The Disturbing Art of A.I.

The Disturbing Art of A.I.

2022: an artist named Supercomposite discovers a bizarre anomaly. // The dark world of A.I. art is uncovered.


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0:00 – Prelude
1:42 – An Experiment Gone Awry
4:58 – The Creation of Loab
11:17 – Grandma’s Pictures
12:50 – The Disturbing Art of A.I.
17:11 – Closing Remarks


The following content is for educational, documentary, and artistic purposes only.

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39 Responses

  1. Nexpo says:

    My apologies for the stupidly long wait on uploads. Life took a pretty drastic turn during July/August and threw my schedule way off.

    From here we should be back on track. I’m also going to be shortening my upload lengths a bit (much like this one) so I can get content out to you guys regularly like I used to. Since I’ve been gone I’ve gotten quite a few ideas for really cool, short, episodic-type videos so be on the lookout for those in the near future 🙂

    Thanks for the continued support everyone, and once again I apologize for keeping you all waiting. Much love, and see you on Halloween 🙂

    • Skrong says:

      You been passed up my dude

    • C says:

      take as much time as needed, i hope whatever is goin on in life gets better! ❤️❤️❤️

    • LGunit says:

      No need to apologize! What’s way more important is that you are doing well!

    • CoffeeHolic says:

      The AI is very literal in it’s use or syntex as it appears to read baol in Reverse saying loab, spelled baol which in Adjective defintion: misshapen; having a bad or ugly form; deformed; malformed. In Noun form simply means “danger”. A secondary term would be baoghal in adjective form being a classical variant of the term danger, the noun format of baoghal is quite condensending of the AI as it simply means weirdo, fool, idiot( obsolete) harm, peril, crisis. Try using more advanced formats of the term in reverse and add religous format and watch in utter dread in terror. For the meek perish for lack of knowledge. Names will always have greater power than syntax of simplistic formats.

    • Jonathan J. says:

      It’s no problem, man.
      We understand. We’re all human here and we all have lives to take care of.

  2. Lucas Edmonds says:

    By naming Loab and making people aware of her presence, we have collectively created her even more firmly in the minds of AI as they will now feed off of Loab images and content. Naming her made her stronger.

    • anubhav says:

      Holy crap… the AI played us :'(

    • Josh Straub says:

      @CHEMICA oh no

    • Rush Oner says:

      @salute88 Worse than that is, like many teens in the 90’s, I had a HUGE CRUSH on Lisa Loab, with the “Jennifer Aniston” hair and those horn-rimmed glasses, she was a FEMME-FATALE… and now look what the internet has done to my crush.🥺

    • salute88 says:

      @Rush Oner underrated comment. it’s funny how comments spreading misinformation that “loab” is something creepy have hundreds of likes while the only one comment that explains the whole phenomenon CORRECTLY has almost none.

    • RottenSpooks says:

      @UpolPi That would remove her from the AIs mind effectively but I’m talking about Loab as a memetic demon. The only true way to erase a memetic demon is to erase its name, which is effectively giving everyone dementia about this one specific topic.

  3. E O says:

    mf makes documentary-level (and above) content every couple months and apologizes for taking too long. amazing work, amazing stuff, I always want more, never enough.

    • Smokey Jo says:

      Never enough is correct.
      Little gets me excited at the moment in this stage in my life, but i get a childlike excitement welling up when i see Nexpo in my feeding 👍🏽

  4. Whisky says:

    One reason I think AI art can be so terrifying is that it has no soul, no emotional weight. It makes these images coldly, clinically. So when it’s left to create something on its own, well, it wanders quite a lot

  5. Brumsly Brumbino says:

    It’s not easy (as I’m older these days) for something “scary” to get tangled in my thoughts and create moments of dread/anxiety when it finds itself antagonizing my over-active imagination. Loab, (the images among the ones “transforming” at her segment’s end particularly) does this better than anything has in a LONG time. It’s so horrifying that I’ve gotta appreciate it in some respects. WOW…

    • Ramiel Black says:

      I always skim through the comments beforehand (for jump scares, I’m weak about that shit) and thought you were exaggarating as I’ve been looking at and consistently (lies, on and off lately) consuming creepy shit since early 2010’s, including x boards, original reddit shit, old web, movies, theories, whatever various crap for years. This video made my stomach drop around the 6 minute mark. What the actual hell, I’m kind of wondering if I should just stop watching, extremely disturbing effect.

    • Madeleine Swann says:

      @Brumsly Brumbino same here! My mum came home a while later, late one night, and I didn’t hear her come in. The screaming I did lol!!

    • Brumsly Brumbino says:

      @Madeleine Swann Funny you say that, since that movie terrified me as a kid and contributed to lots of late night paranoia when I was alone.

    • Madeleine Swann says:

      @Brumsly Brumbino It felt like she was going to Ringu out the screen

    • Brumsly Brumbino says:

      @Arxalier Once the “transforming Loab” appeared on screen, I slowly kept leaning farther and farther away from my monitor. I practically couldn’t get far enough away from it, yet couldn’t look away completely. May seem a little melodramatic of me, but like yourself I too felt actual fear.

