The Daily Show – The 2016 Election Wrap-Up

The Daily Show – The 2016 Election Wrap-Up

Donald Trump is elected president of the United States despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, and four states pass recreational marijuana laws.

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20 Responses

  1. Robbe Vercammen says:

    America has such a crapy election system. Trump had only 47 procent and won
    and people are ok with that?

  2. Lauryn Kelly says:

    it’s only going to get worse from here for poc, LGBT people, disabled
    people, and woc.

  3. khalid alsobhi says:

    Ok I feel that I have been sleeping for too long

    when this nightmare will end!!!

  4. Nalagnay says:

    9/11 Never Forget

    11/9 Always Regret

  5. Maximilian Straesser says:

    Britain: Brexit was the worst idea in history, we’ve fucked our country.
    USA: Hold my beer.

    *creds to 9GAG*

  6. Spoon Dude says:

    Trump wins by a system he called BS on….

  7. Anni B says:

    Fact:Your vote doesn’t matter. Why is there a electoral college anyway?
    This doesn’t seem like a democracy

  8. Perdunn says:

    so what do we nuke first America? maybe those brits with their pesky fair
    voting system fuck them

  9. n0ame1u1 says:

    Who wants to help me build a doomsday bunker?

  10. Carlos Torres says:

    As a POC it’s not trump that scares us. Out system has checks and balances
    so we are hoping he can’t get much of his hate bills passed. What scares us
    is the white people on the streets that think it’s okay to discriminate
    now. And if you think I’m joking a quick google search will tell you how
    many racist attacks have already happened in just 24 hours

  11. Ben Wasserman says:

    How do we reconcile a country that elected a man whose campaign focused on
    dividing us apart?

  12. Francesco says:

    I accept bet on Trump, these are the options i think are more possible:

    1)he will be as crazy as everyone said, the world is over put your ass
    between your legs and say goodbye to your ass!
    2)he will be another republican president like bush, bad but bearable
    3)he will be a good republican president like….i don’t remember good
    republican president (only Lincoln…eh)
    4)what he said in the campaign was bullshit to get elected and now he will
    go back to his “more chill” democratic self (he has been a democrat for a
    long part of his life)

    I hope for the N.4 but tell me your opinion

  13. Jim Knopf says:

    Am I really the only one who is kinda suspiscious of trumps speech? I mean
    he made like an 180 degree turn. There gotta be something about this.

  14. Barkeroni says:

    So let me get this straight…Trump won even though he has no political or
    military background, he made ludicrous remarks, he had almost every media
    outlet against him, almost every celebrity against him, some of his own
    republican senators and congressman vehemently against him, and he bragged
    about sexual assault.

    F what you think about Trump…what does all this tell you about the
    majority of voters opinion of Hillary and the DNC???

  15. Navi Gill says:

    Oh God… Didnt even realise he’s gonna be the one to give a speech after a

  16. Docktor Jim says:

    Pollsters should have said that there was a 90% chance Trump would win.
    That would have gotten more Democrats to the polls.

  17. Ben Buckreis says:

    I like how the systems rigged unless he wins

  18. Borna Seki says:

    This is what you call bad karma. Hillary and the DNC fucked over Bernie
    Sanders and now the voting system has fucked Hillary Clinton and America
    got his first orange president.

  19. Adam Ori says:

    it seems like it doesnt matter who the president is. They are just
    marionettes. The country is governed by other people we have never heard
    of. They make decisions and the pawns implement.

  20. American Child says: