The Dark Side of Jake Paul

The Dark Side of Jake Paul

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again I’m 100% NOT trying to call any celeb or youtuber a “sociopath”. I just wanted to give example clips to go along with me and Kati’s conversation to make for an entertaining video. I even used clips of my friends! So please don’t come for anyone that I showed! haha also psychopaths and sociopaths are both associated with anti social personality disorder. the difference is sociopaths are triggered from trauma and psychopaths are born like that. sorry i edited that part out of the video. i should have left it in! i was just cutting things for time.
K, enjoy the ride! – Shane
For more info on anti social personality check out Katis new video!

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48 Responses

  1. mechellemybell1000 says:

    I love Shane. But I wish he’d stop with the over dramatic facial expressions lol. Cause I know he probably already knows about most of this cause he’s said for years he likes to read watch etc about dark fucked up stories.

  2. Emily K says:

    *#1 ON TRENDING*

  3. CloutGod says:

    if you reading this I hope you become rich and have a good healthπŸ™πŸ»

  4. Beth Hbhh says:

    Enjoy 2:42 it’s probably the least crazy moment of this whole series

  5. Stars of Stream says:

    I was in a relationship with a sociopath for three years and it left my life in tatters. I fell head over heels in love with him- he was handsome, charming, smart, charismatic and truly swept me off my feet. I’m the type of person who likes to take relationships slow- within two weeks this man (while we were on an exotic vacation he paid for), was saying we should get engaged. The way he made me feel was like nothing I ever experienced, and it made me question my judgement. This was a once in a lifetime love, right? I moved across the country to be with him (we met while at a work conference). He wanted to have kids right away- I am SO glad that is the one thing I would not agree to. Little by little the layers started to peel away- not by anything he outright did, but by things I found on his computer showing he was essentially living a double life. I found out that when we first started dating he had a FIANCEE he was LIVING with! He quickly broke up with her when he met me and hid the entire thing from me. He tried to make me feel like I was crazy, but I knew I wasn’t. Once I caught on to him and confronted him it was like things disappeared as fast as they had happened. He promised me he would go to couple’s counseling with me as soon as he got back from a work trip. While on that work trip, he met another woman, and did the EXACT same thing he did to me three years prior. He never came home. Within a few months she was pregnant and they were married. There are so many other things I have found out about him, and my therapist had essentially said I was likely tricked by a sociopath. A user, a manipulator, someone who faked all his emotions and lacked empathy. He’s recently tried to contact me out of the blue.

  6. Ann Thi Doan says:

    When you said β€œLogan is more likable” I disagreed. I hate them both equally as much. 😌

  7. Loida Guajardo says:

    Logan is more likable? What?! Did I hear that right?

  8. meow says:

    I love Shane but he really did this video badly. The way he portrayed sociopathy and psychopathy is very brief and they only touched upon one type of sociopath. Also, I don’t respect Jake Paul but I feel like it’s really harsh that Shane went as far as speculating that Jake Paul may be a sociopath and trying to diagnose him. It’s really not that simple to tell if someone really is a sociopath and especially explaining something so serious in a brief way, when your audience will now assume basically everyone they meet is a sociopath. This series should be confronting Jake Paul about what he’s done wrong in a respectful way but Shane went about it really badly imo. I’m sure there is something wrong with Jake Paul, but I just feel like this video shouldn’t have been trying to diagnose him.

    It’s really aggravating to read through these comments and see people ignorantly assuming their friends or people they know are sociopaths. It’s so much more distinct than these few traits and so much more specific. I just really wish Shane made sure to portray this illness correctly and had done his research on it beforehand so he knew what questions to ask, and had her go more into detail to make sure viewers are educated on the topic.

  9. Lacy Holman says:


    • Lil Tay says:

      *THE DEAD BODY HE FILMED WAS FAKE THE DEAD BODY WAS AN ACTOR!* TELL SHANE!! Like wtf the Japan police have said it was a staged prank. omg Shane needs to know this about the Paul brothers. I put all the evidence into a youtube playlist for proof for people who had asked! Let Shane know!!

  10. Rachael Cox says:

    Well at least we know Trisha Paytas is in the clear

  11. PENILE says:

    When you see all the 2-20 minutes ago comments with 1k likes and yours with only 4 likes…

  12. Melanie Coto says:

    The Uber driver though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    β€œMy wife”

  13. Leah Addison says:


  14. trisha says:


    its 4am and im alone in the kitchen.

  15. jay desynchronized says:

    Who else thought of the main guy at tanacon

  16. frecklesandwine says:

    Although I appreciate Shane’s talent, I think the dramatic way in which this series was filmed, with the dark/eerie music and different youtuber montages is very over the top and unnecessary. I also don’t think Kati, who seems like a lovely person, is a very credible source given that she’s not even a licensed psychologist and exhibits behavior and language that is often inappropriate given the context. I think she has good intentions and wants to help Shane but throwing around the word “It’s so creepy” “I can FEEL them” and “I don’t think they’re even people” within a professional, clinical context would be totally inadmissible and inappropriate because she is EXAGGERATING a reality for dramatic purposes.

    Most importantly, she doesn’t even clarify the key distinction between psychopathy and sociopathy. The first is extremely rare because it’s born and part of someone’s DNA, whereas the other is bred, often in early childhood. So although sociopathy may be 1/25, psychopathy is much more rare. Generalizing the 9 key terms of psychopathy to then show clips of moments we’ve ALL had of anti-social personality disorder and saying stuff like “maybe a lot of youtubers are sociopaths, maybe my friends are” is really harmful. First, don’t use the words interchangeably, and please make a distinction.

