The Defenders – Season 1 Review

The Defenders – Season 1 Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Defenders Season 1, starring Charlie Cox, Mike Colter, Krysten Ritter, Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Sigourney Weaver, Elodie Yung, Scott Glenn, Rosario Dawson, Simone Missick.

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20 Responses

  1. BattleUp Saber says:

    Iron Fist displays more emotion in the first scene of this show than in an entire season of his own show.

  2. Sherlock's Bitch says:

    Chris gave B+ , you can thank me now

  3. John Gutierrez says:

    The Defenders is so boring!

  4. Caleb Asbell says:

    STILL no reviews of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, or Legends of Tomorrow.

  5. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Iron Fist and Finn Jones really ruined The Defenders for me. His character is terrible, a spoiled child with kung fu, and the actor is so bad that he not only can’t elevate the awful lines and character he’s given, he actively makes it all worse. And I think for me the thing which most got on my nerves is their decision to use the awful, awful Bourne shaky-cam and tenth-of-a-second Michael Bay cuts for action scenes so that half the time I couldn’t even tell what the hell I was looking at.

    This could and should have been boiled down to a single two-hour movie, and they should have used the cinema verite techniques of the Daredevil action instead of the horrible ADHD rapid-fire cuts of the Iron Fist action. It’s really just baffling why they chose to build the Defenders around their weakest character, actor, series, and editing techniques.

    [Edit: Just wanted to add this bit of criticism I made about the fight scenes a little farther down to the original post.]

    None of the fights properly evoked tension because it was never clear what the stakes were. For instance, Luke and Jessica are bulletproof; are they really at risk from katanas, no matter how skilled the wielder is? Elektra can knock out Luke Cage, but she also punches Daredevil right through a wall and he just gets up and brushes himself off. They build Elektra up into some kind of ultimate bad-ass, but she’s either easily defeating all four Defenders at the same time — or she’s getting one-punched by Jessica, who doesn’t even know martial arts. Without any consistent power- and skill-level to the characters, the fights just felt like they were dependent entirely on a script instead of any sense of internal logic, and that ruins any sense of dramatic tension.

  6. KillingTheJoke says:

    All I want is Wilson Fisk to break the handcuff, grab Murdock and bang him against the table
    *”say her name again”*
    best scene from DD s2 😂😂👌👌

  7. Captain Chaos says:

    This show was mediocre at best! Looking forward to The Punisher, but this show was very underwhelming, with borderline terrible fight choreography acting, and writing.

  8. Thomas Mann says:

    I was so dissapointed with this season! 🙁
    Sigourney Weaver was not intimidating at all. So sad!! 🙁
    The one “Hand guy” was so right, this Iron Fist is the dumbest (formerly dummest) of all the Fists! 🙂 😉
    The song at the “end fight” did not fit at all.
    I liked the chemestry between them 4 though. Jessica Jones (and the actress) is a really refreshing character… 🙂

  9. NightMare says:

    They should have released the final episode ending scene in the first episode of Season 2 to create more suspense. People who already finished it knows what I’m talking about. That way that we don’t actually got to know what happened to him. I was suprised and shocked tbh at first but the ending scene kinda ruined it for me.

  10. The Hellfire Club! says:

    A great show that remains grounded and subtle. The Defenders is not meant to be over the top, cgi infested, series. It is a show that deals with real human emotion and the four deal with different yet empathetic issues. And it’s this reason why CW have been overtaken by Marvel Netflix. The acting was great, the story was good and the fight scenes (especially with Charlie Cox and Fin Jones) were excellent.

    Bring on season two.

  11. El Richard says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that stick was one of the best characters of these shows

  12. 91123MANUTD says:

    Iron Fist may actually be dumber than a five year old

  13. Croz Raven says:

    I’ll be honest it’s average and a little bit lukewarm. A lot of chit chat filler scenes and the story/plot crumble in episode 6. Episode 7 & 8 are unfortunately really bad in the story department. As for the action scenes, it’s good but idk why it feels lack of intensity in it. Elektra as Black Sky should be a lot more powerful and godlike. Again Daredevil and the stick are the best part of this show, Luke Cage and JJ are fine, and as for Iron fist at least he’s less annoying and his interactions with Luke Cage helped a lot. Though he should be at least improved or learned with more consistent glowing hands (yes, it should be both hands too) at this point, maybe after meeting with The Stick.

  14. IRelentless says:

    just give me the punisher already

  15. Aurkin95 says:

    Spoilers sort of. Am i the only one that thought matt and jessica hade some romatic feelings at the end of the show?

  16. Hey Zuz says:

    Writing was terrible. Fight scenes are mediocre expect Daredevil’s. Elektra whooping Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s ass?!?! Fuck outta here… The main villain wasn’t intimidating at all, I don’t even remember the bitches name… Daredevil playing ‘Captain save a hoe’ at the end was ridiculous. Madam Gao was annoying. Luke Cage or JJ could’ve easily knocked that old bitch out. Luke Cage getting tossed around like he’s not the Unbreakable Bulletproof Man?! Then there’s the Iron Fist getting his ass handed to.

    The fight scene where they all first come together was fucking awesome though! Charlie Cox did his thing.


  17. thewhatness says:

    I was completely underwhelmed by Alexandra as a villain. At no point did I believe she was the head honcho of The Hand.

  18. I'M BATMAN says:

    Now Marvel Studios could bring Defenders to MCU by making Tony Stark give Misty Knight her gold arm…

  19. Delightful Addition says:

    I think they should have gotten someone else to play Iron Fist for both the show Iron Fist and The Offenders. I am not even one that think that the Iron Fist show was the worst thing ever, but it is clear that the person they chose to play him and the angle they took were not the best. Even the body type of the actor does not match up with the build of the Iron Fist in the comics.

  20. Spicy Pickel says:

    Am I the only one who liked this show a lot and didn’t seem to hate it like most people in these comments

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