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  1. Aliyah V. says:

    He really knocked some sense into him literally. don’t forget where you were and how you started and easily can lose it all, always stay humble.

  2. The Rubio Twins Channel says:

    I’m glad it happened this way because for once I actually feel you are being genuine . I’m the same way I went through a reality check . Take care and keep working on yourself , the rest will fall in place

  3. Black Mamba says:

    Gib sent this guy into a Tsukuyomi. The 15 minutes he spent on the ground was an entire 15 years worth of character development arc for him😭😭😭

  4. Jenny Rios says:

    This video definitely made me happy. This is the Austin us ace family members know and love. This is the Austin we miss . It’s true you needed that and you needed to be humbled. I’m glad you learned the lesson & I hope you guys do bring back the old ace family . You guys have helped me through so much and everyone else aswell . We need you guys back . 💙

  5. Nielley Maneafaiga says:

    It’s not that I wanted you to lose, It’s just that the cockiness sold me that you weren’t going to win! I’ve been a fan of you since vine days bro. When you were in college, before Catherine, before all the bigger fame… I just knew this time, wasn’t your time.. you definitely did need that. No matter the outcome, you’re still alive and well.. May God continue to guide and bless you.. THIS STILL ACE FAMILAAAAAYYYY

  6. Katheren Bettermann says:

    God bless you and your family Austin. This message was so vulnerable and real. I appreciate you really opening up and sharing your journey. This lesson has helped me in my life right now and I’m sure it’s helping others. Enjoy time with your family💕

  7. Kelsey Roberts says:

    Remaining humble and kind is much needed in this crazy world. I’m so happy to hear you’re getting back into the OG Ace Family grind. I need some more merch. I had stopped watching for a little bit because it felt it was a different vibe. But now I’m super EXCITED and so ready to see what the future brings. You guys deserve endless happiness. Best wishes! ❤

  8. linnrenz says:

    You are still the man Austin. Loosing is part of the sport, so heads up and be happy. Let the haters hate, the end of the day you still going to shine no matter what. We love you and Catherine, and the kids.

  9. Pankaj Thakkar says:

    This was so inspirational man. So much respect bro. Good luck for everything in the future

  10. Amirah says:

    I miss the old ace family, the videos/pranks that had me rolling in tears. There definitely was a shift in you guys aura and I pray for healing for the family. I hope you guys show up differently.

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