brown says:

    Stewart/Colbert 2016!!!!!!

  12. Idefilms says:

    To the guy who said “We love you, Jon!”, thank you. You spoke for all of us
    in that moment. 

  13. Raphael Schoeni says:

    I cried. Just a little bit.

  14. Nik P says:

    You are a legend! You will be missed on the tv.

  15. Benjamin Franklin says:

    I love you Jon Stewart. Don’t leave.

  16. so ackward says:

    I’m really going to miss him. 

  17. byteme911 says:

    Lets make Jon Stewart the next POTUS. No one would do a better job than

  18. byteme911 says:

    I tuned in for the truth & integrity that you brought to us. No one can or
    will replace you. I only watch CC for the Daily Show………!

  19. Clive vinny says:

    I have been watching his show for years and its been a great show, funny,
    emotionally, hard talking, mucking around, learning about bullshit
    mountain, I am sure Jon Stewart will be missed on this show and that the
    person that comes after him has the same passion as Jon has had for
    highlighting the lies, stupidity and lazy politicians and the nasty fox and
    stupid cnn