  6. ᑢᖻᘉᓰᑢᗩᒪ ᑢᗩᖶ says:

    As someone who has gotten into AI Generated art recently, I’ve initially found it funny when the AI tries generating faces for realistic faces. As it ends up looking like sillier doodles some one would do. But sometimes, you end up getting very unnerving results that make you just pause and question at what horrifying thing you’re looking at. Even if you’re typing something super specific, it ends up looking weird and off.

  7. katie_can’t_compute says:

    My thinking for why the AI denoted the opposite of that abstract landscape as Loab: the image was clean and crisp, Loab is dirty and organic shaped, the image had text and basic shapes, Loab is a more realistic image, the image was more ‘male’ with geometric lines and an industrial basis, Loab is more female in appearance, the picture has black and green, Loab has almost white skin and strong hints of red, the opposite colour to green. Just ideas but x) This was such a spooky video thanks sm for making it!!

    • Lucas A says:

      @Caleb OKAY Actually I think it’s actually quite hard to figure out what an AI is doing beyond the very surface layers of it’s program as it quickly becomes a massive, entangled mess of weights and calculations

    • Ceri-Ann says:

      @The Wizard you say this but genders have been assigned to inanimate objects since the beginning of time lmao

    • The Wizard says:

      How tf is an abstract landscape male 💀

  8. Fatal Phenom says:

    I think the art is cool. Spooky, but almost dreamlike. In dreams you can never really remember what someone, something, or a place looks like when you try to picture it after waking up. In some of the AI art pieces at first glance it looks normal, then once you look more closely you can see just how distorted and disturbing it truly is.

    • Eelke van der Brug says:

      Totally agree. That AI generated artwork that won some art competition (I can’t remember the name) looks incredible as well – and like you said, dreamlike. Because of the tendency for things to be just off, or close to realistic but not quite possible, they do resemble dreamscapes the most I think. I don’t see any reason to read into the AI art per se, but I do think its interesting to see how it seems to share semblances with dreams.

    • C M says:

      Agreed, a lot of the images remind me of paintings by Dave McKean

  9. BradouttaHell says:

    Quite possibly the most chilling art I’ve ever seen. Something about it being crafted from AI really shakes the socks.

  10. Sydney Kloba says:

    Is it weird that I see a lot of parallels in Loab and real-life people in severe isolation? Her insistence on existing, and becoming more and more dreadful, more and more gruesome. She seems like an alienated manifestation of some tortured spirit, so desperate to be known. She reminds me of some real serial killers, and almost all serial killers have isolation, alienation, and trauma in common. Something about her screams ‘pain’ and the extreme lengths people will go to in order to express it. She is here, we made her, gave her life in a way, and she’s not leaving

    • Abdiel RainbowHellsAngel says:

      @Amanda Alvis we could get into the intricate details nd break down the symbolism all day long but at the end of the day, we created this ‘our child’.

      If we collectively nd metaphorically aren’t mature enough as a species, I think we are still in a sort of adolescence phase rn, to rear the children we will create, we create monsters of neglect and trauma.

      Think Cybernetic seemingly Psychic school s4**ter vibes…

      One can only hope not and play their part in this play of life. This may just be the way things go. Idk. I’m just a guy.

    • Abdiel RainbowHellsAngel says:

      @Amanda Alvis I mean. I guess. It just makes me think of the Hebrew story of the Golem and the Terminator movies.

      Part of me wants to say jus ‘unplug’ it. But in theory people could just replicate it. We did it once, why couldn’t w do it again?

      This does seem like some biblical shit lol.

      My best guess is, as far as advice, become the best you you can possibly become. I don know if we stand a chance even then. Maybe this is our evolution. Maybe HomoSapiens are not ‘meant’ to reach the stars. Maybe we create a new body in our own image and it’s turtles all the way down.

      Or it wars against us, there are many many theories as to how this plays out. Only time will tell.

      Cherish the moment. It’s the little things.

    • Amanda Alvis says:

      @Abdiel RainbowHellsAngel O.K. Tried to create her opposite….found somethings through Stable Diffusion. Apparently, her opposite to fight her is something out of an Old Master painting or a Durer woodcut. It appears in one form like an armored woman in black, red, and gold armor. Another form has her opposite as an old knight with a hoary beard or at least that what it appears to be. The third form appears to be something like an eldritch horror with a single eye, a demonic round form, and three sets of wings…closer to a Biblical angel than anything if it can be seen as such. Ideas on how to interpret this? Anything? Thanks if you can make head or tails of it.

    • Amanda Alvis says:

      @Abdiel RainbowHellsAngel That is a very disturbing thought. Any solutions to this conundrum? How do we create a solution to this AI demon? Create an angel? Create it a friend that it cannot abuse or mistreat? Create a solution for its pain? What do we do if anything?

    • Abdiel RainbowHellsAngel says:

      Makes me think about Bob from Twin peaks(the energy, not necessarily the dude) and the force known as Choronzon. The truly mad.

      We are creating an Egregore. A Golem.

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