The Day After with Sen. Barbara Boxer | Chelsea | Netflix

The Day After with Sen. Barbara Boxer | Chelsea | Netflix

Now that the election results are in, Chelsea turns to her friend Senator Barbara Boxer to help make sense of it all and find out where we go from here.

The full episode streams on Netflix on Friday, November 11 at 12:01am PST.


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The Day After with Sen. Barbara Boxer | Chelsea | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Amy Sternheim says:

    impeached before he’s sworn in!

    He HAS to put his company into a BLIND TRUST (not his chirldren) or there
    is a HUGE conflict of interest!!

    For the next 4 years watch him like a hawk and hound him just like the
    Birther movement did with Obama!

  2. Kevin McKenna says:

    Thank you Chelsea! Was so upset I couldn’t go to work yesterday. I needed
    to feel the loss and we as a country need to move forward and stand up for
    the values we hold true and dear to our hearts. I am still licking my
    wounds regarding this loss but refuse to give up hope for this country.
    Keep up the good work, kick ass and take names along the way!

  3. Peter Mogensen says:

    Hard not to remember Barbara Boxer in Nevada, talking down to the Bernie
    supporters who had just been cheated by the democratic establishment in
    their effort to stuff an establishment candidate down their throats which
    was *OBVIOUSLY* flawed.

    … If the DNC and the Democratic establishment learn nothing from this,
    they are not a part of the solution.

    Yeah.. Hillary got more votes… but to run against a clueless fact-free
    sociopath shouldn’t even be close.
    All this tells us is that Hillary was the wrong candidate from the
    beginning. Yet… dirty tricks was used all the way to nominate her anyway.

  4. memoryhero says:

    I lean left. And all you others on the left have to confront how
    out-of-sync the left media was with what was about to happen on Election
    Day. The DNC did not *rig* the system, but Wasserman-Schultz and co. leaned
    hard from the *inside* to make the ground as soft for Clinton as possible
    by dint of some broken “its-her-turn” mentality rather than “we need to put
    the best, most orgainically-appealing candidate we can out there –
    *especially* against a populist like Trump”. Instead we put up a
    Frankenstein of insider nonsense who gives more wooden speech deliveries
    than Pinocchio. Charisma counts. Trump remains the idiot and con man I
    painted him as campaign long. But our willingness to accept someone as
    bereft of real connection to the everyday voter and as dripping with
    unsavory surreptitious scandal as Clinton lands on us.

  5. Kevin McLaughlin says:

    Sometimes you need a forest fire to let new things to grow. Fuck the
    establishment. The establishment has been more concerned with growing the
    power and wealth of the elite for the last 30 years than the majority of
    the people who they represent. Trump no matter how wrong headed is the
    result. The democrats have made empty promises for decades to the people in
    those traditionally democratic states that switched. Don’t be surprised
    that these people think Hilary is completely full of shit when she
    especially, and her party, have been proven to be so many times over.

  6. Kevin McLaughlin says:

    Are they really saying that anyone who’s been proven to be a liar shouldn’t
    be able to run? The lack of self awareness is stunning, and I’m not even a
    Trump supporter.

  7. Chrissi says:

    That’s all very well but the so called millenials are also the ones that
    get most influenced by the media, celebrities etc it’s the same brainwashed
    people that call beyonce their queen so I’m not sure how that’s a bright
    look into the future..

  8. angelgodric says:

    so we won the popular vote I feel better about people in this country now.

  9. MrApple says:

    Chelsea Handler a “Millennial”? She is in her damn 40s.

  10. Enrique Casarrubia says:

    The way she sits is harmful for her knee.

  11. Caseys9420 says:

    Remember when Barbara Boxer (a CAL. senator) was sent to Nevada by the DNC
    to fuck over Bernie Sanders and his delegates that had democratically won
    the State. Remember her blowing kisses to the rightfully angry crowd as she
    exited the hall. The next day going on CNN crying that she feared for her
    life and lied to their audience saying Sanders supporters were a crazy
    chair-throwing mob. This Election Babara, is the result when YOU and your
    party prop up an unpopular candidate at all cost.

  12. Brah Sumatra says:

    Chelsea Handler Canada’s this way ——> Will meet you at the border. 🙂
    As for Trump he will drain the swamp imposing term limits and Elites like
    Boxer will be done.

  13. michael glaser says:

    you can hear in her throat holding back her coughing fits

  14. xX_JohnCena_Xx says:

    She wants to get rid of the electoral college. I didn’t see her saying this
    four years ago when obamo lost the popular vote.

  15. General Zod says:

    I am so glad our Founding Fathers made a system that makes it so people
    like this can’t get their way. They don’t want equality, they want

  16. aliciaanne says:

    I love how all these celebrities are boo-hooing. Trump Trump Trump! I’m a
    woman and ecstatic that he won!!!

  17. Constitutionalist says:

    I don’t understand this hysterical reaction.

  18. Fletcher Film says:

    Donald Trump won despite an obviously rigged election.

  19. tom kos says:

    9:26 if you caught lying on camera 3 time you should be disqualified 😀 LOL
    selective ignorance at it best . Such a great example of lefies logic-less

  20. arizonatsunami says:

    Who is Chelsea Handler again?