The DEADLY Physics of Doomfist! | The SCIENCE!… of Overwatch

The DEADLY Physics of Doomfist! | The SCIENCE!… of Overwatch

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DOOMFIST is Finally here! And he is quickly punching his way into our hearts. Or it might be more accurate to say, through our hearts. Because the force behind this dude’s punches is darn right terrifying! I honestly think I’d rather be hit by a car. Why you ask? Well I’ll let Austin answer that one.

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20 Responses

  1. PreheatedCandy says:

    Hello internet

  2. The BrodsterBoy says:


  3. Joy says:

    austen…y u leave shoddycast?

  4. xan carter says:

    A great theory, except Doomfist’s fist appears to have a kinetic shockwave generator, meaning his physical speed, the force of his fist, and the power of impact likely have no relation.Not only that, but if one were to assume logic was used in engineering his arm, that generator probably acts in two stages. The first probably initiates his forward or Upward momentum for his attacks, and the other is likely a detonation just before Impact to damage the enemy while cushioning the forward momentum of his own body.
    It’s also likely that an anti-grav generator is used to negate the excess weight of his arm without losing the potential momentum of it’s mass. That would also explain the delay before his ultimate impacts.

  5. Logan Pugh says:

    All that comes to my mind is…


  6. BlazinSkrub says:

    Austin > Matpat

  7. Kadir Nokay says:

    give me matpat or i will eat you austin

  8. Primal says:

    Whats the background music Austin? (DONT SAY DARUDE SANDSTORM LMAO I ACTUALLY WANT THE SONG NAME thanks)

  9. Greg Moore says:

    Skip to 4:00. Basically he just fanboys over doomfist and complains how bad he is at the game.

  10. Zahed Chowdhury says:

    Get to the darn point!

  11. a_shio says:


    id like to try being fisted by that


  12. Calumaniac says:

    It’s only a game. Why do you have to be mad?

  13. Burrito Gaming says:

    Would you be able to make a video on how strongly Widowmaker was brainwashed?

  14. Lewim189 says:

    Can’t Austin just go back to his old channel? Jesus Christ he’s annoying…

  15. PyRohan says:

    Why can’t they just show us videos like this during science

  16. Jonny awsom3 says:

    I’m only subscribed for austin

  17. McGliga says:

    I think i actually like Austin more than Matpat these days

  18. Darius Herbert says:

    i love this guy 🙂
    although he is a little too obnoxious at times…………..

  19. PennGamer321 says:

    Ok quick tip you don’t like it don’t watch it it is not that hard. Well all the people writing hate comments I would not be surprised you are just are just little 9 year old kid that can’t do 1+1. Also, all the people on this channel have a different kind of videos. Honestly I like all this videos because they actually are highly science related. The thing is, is that I am guessing you just don’t understand science because as I said your probably 9. Finally, as I said in the video if you don’t like his videos don’t watch them honestly no one and I mean no one should receive hate like this. I just hope you people that are leaving hate comments learn some manners and common courtesy. Have a good day to all kind people in the comments the rest of you that just right hate can rot in hell.

  20. Seal Over says:

    I noticed one thing only right now … There are a lot of people that don’t know that nobody forces you to watch a video and that you can simply avoid them 😮

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