    Second, know what those 9 key terms MEAN and UNDERSTAND that you have to have all of those together to make a psychopath. (You have to exhibit actual lack of remorse; impulsivity and violence; lack of empathy and disregard for others. It can’t just be flashes of this or youtubers who have made mistakes or controversial videos once in a while, or who have just been narcissistic. The behavior has to be long-standing and consistent. Over time, it is easier to diagnose.) But to paint it with such a wide brush like we ALL have some psychopath in us is very damaging and inaccurate. Yes, to some degree, all of us may at times exhibit traits of ASPD. Thats normal. To a degree we all exhibit traits of many personality disorders or mood disorders! But to say you might know a bunch of psychopaths is ridiculous. And to play very dramatic, “scary” music while rolling clips of random celebs and youtubers for dramatic effect while doing so is equally harmful.

    First, find actual credible sources. I’m sure this girl is lovely, but that she had to pull out the DSM 5 to brush up on the basic traits of ASPD is not good; she is not an expert on the field, and she knows it. Second, her use of language/affective behavior is very harmful to Shane (who is an empath and obviously easily emotional, so this is encouraging him, if anything) and to his audience, who may not know much about psychology (which, from the comments, seems like the case.) I just think her careless use of assumptions and language about sociopaths is very dehumanizing on a different scale, and extremely unprofessional in this context, given the influential impact it could have on the young people watching. Learning about people on the ASPD spectrum should be about education and study, not sheer fear and horror movie like clips, music, and language. Because that’s just some stupid inaccurate next level shit.

    ANYWAY, I will continue to watch this series because I did love his past documentaries, and I have hopes he will drop the “act”, but it’s not looking too hopeful, given his past “conspiracy serie” style videos… The other main reason I am going to keep watching is bc I do believe Jake Paul is a sociopath (*note distinction) and that his environment has facilitated his behavior, particularly growing up in such a spoiled environment where this kind of behavior was encouraged. (*cough, his DAD, cough.) I think his brother (again through environment/parenting) also has certain of the lack of remorse qualities and that the brothers have rubbed off on each other in the most negative way possible. This easily happens in sibling rivalries, where brothers/sisters bring out the worst in each other, and in this case the parent is not a buffer, but an enabler of that toxic behavior. I have thought, from the very beginning, before videos started coming out, that Jake Paul was ALWAYS mimicking behavior (tears, sadness, fidgetiness, looking down, seeming remorseful) when posting apology videos, especially since actions speak louder than words and he would keep doing what he did before without skipping a beat. The volatility and impulsivity he exhibits, particularly in his carelessness towards others and himself, is astounding. His belief that he is beyond or above others, especially media and the law, is a narcissistic trait for sure, but the level on which he displays it is more that of a sociopath than just pure selfishness.

    I could go on, and if anyone’s interested, feel free to post questions or ask for more detail below, but the reason I’m so disappointed in these first 2 videos is because I DO believe JP is a sociopath, I think the subject matter should be treated with utmost care, and that there should be actual scans done (because it’s easily detected on a brain wave scan – or whatever the word I’m looking for is, since its not called a CAT scan) and that actual LICENSED psychologist, and not just some youtuber showing waaaay too many emotions and giving such an exaggerated reaction and definition to the term, should be interviewed and accompanying him on this journey. Bc if that’s not done, then this might all turn into a joke where the end message is that he’;s actually just acting and that deep inside he’s a sweetie, and that we all have a little bit of sociopath in us, especially if we’re YTbers! Yes, if you’re in the acting business, or entertainment, you’re more prone to ACTING and ENTERTAINING, but that doesn’t mean you’re a sociopath. Those words are not interchangeable, the same way yes we ALL lie, but we’re all not pathological.

    SIGH, I dunno if there can even be a TL;DR comment for what I just left here, since I’m not the best at shortening, but yeah, those are my thoughts on this series so far! I think that the way he’s making it- with the dramatic zooms and cuts and voiceovers and abundance of “scary” clips- could be potentially really damaging since this is something Jake Paul – from what I believe – actually may have. And to exaggerate it to a point of “horror movie” like clips might discredit the whole thing and have people like “Oh well no, Jake’s obviously not THAT bad!” or the opposite and have people thinking “Wellwait, we’ve all felt that way! Anyone could be a sociopath walking down the street… Haven’t we all wanted fame at some point, and gotten caught up in it? Don’t we all want attention; don’;t we all manipulate sometimes?” The message is just very confusing and unclear and going in too many directions at once without any voice of reason shining through. K, that’s it; thats finally all I have to say about this. (Jesus, right?) I just really don’t appreciate the editing for such a serious topic, and hope everyone – especially young viewers -take what they see here, and more importantly what this “psychologist” is saying with a grain of salt. Cuz a lot of what she said/did would be considered highly unethical if she were in front of a board or group of licensed clinicians.

  17. DailyDrivenExotics says:

    You should have titled the video “Talking about Sociopaths” This had nothing directly on Jake Paul but more just generalization! Moving on….

    • Laura H says:

      its apart of the jake paul series. the whole video is leading up to him and showing a background and showing what theyre really talking about

    • Maleek Mcknight says:

      But the main goal is to interview Jake paul and to find out if he is a sociopath he needs to know the signs and traits to figure out if he is so there was no reason for you to comment this but it’s a free country you can do what you want

    • TizziQ says:

      DailyDrivenExotics Shane literally showed specific examples relating to Jake Paul. Wtf ara you talking about.

  18. Yazmin Romero says:

    Dr Phil??? More like Dr Shane!!!

  19. Emily K says:

    Can we just take a *moment* and appreciate all that this man does…

  20. SoniasWay says:

    Honestly, I don’t care if this documentary is about Jake or anyone else, the way Shane makes these series and the way Andrew edits them, makes it so much fun to watch..I’m completely engrossed πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Btw I try to create videos too but like silly random stuff πŸ€“

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