The Demon Priest of Mission Solano

The Demon Priest of Mission Solano

Is this historic house of God really home to a demonic force?

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59 Responses

  1. rm biased; forever rain says:

    Im convinced shane is the real demon

  2. Alexia says:

    Shane, HOW DARE you not say “hey demons, it’s me, ya boi” in spanish ??? A signature trademark indeed smh #disappointed

  3. Emma Burke says:

    For post mortem: Ryan, if you believe in ghost do you also believe that there are ghost dinosaurs?

  4. Constelation Cloud says:

    A ghost bear sounds more plausible than a heroin avocado pit

  5. Get Crafty Crafty says:

    12:08 I was ready for Ryan to say “show me what you got”.

  6. buzz says:

    The ghost didn’t say yesssssss it said yaaaaasssssss

  7. George Phan says:

    20:27: My name is Ryan

    Demon: *my name Jeff*

  8. random person says:

    The day they’ll find a ghost will be the day when the name of the channel will change to BuzzFeed finally solved.

  9. Jannah Osman says:

    The only Padre y’all need to care about is Padre Thomas that you’re always disappointing.

  10. Sari says:

    “Well maybe there’s like a delay? Maybe it’s like skype.”

  11. ac is gay says:

    ryan, sobbing from fear: hola,,,,amigos

  12. Revina Que says:

    #postmortem Could you guys talk more about your experiences after leaving the haunted sites? Ryan mentioned that he’s lost sleep because ghosts/demons followed him home. What exactly happened, and after which investigations? And did Shane experience the same things?

    • Farrah Farmer says:

      I’d doubt Shane has ever experienced anything ‘paranormal’

    • Rowena Williams says:

      Revina Que I think it was after the Sallie house. For the next few weeks he would wake up around the same time I think he said around 3 or 4 in the morning and feel as though someone was whispering something to him very loudly. And one time he woke up and saw blood dripping down his girlfriends face but it wasn’t actually there. He said he got himself blessed after that and the nightmares stopped.

    • Victoria Guevara says:


  13. buzz says:

    Shane commanded the demon to turn the light off and it did…..all I am saying is Shane is satan

  14. Isa Kreul says:

    Of course they don’t do anything to Shane, he’s their boss.

  15. Mitch Lozada says:

    Ghost Bear?!?!? “Do you know my friend and war heroΒ Wojtek??”

  16. Holly Morrell says:

    For the next season of true crime you should do the Madeleine McCann β€œkidnapping” , I want to know what happened!!!

  17. John Smith says:

    Respect to Ryan. He’s clearly shitting his pants but still does it

  18. Kierra Tatum says:

    Do the disappearance of the Malaysian airline flight number 370 pleeaassee

  19. Ana Bonilla says:

    Ryan yelling QUΓ‰ at the spirit box is the quality content i’m here for

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