The Dinosaur Tier List

The Dinosaur Tier List

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Documentaries used:
Leaps in Evolution (CuriosityStream)
The Ballad of Big Al (BBC)
Walking with Dinosaurs (BBC)
Planet Dinosaur (BBC)
When Dinosaurs Roamed America (Discovery)
Dinosaur Revolution (Discovery)

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79 Responses

  1. DUB ZILLA says:

    I feel like t Rex knew it wasn’t cool to go for the arms like guys know it’s not cool to kick another dude in the groin

  2. Grand King of Calamity says:

    Please, we all know the fabled Indominus rex was clear S tier. I saw that thing take down several sauropods at once, Apatosaurs.

    Not really though, we all know the Indominus rex was an April fool’s joke.

  3. PizzaRyan 2487 says:

    I love TierZoo so much. Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. Family Shands says:

    Tierzoo: Spinosaurus is in D tier.

    The people who think that a spino can kill a t-rex: *_hold up_*

    • Jaden Karpoff says:

      But.. but… muh JP3! Muh largest terrestrial carnivore in history!!!

    • Derf says:

      @darkdragon99 Agreed. I never saw him make a mistake before but Spino on D tier is too low. They had huge claws to supplement bite attacks.

    • Felix With no mau says:

      darkdragon99 no it is not.

      Spinosaurus is not a good hunter and it is clearly not well adapted for land since it’s legs were to short and weak making spinosaurus a very clumsy animal on land.
      And it’s narrow jaw was too fragile to actually bite competitors, the best spino had was to use it’s size and to hope that it will scare the competition, because if not the other predators like carcharodontosaurus would shred him.

    • FabledJaguar7 says:

      Me:realizes there’s still people who can think spino could kill T. rex
      Also me:say syke right now!

    • unicorn guy says:

      We should talk about my boi Big Al as well

  5. Yash Nanda says:

    Lol did you just say “*ONLY* had the bite force of a lion”

    Man dinos were fun !!

  6. Gaiden Castro says:

    Trending for gaming…
    He got the YouTube algorithym, too

  7. Gaiden Castro says:

    Tierzoo, can you make a tier list of alternative mains for lower-tier builds?

  8. Brutaltronics says:

    “Bro I’m such a powerful theropod I can afford to eat only plants”

  9. Anthony Lopez says:

    Apparently everyone in the comment section is a dinosaur expert.

    • PandaLovesYou says:

      @Smearix * wdym its in area 51

    • Zushi Navalta says:

      @Ralphie H i havent studied biology nor paleontology i just think theres a lot of holes in this episode. But its 16 minutes long, and i clicked it the moment i saw it. But theres a lot of holes in it but its 16 minutes long

    • Ralphie H says:

      Zushi Navalta we’re not reptiles because the definition of reptile now excludes all of our ancestors. But non-avian dinosaurs are basically always classified as reptiles in taxonomy. Your belief that they’re not reptiles is a very fringe idea.

    • Felix With no mau says:

      Zushi Navalta i do see a hole on this video and that is putting carcharodontosaurus above t rex.

      T rex’s crushing bite was better than anything carcha could dish out, i mean bleeding an enemy is not a very good strategy specially when said animal can fight back because the animal will still be alive once it takes the bite, but on t rex’s case the bite would straight up kill the animal and leaving it dead with just one bite making the probability of getting wounded lesser.

      Also t rex did not need arms because it’s jaw was just too strong, as it it was pretty much a death sentence to get bit by it.

    • P.R.B. says:

      LMAOOO bro dinosaurs are so cool I think people are just interesting ?? but that is still hilarious

  10. Merlin tym says:

    “Names carcharodontosaurus as the A tier carnivore”
    *carnotaurus main*
    I recognize the council has made their decision. But since that is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it.

    • Merlin tym says:

      @Mister Bubs
      But carno does it better, with more style.

    • Alan Duncan says:

      Speed was one of the best stats in the meta at the time since stealth tactics were still fairly primitive at the time and everything else was so slow. Carnotaurus rivaled even the raptors in top speed and could run away from larger theropods, whilst still being big enough to hunt sauropods due to their horns, which along with their charging speed enabled a damage multiplier high enough to be their main source of damage so they didn’t have to worry as much about bite force.

      The Carno was one of the best builds because it struck a good balance between agility and power. It’s stamina was also impressive compared to other large theropods.

    • Tang David says:

      Carno is a noob player who spent real money on cash shop items for the horn cosmetic, which provides no strategical benefit.

    • Merlin tym says:

      @Tang David
      Except he his basically an allosaurus with higher base stats, maxed speed AND unique cosmetics.

    • Kevin Stephenson says:

      SinovenatorSam YT that problem was irrelevant in the area it lived. It lived in open plains not forests.

  11. Zeke Spears says:

    The Sauropod Strat:

    Be big.

  12. MWB Gaming says:

    I knew there was no way spino could beat rexy

  13. BoojumFed says:

    I still get the warm fuzzies whenever I’m reminded that “Thagomizer” is official…

    • Chuck Solutions says:


      Okay so I remember a farside from years ago that talked about this. Thagomizer was named for poor Thag (cave man hunter, its farside the comic strip, not actual science) who got one shotted by the ol steggy tail.

      Is that really where this comes from? I could google but the ensuing conversation would be more enjoyable.

    • Kano Slayer says:

      @Chuck Solutions it is

    • BoojumFed says:

      @Chuck Solutions It _is_ ! Farside had/ has a huge following in academia (all those comics making fun of stupid scientists go over really well for all but the most obnoxiously stuck up scientists, I guess) and the stegosaurus’s tail spikes never had an official term (outside of ‘the stegosaurus’s spikey tail’), so ‘Thagomizer’ has been creeping into academic papers and documents ever since.

      Gary Larson (Farside creator) also has a species of louse and a species of South American butterfly named after him, too!

    • Kalashinator says:

      @Chuck Solutions Yep. Bunch of cavemen in a lecture hall with one at the projector pointing out the thagomizer…named after the late Thag Simmons.

    • kengle1 says:

      So this

  14. LoveJester says:

    The Land Before Time was the story of a roaming underleveled gank squad grinding out XP during ‘The Great Earthshake’ community event and had to contend with a particularly vicious Tyrannosaurus main named ‘Sharptooth’.

  15. dude bro says:

    Me: *reads Tierzoo notification and notices the word “dinosaur”
    Never clicked on a video so fast…

  16. rodrigo_pereira.mp3 says:

    14:05 I’ll have nightmares with that thing chasing me through a dark alien forest

  17. UmerZumer says:

    This is #19 in trending for gaming?? Never thought the game would get so popular!

  18. ThePantsJizzer says:

    Everybody gangsta until a sauropod goes bipedal.

  19. Diamond Army says:

    Dinosaurs: Start going extinct

    Mammals: Its free real estate

  20. Art- -kay says:

    If we humans actually cooperated we could have unlocked lazer eyes by now smh

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