The Daily Show – “U Name It” Challenge for a Stressful Thanksgiving

The Daily Show – “U Name It” Challenge for a Stressful Thanksgiving

Trevor and Roy Wood Jr. ease Thanksgiving tensions for families split on Donald Trump’s presidential victory with their take on the “U Name It” challenge.

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20 Responses

  1. Bixxy Starnox says:

    better than most rappers of today…

  2. Yayo.chan says:

    Not an American but I picture this is how our Christmas is gonna be like
    since my dad is pro-Aquino and my cousin is pro-Duterte. They’ve been going
    at it on facebook ever since Duterte won.

  3. Ashley R says:


  4. Victor Barugahare says:


  5. Amireq says:

    U name it!!!!!! ?

  6. daemonCaptrix says:

    lol just don’t invite them

  7. Olivia Hesson says:

    Lol, thanks for a little laugh this holiday season.

  8. spiralrose says:

    This is funny. But, all of a sudden TDS is trying to normalize Trump

  9. ELFANTASMA24 says:


  10. Faruk Sadik says:

    Anyone else tired of him talking about Trump?

  11. princephillay says:

    This is amazing

  12. floodo1 says:

    Don’t eat antelope. PSA confirmed

  13. says:

    Thanks for acknowledging there was good reason to vote for Trump.

  14. Sizwe Ntimane says:

    Ive watched this video a 100 times lol

  15. twentyarms says:

    0:58 really happened?

  16. nathanpiazza says:

    lmao so good

  17. blacknightz2011 says:


  18. Lisa Wang says:

    So, when’s the album coming out?

  19. sarahtolkien says:

    Holy shit this might be my favorite thing you have ever done.

  20. the nba goat “ThePlayStationBaBy” rolex323 says:

    damn my boy roy went in!!! aye!!!! thats right roy!!!