The Daily Show – Keys to Success with DJ Khaled and Hasan Minhaj

The Daily Show – Keys to Success with DJ Khaled and Hasan Minhaj

DJ Khaled teaches Hasan Minhaj the art of big talk and gives him some invaluable advice.

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20 Responses

  1. Vishal Bolarum says:

    They are proper flirting

  2. MrBeardtard says:

    “Jus know, when you know, it’s better than learning and I know, Jus kno,
    KNOW THAT!” thats the smartest thing you ever said in your life Khaled, big
    talk alert

  3. khaled says:

    dj khaled got the key to success but he really need the key to the gym .

  4. Ian Robinson says:

    So success is measured by sneakers.


    I want the psychedelics Major took to come up with That very deep, true,
    logical, completely insane, da fuck did he just say, sentence. That, I

  6. Cole Siladi says:

    Poor Dj Khaled can’t reach the top shelf.

  7. Bonte Gamer says:

    this pure cancer

  8. Badulaques says:


  9. Mada Sacker says:

    I can’t believe this shit….another one!

  10. Nekelen Tinsley says:

    Hasan was funny

  11. JohnToEarth says:

    one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life…

  12. Genghis says:

    DJ Khaled will own 2016 !!!

  13. planet lucid says:

    i honestly think Khaled could do stand-up.

  14. MrPerlew says:

    Man, he smart! He loyal! I respect that! Let that glass rize, and have a
    good drink for that man! And another one! And another one! And another one!

  15. Emperors Ordeal says:

    I call these Another one. He is the best madness

  16. 700Penguin says:

    Kno dat.

  17. Roland Kennedi says:

    congratulations…. I just played myself

  18. Deep Saunders says:

    DJ Khaled is the best man

  19. oO PPH Oo says:

    I want to violently disagree with the statement “knowing is better than
    learning”. From a philosophical and even from an epistemological point of
    view, there are empirical inconsistencies with such a claim.

    Then again, it’s DJ Khaled so fuk dat philoshit

  20. Jakub Duroska says:

    thats deep