The Daily Show – Vice Presidential Debate Wrap-Up

The Daily Show – Vice Presidential Debate Wrap-Up

In the 2016 vice presidential debate, Mike Pence deflects questions about Donald Trump’s scandals, and Tim Kaine fights back with pre-rehearsed zingers.

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20 Responses

  1. Elegant Centrist says:

    Wow, Trevor Noah’s YouTube channel already has over 700,000 subscribers!

  2. Weeda Bakhshee says:

    He has to clean up after Trump, but he has to defend the stupid man even
    though you can tell he knows what he is doing. How can they fool people?
    but we see how many supporter Trump has. it is a shame we have people like

  3. Mark BossMan says:

    Pence won that debate, bias ass show

  4. Any suggestions for a name says:

    At 1:25:08 on the debate (bloomberg on youtube) pence says he spends a
    little bit of everyday on his knees. This with the broad shoulders comment
    i don’t think trump just got his vote i think he’s also got his heart

  5. Michelle Vilakati says:

    That Shaggy verse deserved a mic drop

  6. brandon gates says:

    It’s funny how people are criticizing Trevor for being somewhat biased in
    favor of Clinton but seriously who can blame him. Whether your a republican
    or a racist or a democrat it’s obvious that trump isn’t the right man for
    the job of commander and Chief. This election is crap but it doesn’t matter
    what we want. We got two options here either Armageddon or 4 more years of
    the same thing.

    If you ask me it should of been sanders in the seat instead of Hillary. But
    it was a lost dream since the DNC never supported him. But we live in a
    cruel world

    So stop backing this moronic, ignorant, and dangerous man. And vote for
    Hillary, cause that’s the only survivable choice.

    For any hardcore republicans that are backing trump, I hope you know that
    your the scum of the earth. And you should be ashamed of yourself

  7. robert georg says:

    Did Pence win? Yes, but only because He lied and deflected everything!
    And Kaine was completely useless.

  8. brainflash1 says:

    8:14 Yes we do. ISIS was founded in 2006, two years before Obama was
    elected. When Obama removed combat troops from Iraq, he was honoring an
    agreement president Bush had signed. You know how I know this? From
    watching the Daily Show! FFS Trevor, YOU were the one who told us when ISIS
    was founded a few weeks ago!

  9. Appellation Sobriquet says:

    3:44 This probably isn’t the time or place for this but.. her makeup looks
    gorgeous ?

  10. gabehall says:

    Colbert was funny. Stewart was funny. This guy, not funny.

  11. Ben Wasserman says:

    White bread vs. mayonnaise: who was tastier?

  12. Michael says:

    cant stand all this liberal tv

  13. Zulthulu says:

    Unfortunate that roughly 13% of the US population won’t understand that Dad
    vs. Step Dad joke.

  14. Patrick Foley says:

    Trust me folks, I’ve lived in Indiana under his Governorship and we fucking
    hate him. He was polling so low after this term that he knew – KNEW – he
    couldn’t win again. So what did he do? Ran for VP to fool the other 49
    states – this guy is a well-polished, well-spoken, MONSTER. We kicked his
    ass to the curb, you should too.

  15. alexc773 says:

    They should’ve finished up that segment of Pence raving about Trump’s
    “broad” shoulders with a clip from the RNC when Trump awkwardly tried to
    kiss Pence (set to some cheesy porno music). Then closed it with the
    original Trump/Pence logo to insinuate what happens next…

  16. Vyth Riel says:

    That debate was so white I felt like I was watching a jar of mayonnaise.

  17. Dang Dao says:

    Scrolling through the comments and realizing its just a bunch of 12 year
    olds who only watch comedy shows to form their political opinions

  18. charles fowler says:

    you wouldnt be a half bad reporter if you take the democrat dick out of
    your ass

  19. TheKrish09 says:

    “Tim Kaine in the membrane” Lol

  20. Red Robbins says:

    Disclaimer to anyone reading the comment section:

    What you are about to read are comments from ignorant conservatives that
    all think Trevor Noah is a reporter with a heavy liberal bias….

    When in reality, he is a COMEDIAN hosting a SPOOF news show on COMEDY