The Dead Space Remake Is Really Good

The Dead Space Remake Is Really Good

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0:00 Intro
1:53 Express VPN
3:36 Story & Character Changes
7:48 Gameplay Changes
10:05 Visuals & Peformance
14:06 Weapons & Combat
18:41 Critique
21:36 Other Changes
23:51 Closing Remarks
26:18 Amazingly Awesome Patrons

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36 Responses

  1. Indigo Gaming says:

    The fact that I had a hard time differentiating between the OG game and the remake is a testament to how well it’s aged. That being said, I’m excited to try out the new content and tweaks they’ve done to the game on top of the graphical refresh.

  2. Longshotlucky says:

    So, from what I’ve seen, the difficulty with putting enemies down is due to the new flesh system they implemented, where you have to strip the flesh before you can sever the bone itself, along with higher difficulties making this body harder to break down

    • H G says:

      Wait, how is the flesh system any different than how you had to shoot the limb multiple times in the original to sever it

    • Dignus Dingus says:

      So does this mean ggman is wrong about the Flamethrower this time around and that it’s actual use in the Remake is to sort of give other weapons a “damage boost”?

    • JauhnWilks says:

      @Jacob Leukus boop

    • bombomos says:

      I am definitely okay with this. That means it’s all a new challenge that I love to take on

    • RacistFace says:

      Seems to be the reason why the other weapons got a buff. Strip the flesh away with the pulse guns grenade or use the buffed force gun then hit the limbs with a cutting weapon.

  3. BucklingSwashes says:

    Motive clearly has some ridiculously talented technical wizards. DICE constantly fails to release properly working games with their own Frostbite engine, and many other EA studios seem to struggle with it as well; meanwhile, Motive managed to make a polished Star Wars flight sim, and now they have a 3rd person horror game with a seamless world. I’m impressed.

    • MLP Iceberg says:

      I suppose it also helps that EA suits aren’t breathing down their necks like they do with every other studio…

      I’m also a fair bit worried here… either someone at EA was fired and replaced by competency or someone is sick. They’ve had… 5 games come out in 5 years that are actually good? Maybe 6 if Wild Hunt is good. What the fuck is happening with EA?

    • Gustas .Pikturna says:

      @Beavernator most of the people worked after battlefield 5 left ea so new devs were hired but they didnt know how the engine works so that why bf2042 was buggy

    • Autorobo says:

      @Snake We get it, we get it… You got old, and “Mature” so now you gotta look at an objectively amazing remake of a classic game and shit on it, and anyone who enjoys it.

      Only waste of time here was the time you spent telling everyone you thought the game was shit. Just click off to a different video, rather than being an ass.

    • Snake says:

      @HyakkouDoggo And because gaming feels so addictive whether the quality is good or not.

    • HyakkouDoggo says:

      @Snake thats cuz we got old

  4. Rob says:

    The seamless transition between the main menu and gameplay is simply beautiful.

  5. Noctis F says:

    The original really does hold up great. That said, I’m glad to hear that they’ve gotten this remake right.

  6. BucklingSwashes says:

    It seems like the flamethrower is intended primarily for melting away the first few layers on enemies’ limbs and then following up with another weapon to dismember.

  7. AzerYamato says:

    The gaming industry has become so much of a clown that modern EA went 180 and published an actually good game

  8. dontworryboutit says:

    Surprised how well the original still held up visually. I’m looking forward to a 2 & 3 sequel but I’m looking even more forward to the system shock remake.

    • Sozerdote00 says:

      Yeah, there was absolutely no point on making a remake of DS, it just doesn’t need it

    • guy who does stuff says:

      Shock remake is looking really nice, loved the demo

    • dontworryboutit says:

      @Saloz94 considering they made some changes here I wouldn’t be surprised if they completely remade dead space 3 from the ground up. It had some good moments it can still incorporate but hopefully they just remove coop or make it a different campaign and also get rid of those cover shooter sections which don’t belong in the game. Considering how well acclaimed dead space 2 is I’m sure we will be getting more.

    • Saloz94 says:

      Unless part 3 is a brand new game no one is looking forward to it. After all its what killed dead space.

    • Jacob Leukus says:

      A man of culture

  9. Weird Alexander says:

    I think that the flamethrower is more to soften them up then outright defeat. You toast a few, use a different weapon on a different group, and when you turn back to the previous set, they’re as fortified as a marshmallow peep. I mean, your footage showed the crispy ones being taken out by like 3 shots of a full auto weapon, you’ll have ammo for days!

  10. OnePolishMoFo says:

    What a relief. Dead Space is one of my favorites of all time. It’s such a relief to see they treated her right.

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