The Daily Show – The Daily Show’s Once and Future Host

The Daily Show – The Daily Show’s Once and Future Host

Jon expresses his excitement at Comedy Central’s announcement that Trevor Noah will take over the newsdesk at The Daily Show.

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20 Responses

  1. Noplay says:

    I gave Larry Wilmore a chance…
    If only John Oliver is still here, his show is pretty funny but on paid
    channel just doesn’t do him justice.

  2. Vic Todorovic says:

    Excellent news 🙂 Good Luck Trevor.

  3. Bullet Bill says:

    John you have set the bar way to high for me to except anyone as a new host
    you could never be replaced and are gonna be missed by millions.

  4. GamGunz says:

    Please be awesome as Jon and we’ll be missed you Jon :’)

  5. Nu Otonomi says:

    I think Jon knows the angry whiners are complaining about Noah’s tweets.

  6. Brook Geisler says:

    Cool! I’ve actually been a fan of Trevor Noah much longer than the Daily
    Show, so this should be great!

  7. Taylan S says:

    We don’t want that uneducated african cunt jon pls

  8. swunt10 says:

    he will not make it.

  9. s 1 x 6 x 1 s says:

    we’ll miss you, jon!

  10. Trippze says:

    great, both late night comedy news hosts have been replaced by niggers. 

  11. Johnny BernBaum says:

    Noah sucks. 

  12. bob thebuilder says:

    Larry Wilmore isn’t that funny but in fairness I didn’t give him a chance I
    watched a little and wasn’t interested so I haven’t been back. I’ve been
    following Trevor Noah for a while now I remember he did this mock talk show
    on youtube with no more than 300 views to specials on netflix now this. he
    has had a fast rise but he deserves it I think he’ll do really good.
    Although I think the only other host who would probably do great at this
    job is seth mcfarlene. but they probably couldn’t pay him enough to do it.

  13. manish kumar says:

    Trevor Noha will die of aids before he earns our respect 

  14. bob thebuilder says:

    This show was only great when I could have my psuedo democratic perspective
    on world views and acceptance of different cultures and act as if I was
    concerned about the injustice from the comfort of my couch while hiding
    behind laughter. but now that there’s not 1 but 2 black african american
    mixed race colored black host I don’t know if I can quite handle that. 

  15. 卍OM卐 says:


  16. Asmodeus Abaddon says:

    Well…goodbye the awesomeness that was the daily show. This will go down
    the shitter when jon leaves. Lewis Black would be a much better host than
    Trevor Noah

  17. grass hopper says:

    Colbert report and now the daily show is fucked

  18. Joel McMullen says:

    I gave Wilmore an entire week, and I’m sorry, I quit watching. Unwatchable
    and not funny. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with the Daily Show. I
    will give Noah a week as well and then make a decision. 

  19. Lorelei Carlson says:

    Couldn’t they have hired an American to make fun of our own country?

  20. KurdtStoo says:

    Trevor Noah is just too young.