The Daily Show – The Fatal Shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

The Daily Show – The Fatal Shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

Trevor reacts the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two African-American men shot by police, and calls on law enforcement to address systemic racism.

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20 Responses

  1. RonaldRegain says:

    Wow. That’s exactly what I think what americas biggest problem is.

  2. Kameron Pouncy says:

    HANDS DOWN BEST speech addressing this issue. Props to you Trevor. <3

  3. Edmond Honda says:

    This is RACE BAITING and it has to stop! FIGURE OUT a better way to get
    views or
    sell papers. A few instances of this doesn’t mean the whole country is
    this way, but thanks media for portraying the US in this light. A young
    white man was killed in a city next to mine, nobody cares… BLACK MOB
    violence happens all over this country, why DON’T YOU REPORT ON THAT
    SH$T?! CNN, MSNBC, etc… you’re #$%ing sick!

  4. Tom Almow says:

    USA police are jobless military service men: change of budges. War is on
    upon “fake” police.

  5. Seagull B says:

    Violence is a vicious circle , it will only end when we discover that
    peace, light and love are more important than anything else.
    The police must select its people better , and have zero tolerance for
    All lives matter!

  6. Ross Walker says:

    Well said. Thanks for the not propagating the racism like the other “news”

  7. angela smith says:

    +Kenyan legs -was he doing any of those things when he was?! shot? no?!
    then SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! it’s not OK (or legal) for cops to shoot someone
    because they have a criminal background. cops are citizens bound by the
    same laws as everyone else. when they break those laws (commit murder),
    they should be held accountable!!!

  8. chengken says:

    y’all fuckin cancer fanning the fire with these weak arguments, you’re not
    police don’t pretend to know how to do their job

  9. Jon Smith says:

    who was really skeptical about the Eric Garner video. you gotta be a
    fucking idiot if you were that was textbook excessive force. Tamir rice is
    a little more gray but yes those cops shouldn’t have a 2 second fuse and
    then shoot. I don’t know whatever happened to put the weapon down but that
    video was terrible. yes the cops are the ones that applied for that job
    they should put there safety a little bit back because that’s what the job
    entails but please if you are a kid don’t run around with a
    realistic-looking BB gun it’s not smart. I give the cops a tougher time
    because they are cops but a citizen is a different story . if you point a
    gun at me I’m not looking at it to see if looks realistic. don’t give a
    fuck if your white brown yellow red green purple , doesn’t matter. I have
    not seen these two newer ones so I do not have an opinion upon them yet.

  10. Josh Hayes says:

    You know it’s a white people video when it ends with someone screaming,
    “I’m alive!” 5:08

  11. Joe Blow says:

    Cops that murder must be given the death penalty. Cops that break the law
    need more severe penalties than citizens do because of their sworn oath
    including if it’s only a misdemeanor. I’m not anti-police, I’m pro-honoring
    your sworn oath to PROTECT AND SERVE all Americans regardless of skin color

  12. Blah deBlah says:

    Gorillas are endangered.
    You have to factor that into it.
    That species is about to disappear forever.
    Yes, every ounce of outrage was warranted in regards to the shooting of
    that poor majestic, precious creature.
    Acknowledging that fact doesn’t take away from the horrific nature of
    police violence against black people.
    The two are not mutually exclusive.
    Fuck you, Trevor Noah, for comparing the two in such a divisive way.
    I really can’t wait for The Daily Show to go off the air, or for it to find
    a new host.
    Trevor Noah is about as funny as toenail fungus.

  13. nunya biz says:

    don’t worry the black lives matter and got their revenge on the five police
    officers that were killed in Dallas yesterday so…

  14. werwolfisddooof says:

    Real life decisions are not always an “either / or”. That is a very
    extremist way to look at it. You can be for both things. You just have to
    be objective and realistic about when there is a problem.

    Police officers should be the people who protect everyone. You can’t have
    police officers that are racists, idiots, loving to use their weapon, etc.
    You can’t let these people be in such positions.
    In situations like these, it’s clear that not all police officers to their
    job correctly and abuse their power, and sometimes even get away with it,
    which is the 2nd worst part.
    They represent justice, so they have to act as an example.
    The police has to be fair and transparent and NOT be stubborn and not be
    “too full of pride” to admit that there are some problems within the police
    force. Those problems NEED to be erased immediately. The idiots / racists
    have to lose their jobs. They have not met the requirements for being
    police officers. It’s that simple. Not admitting mistakes, trying to hide
    mistakes is a sure way to lose respect and make the population feel unsafe
    and can cause chaos, ( which kinda happened when you listen to the news, a
    guy shooting back at white officers, which is just as stupid )

    Also, the gun-laws in America seem to contradict themselves and make no
    sense. If you have a gun-culture where EVERYONE can practically own and buy
    a gun and run around with it in public (like in the US), EVERYONE in that
    society has to assume that EVERYONE uses weapons responsibly. ( Which is
    not the case btw, shootings happen all the time in the US because it’s so
    easy to get a gun )

    Police offers cannot use the statement “he has a gun” to justify shooting
    someone when it’s the norm and actually legal to have a gun.

    Now if someone has a gun in Austria, a police officer and everyone else
    should be quite concerned about that, because practically no one runs
    around with guns here or even owns one. But in the US, when it’s the norm
    to legally being allowed to own and carry a gun, you just HAVE to assume
    he’s responsible with that. You mostly really here about shootings from the
    US, not anywhere else. At this point the people HAVE to realize that the
    whole gun-laws are messed up. If you give everyone a gun, only the crazy
    will shoot. if you give no one a gun, no one will. Making it way harder to
    own a gun will definitely stop the “spontaneous desperate” shootings.
    Organized crimes are mostly the things that aren’t in the news, but the
    “spontaneous desperate” ones.

  15. WedgeMahalo says:

    Gorilla analogy is wrong – gorillas do not have an insanely high murder
    rate. The two men being discussed were not murderers or criminals – but the
    attention being given to this issue is totally insane. It ignores far worse
    problems. Read the stats on police shootings – the biggest issue is not
    racism – the biggest issue is mental health and mental issues that police
    are being forced to deal with since we do not spend the money on healthcare
    appropriately. Look at the facts and stop with the virtue signaling.

  16. Munafinda Lucero zMundo says:

    How far are you going to push the black man? Until he is not longer a
    Christian and he becomes something else? Think America, his ancestors build
    this country, fought and still fighting for it in the name of Jesus and you
    don’t want to admit that you have been treating him and his children in a
    very despicable way. Please,STOP AND THINK.
    Let’s go to try again, correct your actions, black people love this place
    and they deserve to enjoy,don’t make them hate it. Look what just happen in
    Dallas Texas.

  17. Michael Hamilton says:

    the cat calling video where all the black guys where the aggressors

  18. red lobster says:

    But in Vegas we have been having a lot of homicides in the past couple
    months sadly

  19. Shep 919 says:

    >race issues
    This is a police problem. In America, the police are power fetish fools,
    and im glad to see OP keep it on the police.

  20. Anthony Harris says:

    He Just Spoke Some Real Shit………………………RIp To everyone who
    lost a life.