The Dream Guy – SNL

The Dream Guy – SNL

A dating show attempts to pair a single woman (Kim Kardashian West) with the man of her dreams.

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44 Responses

  1. Justin Buergi says:

    This was quite the unexpected cast of guest stars

    • Jack Donnelly says:

      @tfcooks everybody knows the writers deserve the credit. That’s lost on nobody. And they do get the credit. But I give props to anyone who’s willing to rip the piss out themselves.

    • Hinnly Adeline French says:

      @tfcooks you don’t have to watch if you don’t like her. You can like comedy and not watch this. The same way I like cooking but don’t like you and your negativity.

    • CakerBaker 99 says:

      @tfcooks One of the greates actors of our time, Robert DeNiro, is notoriously terrible on SNL…he looks off to the read cue cards the entire sketch.
      Kim wasn’t as bad as I anticipated…she obviously showed up to rehearsals, gave it her best, was a great sport, nobody died…
      Lighten up.

    • John Smith says:

      @tfcooks This is why you will always be bitter and not on her level

    • Jeremiah Nations says:

      Except for the joke theif Amy S.

  2. Fish Booot says:

    They really did summarize all the episodes of every season of the bachelorette in 4 minutes.

  3. Ryan Herron says:

    Ngl, I bursted into tears at the “I don’t love that you have a wife” joke

  4. Chinny says:

    Okay when she said Jesse was the attractive human she has ever seen i expected her to talk about his super cute eyes

  5. Linette Sanchez says:

    They didn’t tell Kim what Amy was gonna say and it’s hysterical

  6. crystal2011bruin says:

    “That was really vulnerable of you” why did this whole skit kill me 😂

    • haleymist09 says:

      Lol because the whole idea of The Bachelor(ette)’s ideas of love and vulnerability is so dumb 😂 SNL’s send up is just perfect.

    • melbatoast667 says:

      Because you’ve seen The Bachelorette before, and this is barely even a parody.

  7. Seagull says:

    Fair play to Kim for not breaking after “with both holes”.

  8. Lily Poon says:

    They got Tyler and Chris rock, Jesse William, Chace Crawford and John Cena wow!

  9. Jillian S says:

    “I’ll definitely miss being in the house with all the guys, and Amy Schumer “

  10. nevie brooks says:

    Now this is a Bachelorette season I would watch.

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