The Daily Show – The Trans Panic Epidemic

The Daily Show – The Trans Panic Epidemic

Jessica Williams speaks with members of the trans community to find out how transphobia affects their everyday lives.

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20 Responses

  1. Skylar Cato says:

    why i am an An-Cap!!!!!

  2. Romain Guillaume says:

    So this guy (gordon) had to put on a dress in order to be able to talk
    against trans-gender persons….huh! Figure that out!

  3. penelope pittstop says:

    why not just have 3 bathrooms? unisex for everyone, and then men and
    womens, and for those who dont like to share with trans? simple

  4. Sporkenstein says:

    Americans denying other Americans rights because they don’t like the way
    they live. How do these fuckheads sleep at night?

  5. 5Oblivion says:

    The anti-trans “Bathroom Argument” is complete bullshit. Absolutely *nobody*
    goes into a bathroom solely to gaze at people’s junk – in reality,
    everybody stays the fuck away from each other when in there.

  6. Conor Wade says:

    This is why Jessica Williams is the best on this show. Those trans people
    have the same rights as everyone else. My god religious America is batshit
    crazy and mean as hell.

  7. Matthew Motley says:

    Ayy Daily Show quick question: where did your production quality go? Did
    you drop it somewhere? I’ve seen higher production quality come out of half
    the YouTube vloggers I know. You’re employed by Comedy Central, why don’t
    you drop some of them fat stacks on making this look better than the “Bro
    Rape” parody from 10 friggin years ago.

  8. Josiah Campbell says:

    here’s my opinion. Not that anyone cares LOL. But I’m a libertarian and I’m
    all for LGBT rights. I would like to personally see the government get out
    of marriage altogether and let individuals have private contracts between
    each other. the government has no right to be involved in people’s personal
    love life. but I also believe in private property. if a business wants to
    discriminate it’s their choice. the free market will take care of that
    because there’s more than one cake shop for example and no one is forcing
    you to just buy from them. and who wants to buy a cake from a bunch of
    bigots anyways. so let the bigots be bigots and just go to another store.

  9. Mia Li says:

    …but her wig in the interview…what’s going on there?

  10. jawwpc says:

    That white hair in the bun looks so friggen sweet

  11. Ben Zombie says:

    I get why people are confused by the concept of being transgender, I’m cis
    so I won’t pretend to get it, but you don’t have to understand a person to
    know that they have rights as a human being. Equality is more important
    than your personal comfort.

  12. XPOETRY says:


  13. Jo Jones says:

    We need better stalls and neutral gender bathroom. In other countries, the
    bathroom stalls are private and you can’t see through the cracks. Having
    private, coed bathrooms would help transgender folks and parents with young
    children of the opposite sex. Men with young daughters, for example, don’t
    have good options.

  14. Boston_Mama84 says:

    the “chaplin” said “trans gender people are possessed” OMG

  15. Passonator11 says:

    Degenerates and mutants dressing like opposite sex and chumming loads of
    pills to look more like their dreamed up gender have the same rights as
    other humans. SAME, not more, not less. BUT, if you are born a man, thats
    what you’ll always be, a man. You can call yourself Shaniqua or
    Friedchickenisha and you even may convince your friends to play along and
    call you your new made up name and put up with your bad makeup and shit.
    But you can”t force the rest of us to take part in your masquerade or ask
    the state to recognize you as something you are not and never will be.

  16. George etiorbo says:

    I’m just confused as to why gay/trans/alternative sexuality people are
    becoming more common. Any answers?

  17. Adam Time says:

    They laugh at us in Europe . This is not a problem. WTF.

  18. Skim says:

    That bible verse is bullshit. All they wore back then were fucking robes
    there’s no way in hell you could distinguish men’s clothing from women’s
    clothing. And they were right to respond with all the shellfish rules, etc.
    The rules are such bullshit in the Old Testament.

  19. DreahMerDevol says:

    4:50 Busted – Looks like hes had a deep dark trans experience/secret. He
    used to like cross dressing and little boys, But thanks to god its now just
    little boys.

  20. Christian Jeske says:

    That transgender guy in the blue Shirt… GODDAM THATS WHAT I CALL HOT!