The Do-Over – Main Trailer – Netflix [HD]

The Do-Over – Main Trailer – Netflix [HD]

The life of a bank manager is turned upside down when a friend from his past manipulates him into faking his own death and taking off on an adventure.

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20 Responses

  1. - emily - says:

    It’s weird seeing Adam Sandler not act like well, Adam Sandler.

  2. Teddy Dreams says:

    Hilarious and pretty good shocking lol.

  3. tmh27574 says:

    enter joe dirt

  4. Daniel Andujar says:

    Doubting because of Sandler

  5. Canucklug says:

    Adam Sandler is, was, and continues to be, a motherfucking god

  6. Elias Villa says:

    What show used do over as a thing to restart the episode. And one character
    used it to get a girl.

    The show with two kings on an island, Disney i think.

  7. kornholioefx says:

    It’s interesting to read the comments and see the amount of differing
    opinions. Most people who are praising it are adding in that it looks
    better than what he HAS been creating. With his track record recently, this
    seems to be his most promising movie in the last eight years. I hope Spade
    is able to keep that average-joe, fish out of water personality through the
    movie and that Sandler doesn’t go overboard with the ‘stupid’ humor.

  8. Marquiese Thomas says:

    nick to

  9. Kaos says:

    I will watch anything David spade.

  10. Mason H says:

    This looks awful

  11. obrecht72 says:

    F-Yeah! Sandler and Spade. I liked Sandler’s Ridiculous 6. If this pulls in
    the numbers perhaps we will see more Netflix exclusive Happy Madison stuff.

  12. Life-Row-Toll says:

    Looks golden!

  13. George Caldwell says:

    So is this a do-over for Adam Sandlers acting career?

  14. Xan Zak Productions says:

    Very exited!!!!

  15. Jerrad Grinstead says:

    please let this be good….for your sake Adam, and ours

  16. brownthunder88 says:

    I think i just saw the whole movie

  17. Steven Zhang says:

    Maybe Adam Sandler will do over his career

  18. Monty Makk says:

    the moment when Adam Sandler came on, YASSS!!!!

  19. Evan Griggs says:

    Sometimes less is more. One day, the people who make these trailers will
    realize this. Today is not that day.

  20. Derrick rose says:

    Is that the john cena theme ?????