The Demon In My House

The Demon In My House

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66 Responses

  1. shane says:

    I hope you guys like the new video!! :)) im so excited to make a horror movie. im gonna put my whole heart and soul into it. :)) if you want more horror videos on my channel let me know!! 🙂 id love to make them!

  2. vasavki L says:

    after 6 months..

    evryone thinks shanes dead

    he come with horror movie

  3. N H says:

    Ok so here is a theory this is an observation so I could be really wrong. This shadow man could have been there the whole time but because you felt safe it wasn’t as strong. But when you started writing the film it gained energy because you were diving into paranormal further than you have been before( because you don’t want to do the film half assed) the next bit could be two different things.

    1. The shadow man is trying to show you areas where other spirits are getting in touch e.g the hand on the blind thing and the loud bang when you where in bed. The shadow man walked up the stairs next to the blind and the bang happened in the same room( I think ) that your neck was grabbed. Showing something was reaching out quite literally and maybe the man was trying to get you to be cautious.

    2. Kind of the opposite. Trying to get you to accept other people in by building fear in those areas. The hand being something reaching out and the shadow man trying to get you to fear the area and accept that there is something there. As well as showing it to your friends so it could be feared more.

    I think not only did your grandma want you to see things but I think it’s because she is trying to show you what’s happening and who are trying to get into the house. For the gym that sound could have been again something reaching out and the shadow man making it more significant. Either again to get you to accept something in or to show that there are many people trying to get inside your home. Sorry if I rambled or seemed repetitive but I think something like that could be happening. It will be hard to get them to leave but making sure that not only you but also your friends and family don’t give it attention and tell them they are not welcome. This could backfire and make them angrier( sorry I know you won’t want to hear it) but It could also make it harder because of your film. Anyways, I’m looking forward to your film and I wish you all health and safety. Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Edit: just thought of this! The hand at the back of your neck could be something that knew you felt controlled when that happened. Maybe to make you feel trapped in this situation. I’m not sure just a thought Xxx

  4. Kelly Unicorn says:

    Imagine Buzzfeed unsolved boys checking Shane’s house

  5. StupidSloth29 _ says:

    “Honey was ….. snackin” “Carole baskin”

  6. Carolina Barretto says:

    As you start trying to connecting the dot and following the “clues” that are being given to you, this spirit will try to communicate with you even more. Now, no matter what you wanna do, do NOT use a ouija board, cause it invites even more spirits to your house, and they’ll want you to talk to them, because they’re “lonely”, needing to talk, so to get your attention, they’ll start moving thing at your house. Be careful Shane…

    • whydo ucare says:

      doors that are opened can be wedged and kept open with enough forces or a powerful enough force even when you attempt to close that door demons and multiple spirits are powerful and can stay in this realm and leave that door open by force

    • Space Giraffe says:

      OOoh, so using ouija board is basically like doxing yourself, yeah, don’t do it Shane

    • whydo ucare says:

      gray witches really? a witch?

    • Mary Argenziano says:

      I just told him to stop whatever it is the he’s doing to entertain it.

    • Morgan Warren says:

      I play with ouija boards all the time. I’ve been doing it for years and nothing bad has ever happened. The stigma around them is kind of annoying lmao.

  7. Bri Glossin says:

    Ok so I looked up the painting : her name was Irene Cahen d’Anvers and was 1 of 3 daughters born to a wealthy Jewish banker. She married her first husband and had 2 children before converting to Catholicism and remarrying someone else. Her son was a pilot and was shot down and killed in WWI. Her daughter Beatrice married someone and had children and lived in Paris at the time of Nazis invasion. They were all sent to Auschwitz and killed. Irene, the little girl in the painting, hid behind her new Italian last name and catholic faith and was able to survive the Nazis invasion along with her other sister. The portrait itself was stolen when her childhood home was raided and it was traded between some generals in the Axis powers. Eventually, it was liberated (along with some other works) by the Allied forces and eventually Irene was able to get it back. She sold it again to Emil Georg Bührle who was an art collector and arms manufacturer. After his death, the painting, and the rest of his collection, was put into the Foundation E.G. Bührle where it has been on display since 1956.

    • Bri Glossin says:

      flutemood I’m not sure about Shane’s ancestry, but if he was related in someway that would be crazy. It would also explain why this picture keeps popping up

    • JIN says:

      @Truthseeker Youtube occasionally saves your timestamp (in case your power goes out or whatever, it’s just a way to save you time when you come back to watch the video later) and will play the video from the most recent timestamp saved. If your wifi is a little slower at that moment, it doesn’t save to give you more loading power. Nothing supernatural, just youtubes code.

    • Bri Glossin says:

      Truthseeker woooaaah that’s really weird, especially because I didn’t include a time stamp in my comment.

    • Blayze Garcia says:

      Demon Unicornzz probably a copy & not the original

    • Lee and the AG Community says:


  8. Harrietdoesnt says:

    This is a petition for shane to set up a camera overnight in the house

  9. Nerdiest Nerd says:

    “ nooooooo not my lemon” ryland Is so precious some times

  10. ok lol says:

    When you’re thinking about scary things your mind starts to play tricks on you amplifying your fear. So if you do have something in your house it’s probably feeding of that fear.

    • Anna V says:

      And the attention of this video too 😳. I just to love watching scary movies, videos etc. Till things started happen in real lif. After blessing my hoise I realized ignoring this things is the best or It will get whorst.

    • Anna Beatiz Bento Moreira says:


  11. Aidan’s Life says:

    Shane: demons follow him wherever he goes…

    Me: my cat doesn’t even come to me when I call it 👁👄👁

  12. Celia 188 says:

    When Shane said that someone grabbed his neck in bed that really freaked with me because a few nights ago I went to bed quite late and I heard my cat and I called him to come snuggle me. A few seconds later I felt his feet on my legs so I looked up and he wasn’t even there.

  13. Harrietdoesnt says:

    Plot twist: shanes the demon in his house

  14. 25K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge says:


    Shane: *Making everyones quarantines better*

  15. stephaniecheddar says:

    Conspiracy theory: this is Shane’s scary movie

  16. Riana Hamzi says:

    Shane: *there’s a demon in my house*

    Ryland: “garden touuuuur”

  17. R A I D E N says:

    No one:

    The demons; *changes Shane’s diet root beer into regular*

  18. Tyler Black says:

    Shane: *Holding sharp Knife and whispers into it* “I love you”

    Also Shane: “I don’t know why people think im a serial killer”

  19. Jessica The fox says:

    Shane dawson: “The Shadow Man”
    Me: Corey is shaking

  20. Julia Black says:

    what if shane is opening a trauma he forgot by writing the story? a lot of people forget traumatic situations because they don’t want to remember them…maybe he’s remembering now

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