The Drake Situation

The Drake Situation

Sorry guys, the recipe wasn’t real.



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39 Responses

  1. Repzion says:

    The fact that you managed to get Drake to leak his own DM’s is gold, man. such a chess move

  2. Dep Ice Cream says:

    This entire situation still feels so unreal. Drake really did that bruh😭

    • _Polyavien_ says:

      @daedae1522 Because of the context. Drake responded in this matter about a joke over vegan cookies. 😂

      It’s embarrassing how butt-hurt Drake is over this.

    • daedae1522 says:

      @Jimmy1982*Playlists all of you do this ? It’s called twitter comments etc. Why can’t someone speak their minds like this was ?

    • Jimmy1982*Playlists says:

      I’m shocked by the people who are surprised by this… _this is exactly who the dude has always been!_ 🤣 Glad he’s being exposed – by himself lol

  3. TheStashOfNash says:

    I just cannot imagine having all the fame, the money, the followers, the attention, the cars, the success, and having the gall to DM a music critic with the most corny fucking line of all time, and then post that shit publicly. Drake never learned how to ignore the haters, that’s what makes him a wimp. A true baby.

    • Pope George Ringo says:

      @Unholylemonpledge Lmao are babies an oppressed demographic? “Ageist” xD

    • we says:

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    • Kevrolld says:

      Reminds me of Curry. Most overrated player of all-time awarded by monopolizing cake walks & cheating a dying league. Kevin Durant + 6 All-Stars saving them & turning a poverty bum street-pooing franchise into the Golden St KDs is the forgotten team’s greatest feat.

    • Kevrolld says:

      @Quest3XL nothing to do with money nephew, have fun reflecting your irl awkward weirdo persona onto other ppl tho💀🤡😂

  4. Sphire says:

    Honestly dude, I often disagree with your opinions. But, damn, you handled this situation just perfectly and you if nothing else gained my respect and a subscriber.

    • Thomas Garcia says:

      @Christian George nah this dudes opinions are awful for the most part. at the end of his day its his OPINION. Objectively swimming and house of balloons are prob some of the best albums of the 2010s. MBDTF is not a 6 i mean the list goes on and on.

    • Chris says:

      @Stefan Fortig I honestly believe drake will have to explain those dms, everyone is going to want to know what he meant exactly, bad pr, no one is going to care about any of his music until he responds but knowing drake he will likely do it in his music, probably with some free stuff and then later with an album about how much he cares about black women and their sovereignty, nightmare stuff for someone who really talks to the media, such a blunder

      if you think back to pusha t and all that, he addressed multiple times over a long period of time, those dms are going to be treated the same way not that anyone cares about drakes music anymore, so that will help his troubles, he might as well start on the interview circuit, make like jay-z and start commentating at least, his outside businesses are terrible, it is time he moved on and created a new image for himself already

      I think his commentary on music might be very well received if he made like a YouTube or something as a music critic, Nicki has a show and she does music, makes a lot of sense for people who are fizzling

      also his music has been going downhill for a long long time, honestly he ought to be glad it lasted as long as it did, when people say I like the beats he picks for years as one of the highest forms of praise, the rapper has lost their appeal by then, that is why it is not unnatural for rappers to turn toward advocating social change, because that makes them relevant again, drake never did he coasted for years, it had to end eventually

      actually I think it can be argued his music genre changing was a form of advocating social change, but then he kept going back to the same well, and that does not work, if he cares so much about dance hall he has to stick with dance hall, not do one album of it and leave it alone, so that just seems tone deaf, seems totally wrong

      its like oh this is the new drake, dance hall, oh, no, that was one side of drake, I mean there are infinite sides to drake it seems and none of them say anything about drake, I mean think of how many artists successfully cross genres, being good at emulating a genre is not enough, it has to be authentic, and going from dance hall to techno, no one is buying that, those are way too different

      then the audience wonders just how authentic the hip hop was, if this guy did hip hop, but loves techno so much that 10 plus years in he does a techno album, that does not feel right after he explored dancehall, one genre change an artist, that is the leeway artists have, Wayne with rock music, drake with dancehall, it can not go on forever, and drakes fake confidence it had people believing everything he was saying like lavar, such a saga though

    • Chris says:

      @cousinnvlad you do not like it and I understand that, let it pass you by my friend, we all take the wrong roads sometimes but many of us find our way back, you have all the time in the world to do what you want to do and you are the least of my concerns because you have yourself looked after, for anyone else still deciding or wondering, they get to read what I write online too, it is not only you who will see it and that I considered before

      Side note just wait until he has a totally different attitude in the future and simply wants to forget how he was in the past, when it stops working, people tend to regret what they do, no shortage of irony there

    • Stefan Fortig says:

      for real. we can all disagree on his takes on music, but he handled it like a pro. imagine trying dissing a music critic with his own rating system, only for said music critic to leave him on SEEN 🤣🤣

    • cousinnvlad says:

      @Chris I’mma read that whenever I’m on a road trip or a plane or sum

  5. Jackson Boyer says:

    The fact that Drake was bothered enough by this to commit as much attention as he did is just genuinely sad and really poetic at the same time. Wouldn’t even be surprised if we started seeing actual Fantano sneak disses on Drake’s next half-assed project he decides to put out

  6. dude. says:

    You handled this absolutely perfectly. Like, I don’t think things could’ve gone any more perfect. Just a beautiful outcome all around. A+ 10 out of 10 would recommend to friends and loved ones.

    • Gavin MacLean says:

      brother he was literally crying on twitter

    • thath09 says:

      @spike For sure, I love that collab that Hurley did with Weezer too 10/10

    • CodyAlushin says:

      Anthony is completely in control of the internet. Got it on LOCK

    • McGee says:

      @Brendan I read your comment and dreadfully went to Twitter. He had his petty moment but honestly, I would too lol who wouldn’t? Drakes worst nightmares come from leaked Dms but now he leaked his own Dms and made himself look like a clown. I would 1000% have my petty moment while he has his humbling one.

  7. Edahn Ndlovu says:

    Drake really botched it on this one. This is what happens when you’re surrounded by yesmen and you’re too disconnected from reality to realize how your actions come across. Anthony was charitable as all hell giving him an out, then Drake went and exposed himself. Good on you, Anthony

  8. Eric Niesen says:

    Drake when he’s accused of being a child predator: complete silence

    Drake when he’s accused of being vegan: full social media denial

  9. Izayuh says:

    As a black man I’ll say it for you. Drake gave you props for doing something he as a black man doesn’t do which is date black women of age

  10. WhatchaGot2Say says:

    The best part about this is that a fellow YouTuber is making these “big celebrities” lose their minds because of his humble opinion. Wow, the power we have now. Great responsibility 🤓

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